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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cabo de Roca & Cascais

CABO da ROCA.(Cape of Rocks) Is the most western point in Europe. One can see the ships going or coming from the northern and southern sea routs ..
During the winter months the heaving waves of the North Atlantic break against its rocks. In summer its a sailors paradise. And the fishermen of Cascais and surrounding villages are out for their daily catch.
As a family, we would often drive up the coast for a sunday lunch at the super restaurant situated at the side of the lighthouse.
On cold windy winter days. The restaurant has a very large open fireplace and the fire burns brightly for the guests. Great Cusine and a view to die for.
A map of Cabo da Roca
A plaque for visitors to read about the Cape(cabo)(wikipedia)
"Guincho" beach. open to the elements.. but the most fantastic beach .. Used by swimmers and surfers .. In the summer its beautiful . International surf chapionships are held here and also windsurf. The beach stretches for some miles. The hills at the back is Cabo de Roca. We pass Guincho beach on the way up. Its a breathtaking drive. One that we could never tire of.
This is an arial view of Cascais. I love to drive this highway. It comes from Lisbon to Cascais. Cascais being the end of the journey, if you are travelling on the train. I never tired of the magnificence of this view. Most of the beaches along this coast are very sought after. With their blue flags flapping in the summer breeze calling us ,telling us the sea is calm and we can swim and rest a while. Ahh roll on summer. The beaches in Portugal open officialy with lifeguards in attendence on the 1st of June.
Another view of Guincho..you can just make out the windsurfers
and the little villages up on the hill going towards Cabo da Roca. Most of the little old
houses and small holdings, have been bought by English, Dutch, and German. Not to
mention that the village people still love to live up there and the Portuguese make up
most of the population..many still owning the cutest little cottages.
Another view of Cabo da Roca ..when the wild flowers are in bloom.
very different foliage and plants on the western side of the peninsula, than we have here in the Alentejo.
Entrance to Cabo da Roca lighthouse..there are a few houses around belonging to the families that keep the area clean and well kept for the visitors.
One of my favorite little villages along the way.
Azenhas do Mar. Its so quaint and the views are stunning. On the way back down to Cascais. sometimes stoping for afternoon coffee , you can just imagine the breathtaking views of these most charming little villages.
Cabo da Roca on a clear day
Guincho beach

This is "Fisherman's beach" in the village of Cascais,where I lived for many years. My home was Less than 5 min away from the village centre.
My 3 sons attended "Salesiano's boys college" Dom Bosco. 10 min from here in Estoril.
After school on a Friday's , I was all packed and ready. I would collect the boys from school and we would drive to the farm, driving back again late Sunday.
During the summer months I spent my days on our beloved yacht"Scally" where we would anchor in the bay,rowing ashore for a long lunch on a lazy summer afternoon . Mr. M and myself had many happy years there together,with our 4 children.

My eldest son met his wife in Cascais, and married there 20 years ago.
At night, Cascais comes alive. During the summer months people walk after dinner along the promanade or take coffee in the many squares. Its a very cosmopolitan atmoshpere. A fun place to be.
A favorite spot of mine.. The Hotel Baia.. Its a great spot
to have lunch and watch the people go by. Its changed much in the last 30 years.
Cascais was a simple little fishing village ..a sought after place with the elite of Portugal and the Continent. Its now a very modern town with tourists from all over the world.

King Humberto ll of Italy(House of Savoy) lived but a few minutes from here in his magnificent "Palacete",painted in the portuguese traditional pink.. It is now a Hotel . The architects intergrating the old palace with the new.
He spent most of his adult life here in exile. He died in Geneva Switzerland in 1983. I remember the crowds in the street that day mourning his death. He was a well loved figure
The walk .. it goes for a good few kilometers along the
beach fronts.. to Estoril. Estoril is where the Don Juan Carlos of Spain and grew up.
Franco sent him to study and live here in Portugal. His sister still lives in Estoril, and he visits Portugal frequently.
When i lived in Cascais, I never tired of looking at the gardens in this
beautiful B & B.. Its design is old Portuguese architecture.. its truly a beautiful house. Its in the centre of the village. The garden is never left without a flower.
This little entrance with the steps, leads to one of the best restaurants in Cascais. We first started to eat there in 1974. Its always been a family run business.. and the food is out of this world..fresh fish from the fishermen every day, lobsters, and crayfish and so much more. Nowdays you have to book..
One of the many cafe's in the square. I would meet up
with friends for coffee.

So dear blogging friends. I leave you with a little taste of the village I used to live in.

All the photos are from the internet.

Hope you enjoy reading about Cascais. You can look it up on the net..you might fall in love with it.

Happy Tuesday


  1. Hello Val:
    We have fallen in love! This area looks so outstandingly beautiful and unspoilt. The cliff top villages are so pretty and must, as you say, have the most fabulous views of the coastline.

    The beaches look tremendously clean and, even though we do not 'do' water, we might be sorely tempted by these wonderful sandy coves. However, the cafés would be bound to attract us, whatever the weather!

  2. Dear Val, You have given me a bad case of the Wanderlust! That does it! Next Year, it's Portugal. Years ago we took the train along the coast north of Coimbra. It was beautiful. Thank you for these beautiful pictures. ox, Gina

  3. It looks absolutely fabulous, thanks so much for the pictures and the tour. x

  4. What an amazing place to live. It sounds like you gave your children a beautiful life. Such wonderful beaches and views. Thank you for the tour!

