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Friday, 3 February 2012

Shall we Dance

Deborah Kerr and Yul Brynner..

A few years ago, I had this beautiful old rice paper lithograph of "Thai" dancers re framed.
Its been with me for more than 30 or so years. I used to have it in a simple
frame,but decided it warranted something a little more grand. I had it re framed with this elegant frame below. I am very happy with its new look.
I was given it by an old family friend who was moving. He said he had no place for it, and would i like it! I was thrilled he had offered it to me, and I accepted it..The print, has always fascinated me. Its so very old ,and much appreciated.

I have always thought the Thai women are so beautiful when dressed in their most elegant dance regalia.. They seem to move effortlessly accross the floor and float like the soft wings of a regal butterfly. With precision and confidence, they captivate us with their every move. ..their hands and their eyes talking to us. Telling us a tale.

Thailand a place of mystic gilded palaces, ancient ruins and lush vegitation . Old civilizations, with so much to tell us.

I have never been to Thailand, its one of the places that i would like to visit.. for historical reasons.! To see the old palaces and visit the lush countryside and see how the people live.

The old "Kingdom of Siam" known by this name for centuries.. In 1949 it was named "Thailand" --Freeland..

While moving the print from one wall to another earlier today, I had taken it down for christmas decorations.

The dancers brought to mind , the wonderful "Oscar and Hammerstein broadway play "The King and I", I first saw the film adaptation when i was about 10 or 11..

I recently watched the new version of the film with American actressJody Foster and Hong Kong actor -Yun-Fat Chow.. It too was excellent. I was happy that there had been another re make of the film,classics should never die out.

I have the old version in my dvd collection, with Russian born actor Yul Brynner,playing the part of King Mongkut and Scottish born actress Deborah Kerr, who plays the part
of Ana Leonowens (top of the page)..
I remember as a girl, fascinated with the oppulence of the film. I dreamt of wearing those exquisite dresses and wanting to dance around as they did in the film. Its always been one of my favorite movies.
I never got to dress up like her! but i do however love to dance.
I have put the film at one side , to watch once again. I might even do a two step around the lounge..

Happy days..


  1. Hello Val:
    Your picture looks very pretty in its new frame, well worth the trouble to do this. Although we have never been to Thailand, it is a country of great mystique and, we imagine, extremely gracious dancers.

    The film clip was wonderful. How well we remember this after what seems like an eternity!!

  2. yes, it seems an eternity for me too. I do though love to watch an old movie now and again. The costumes and the scenery were superb in this film.
    Thank you for passing by..always nice to see you both.


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