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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The month of May

Today is the last wednesday of the month of May 2012. May has always been for me the month of hope of giving and love. Hope of a new dawn a new beginning , new buds of may bright lovely flowers in the garden, walks with family, childrens laughter , happy times .. Its the month to rekindle love and friendships but most of all to give unconditional love.
My mother used to be a hopless romantic, and I grew up with the notion that I would fall in love in May and marry in May, alas that was not so.

Lets sit a while and ponder on on the happy days of this month gone by. Of love and happiness that have touched our hearts, where we can keep them warm until our next May comes.
Is it sensible, does it make sense!.. Love is all that matters, thats sensible.
Sweet Kate Winslet and the dashing Alan Rickman in
Jane Austen's classic : Sense and Sensability.
May blossoms bright and happy
Mother and child painted by William Blake ;
Love that never told can be
For the gentle wind does move,silently,invisibly
I told my love, I told my love,
I told her all my heart
Trembling cold, in ghastly fear
Ah! She did depart
Soon as she was gone from me
A traveler came by
He took her with a sigh.

Loves Secrets by William Blake.

In some of his very strange and outlandish paintings we can see figures intertwined in the art of love and passion .. I believe love never dies its forever! Its one of the gifts god gave us that is free!. We are free to love , and choose who we love and when and where we fall in love, an everlasting emotion that is always ours.
Mother's and daughters picking May bough's and branches..walking the fields in May
Happiness is! -laughter and dance..
I am sure that most of you will remember the maypole dances.. May was a joyfull time when I was a little girl . I remember the scents and the smells of spring all around that permeated the air with sweet fragrances. We were light hearted and love was all around, Mr Moon high in the sky and Hop Scotch and skipping. - I was once young!

Joyfull days of May and the Maypole
True love comes in the end.. Marianne marrying her sweetheart Colonel Brandon. Fairy tales do come true.!
Happy in love.. but not true love everlasting!!!
Emma Thomson as Elinor and Hugh Grant as Edward.. All the actors were superb in this classic serial.. and portrayed love .

I wish you all a happy loving Wednesday. Be loved and love in return.
I have enjoyed sharing my May blogs with you all. Tomorrow is the last day of May for this year. Set your table and Join me in my tea party..open your hearts be merry and love.. thats all that matters!!!


  1. Thank you for your kind comments Rosemary, always so much appreciated.

    I too hope that June will be busting out all over.
    Its a special month for me.

  2. May has been a month of hope for me as I've slowly but surely been getting better after my long illness. Your post today was lovely!

  3. Glad that you are getting better June.
    stay well. kind regards val and thank you for passing by.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to a lovely month! You have made it much more wonderful for me. May and June are special here because that is when my sons arrived. Now they (just babies yesterday!) are 21 and 18! How did this happen?! I hope you have a wonderful June!

  5. So glad that you liked the post Lisa.
    May is such a lovely month. June is upon us and it will get much hotter now.
    Yes, where does time go.
    We must make the best of today

  6. So true Jane and Lance, All the seasons have their attractions.
    June for me is a special month.. 4 birthdays ahead.
    Lots of hot summer days.
    thank you for your comments.

  7. What a wonderful celebration of May! I love Sense and Sensibility both the book and the film. Some of the film was shot in a part of Devon where we frequently visit.

  8. How wonderful to know that Sense and Sensibility was filmed in Devon. I have always thought the scenery superb.
    I enjoyed writing the post.. Its the last day tomorrow.
    June will be busting out all over.
    Happy evening Sarah.

  9. I love you photos regarding May. It means new birth to me - and flowers. And a new beginning. sandie

  10. How beautiful Val, Love is a very special thing, I have been through times in my life when I have felt very unloved, which made me so determined to show my love to my children, I feel very lucky now that I am loved very much, pour me a tea please milk no sugar!
    Thea x

  11. What a lovley post Val! Sense and Sensibility is on of my favourite books and movies... and yes, the month of May is such a wonderful month, when everything reborns and life seems so good again : )

  12. Than'ks Demie,
    I appreciate your lovely comments.. I did enjoy writing this post.
    The last day of May today. Enjoy and be happy

    see you at P.

  13. Hi Rowan,
    I took the information from Wikipedia..re some of the names.. but i love watching this series.. I am going to buy it for my collection. pleased you like the post

    Happy thursday to you

  14. How lovely was this month of May.. here its been beautiful .. its my favorite month.
    so pleased you liked the post Patricia.. yes, Hugh Grant played a good part and ever so handsome.

    Hope its not too cold for you.!

  15. Dear Thea,
    What lovely comments you have written. They are encouraging ..thank you, very much appreciated.
    I too have passed through a bad time.. I am now in a good place and am feeling life is good and we must make the best of it.. Love is powerful.
    I send you love..
    happy days

  16. Dear Val
    We associate the month of May with the spring and the flowers! You logged in May with the most beautiful feeling in the world! But love is a flower which born, flourishes, grows and gives happiness to people.
    Tank you for this post !

  17. Dear Olympia,
    thank you for your kind comments they are much appreciated and I love to read your blog too.
    Its our last day of May today.
    I wish you lots of love and a very happy day

  18. Hello Valerie

    Your post is like a breath of Spring.
    Emma Thompson is a great actresss,as is Hugh Grant. I agree with you and May is one of my favourite months too.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend

    Helen xx

  19. What a beautiful, romantic post, Val! May is the month of roses, sunshine and love...
    And you posted pictures of movies based on Jane Austen's novels! I have read and love them all... Pride and Prejudice is my favourite.
    I quickly scrolled down your post, hoping to catch a glimpse of my favourite, Mr. Darcy... well... Colin Firth really... who I really, really love,as Darcy,(and as everything else he does, because he's very handsome... and a good actor, of course!) especially in the scene where he dives in the lakes wearing a white shirt... iconic!
    Children still dance round the May pole, in some schools round here. I think it's lovely...
    May, in my country, Italy, is the month dedicated to Mary (La Madonna) and all the mothers. It was my first mother's day without a mum to buy a rose for...

    Your post was delighful, Val!


  20. So lovely to read your comments Anna, I always enjoy them.
    Yes, here too in Portugal May is the month of "nossa snra. de Fatima. 13 of may is a very big day.. as you know, people come from all over the wold on their own pilgrimage.. I wrote a blog about it last year.
    Well D'Arcy is a handsome fellow.. and played an excellent part in Pride and Predudice..
    Here ; Hugh Grant played also an excellent beau, pairing up with Emma Thomson in Sense and Sensibility.. lovely month of may.
    Nice to know , there are still maypole dancing. I havent seen that since i was a very little girl..and thats many many moons ago.
    xxxhugs val

  21. Thank you dear Helen,
    I so agree, Hugh Grant and Emma Thomson play such excellent parts in the series and are so much in love. She truly is a fantastic actress.
    xx val

  22. Hi Val: You were right. I did miss this post and I'm so glad you reminded me. It is absolutely beautiful and I love all the romantic references. I love all those stories and could watch them over and over again. Your posts are so well put together and I thoroughly enjoy all of them..Happy Sunday..Judy


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