  5. Thanks Lisa ,
    Yes, Cascais is amazing. Portugal have a lot of hidden gems.
    the beaches are to die for.
    The sun has come out this afternoon.. it seems like
    maybe summer is on its way..
    Happy Tuesday

  6. Rustic vintage cottage,
    Thank you for your appreciative comments..
    it is a beautiful village.

  7. How great that you would like to visit again Gina.
    Coimbra and up north is beautiful yet different again.
    Cascais is a great village .. its really stunning.
    Thanks for your comments.
    Waiting to hear about the 3 figueres!

  8. Dear Jane and Lance,
    thank you for your comments on Cascais and the area.
    I am sure that you know about the area.. but it was where i lived for some years.
    Its a wonderful place to spend some days. There are concerts and operetas in Cascais fort.
    Estoril and Sintra are closeby.. its worth a visit.
    Glad that you liked the post.
    best wishes

  9. Dear Val - what a lovely trip to take with you down memory lane. It must have been an idyllic place to bring your family up.
    I love that B & B too built in the old Portuguese style, and the garden is just a picture. It would be nice to see a larger photo of the garden. All of the flower beds seem to be contained in box hedging.

  10. You are correct Rosemary,

    The flower beds are contained in hedged squares. with the entrance path down the middle.
    Its some time since i was there.. i must make a note of that when i visit next.
    Thanks for passing by and leaving your comments.
    We had good times in Cascais.
    The children have now all gone their own ways, with their own families,work and interests.
    wishing you a happy evening val

  11. What a BEAUTIFUL place! For me, who ha only been to Aruba and here in the states, that is breathtaking!...:)JP

  12. Hello Val
    Well what can I say it all looks stunning, thank you for the tour, I feel like a holiday now !
    Thea x

  13. You brought a smile to my face Thea,
    Cascais is truly stunning.
    Our weather is getting better.. will be outside time soon.
    Happy evening ..

  14. Thank you JP.
    It truly is a most magnificent coast line. A must for any traveller really.
    I am very blessed living here. I love it very much.
    your comments are much appreciated.
    kind regards val

  15. I enjoyed the tour with you thoroughly, Val! I envy you to have the sea so close! I think it could be a place for me to spend the holidays... Christa

  16. Hello Val!
    This is a wonderful post......so many charming views. I would love to see those flowers at the B&B. Gorgeous coastal scenes and pretty villages. Brought back memories. How I would love to visit Portugal again one day and spend a lot more time than I did the first and only time I was there.
    You live in a beautiful country:)
    Have a nice day,(or evening)Val.

  17. I'm a bit speechless after reading this beautiful post Val.
    Absolutely gorgeous village and scenery. I'm increasingly falling in love with the thought of Portugal.
    Thank you for sharing some of your past life with us and what an interesting life you have led!

  18. What great photos - Cabo da Roca looks absolutely stunning. And Cascais sounds like a wonderful place to live and bring up a family.

  19. Thanks Rowan.
    I loved my time in Cascais.. it s a great village
    My children remember happy times there and often go for lunch to our favorite restaurants..

  20. Thank you dear Christa,

    I loved living by the sea. I love the sea.
    When i get the opportunity i am off to my apartment in the Algarve to savour the smells of the ocean.

  21. Thank you Annie,
    My life has been wonderful and still is. I am a lucky girl.!
    Cascais is a magnificent place to be at.
    who knows one day you might visit.!

  22. How wonderful Betty, that you have taken holiday's in Portugal.
    I am sure that you visited Cascais! Its a most beautiful village.
    I enjoyed my life while living there.
    Happy days ..and thank you for your kind comments.
    I will try take photos next time there of the b&B

  23. Hello Valerie

    The scenery is so varied and beautiful.
    Your restaurant sounds wonderful
    and fresh fish of the finest.

    It must be a wonderful place to paint too.

    Thanks for sharing - I loved my visit

    Helen xx

  24. Hello Val! What a wonderful place to have lived. Beautiful! It would be wonderful to see. It was also nice to see the landscape and garden near your own house. So nice to know you came by!

  25. Hello Jaqueline,
    pleased that you liked this post. I enjoyed myself going back to where i used to live.. its so beautiful and full of beauty.
    thanks for passing by...

  26. Thank you for passing by Helen,
    Cascais is a great place. A charm all of its own.
    Indeed its great to have fresh fish for lunch strait from the fishermen.

  27. Hello Val,
    I am your newest UK follower. I love the sound of your lighthouse restaurant, especially in winter with the roaring fires. I also enjoyed reading your post, particularly the bit where you say "most of all, I like to be happy". Ditto!
    Nice to find you.

  28. Good morning Di,
    How lovely to see that i have a new follower..
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments.
    Yes. most of all "happy" !
    We had many a good meal and happy times during the cold winter days at the lighthouse..at Cabo.
    wishing you a happy Thursday.
    val x

  29. What a beautiful place, Val! I love the little restaurant with the flight of steps and the blue trim. Oh, and those beaches are just so pretty. What a wonderful place it must be! I sometimes think I could be happy in a village by the sea like this. (Were there pirates in the old days? HA!) Have a lovely weekend.

  30. Hello how are you worth? I had read something about Cascais but I thought it was so beautiful! Hello to soon, Franc

  31. Thank you Franc..
    yes, Cascais is a most beautiful town..
    The weather is fantastic around 8 months of the year.
    best wishes val


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