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Friday, 25 May 2012

"Rose Cottage"- Rosie

The horses were looking so happy as I left for lunch yesterday with friends , all looked as it did every day, they were eating away at the wonderful pasture, and enjoying each others company.

On my return from lunch . I went to look to see where the horses were, as i like to know where they are ,that they are safe and all accounted for. As i was watching them, I thought i saw 4 little legs at the back of "Shilah" the white dabble grey.. No! I thought..I am seeing things. Too my surprise I wasnt.
I hurried inside to get my camera and went to the bottom field where they were grazing and there she was..not but half a day old with her long lankey little legs wobbling around. The most beautiful little filly anyone could wish to see.. She is perfect in every way.
Her actual time of birth , I cannot say, but it was for certain sometime early yesterday morning. She was being protected by mummy Sheilah and I had'nt noticed her.
I arrived home around 4 pm and this is the beautiful sight I beheld...I present to you " Rose Cottage." Our "Rosie"
Her official name is "Rose Cottage".. we will call her Rosie.
Her coat is like mink velvet..she is so so adorable.. I hugged and stroked her.
I will be bringing her closer to the inner garden tomorrow. She can then get used to being around me,and start to play a little.

Here she is with her aunty "Pascoa" checking her out. Yes, she says you will fit in just perfectly.

Is'nt she just the most adorable little creature...long long legs.. She will be a beauty. Mum is so proud of her and We are proud of mum.

Aunty's looking on with curiosity. She was suckling with vigour, her little tail wagging with sheer elation .
Its a happy happy day here at "Rose Cottage"- She was born here, I called mr M over to see her, we both wheled up with such joy. We named her "Rose Cottage"- to us all she will be little Rosie.
A new birth, brings hope and joy to our hearts. A new day begins.

Its my grandson Thomas's birthday today, he is 13. Tom rides "Shilah" most weekends,joined by Diana and Filipe . We phoned him to give him the news . He was so happy.

Hope you enjoy the photos of our new little addition. I am in love.! Joy to you all.

Wishing you all a happy weekend.


  1. Dear Val - what a delight little Rosie is. She is absolutely gorgeous, no wonder you and Mr. M and the rest of the family are so happy.
    It will be so interesting to watch her grow and I hope you will keep us updated about her.
    I can feel your happiness brimming over from this post.

  2. Forgot to say a big Happy Birthday to Thomas.

  3. I am so full of the joys of Rosie.. Spring is the month of new birth..and we have been gifted with little Rosie..
    thank you Rosemary.. you would love her
    and thanks for Tom's birthday wishes.. 13 today. My how the time goes by.

  4. Oh Val what a beautiful story and beautiful horse! They are images that send a lot of family warmth. Good Weekend, Franc

  5. Absolutely gorgeous and so sweet and they all look as though they want to protect her! Beautiful photos x

  6. Oh, what a lovely surprise, such an adorable little baby Rosie! Looking forward to hearing about her as she grows. Such a little sweetie. You must be so happy. xx

  7. Hello Val:
    How absolutely wonderful. As your pictures confirm, 'Rose Cottage' is so very, very pretty and how lucky you are to have her with you and to see her so soon after birth. We do hope that you will post more pictures in the future so that we can see her growing up, so to speak.

  8. What a fabulous surprise! Rosie is adorable!

  9. Thank you June.. she was such a surprise..as was her sister.. she is beautiful.

  10. Rustic Vintage cottage.

    Thank you suzy, for your kind comments on little Rosie.. she is a delight. I want to hug her all the time.

  11. Thank you for your kind comments Jane and Lance.
    She is a beauty.. and I will be taking photos as the days go by.. she has the kindest eyes and face.
    Happy weekend to you both

  12. Thank you Patricia.
    She is such a sweet loving little thing.. she is like velvet.
    I will take photos of her along her growing up..
    happy weekend.

  13. Thank you Franc.

    I am still on cloud 9.. she is adorable and fits in just well with here aunts..

  14. Val... the images are truly moving: love on four legs! How extraordinary... how gorgeous!

    I love the way the little foal is obviously loved and cared for by the other horses.

    How lucky you are, to be able to witness such wonders. And we are lucky, too, as you so kindly shared your pictures with us!

    The little "baby" is cute and very skinny... SO CUTE!




  15. Hello Val,
    Happy birthday for your grandson Thomas. And your little horse Rosie is so pretty ! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos .

  16. Dear Olympia,
    Thank you for your kind comments on little Rosie.
    she is dear to my heart.
    wishing you a happy weekend.

  17. So true Anna, If one didnt know different.. you would think the poor animal is starved ): she is very tall ..has long lanky legs.
    Thank you for your lovely comments always apreciated.
    ciao.. feliz fim de semana.

  18. Val,
    Rosie is so sweet. What a glorious sight for you. It must have been so special. She looks very soft. These pictures truly show the beauty of the horses. I wanted to say that I loved your alley story. It was so entertaining to me. I can just see you and him swaying your heads back and forth. I've never heard of that Hollywood style before. Thanks for the story. It was very special. You should do a post on it. hehe
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  19. Oh Val she is so new and so sweet, adorable! you must be so happy, I love her name Rosie, I can tell from your words that she holds a special place in your heart.
    Thea xx

  20. Thank you Thea, you are so dead on..she has a very special place in my heart.. i love her.

  21. Thank you Sheri.. Rosie is the sweetest..she loves to eat and eat..
    As i was typing the Alley story..on your blog.. I thought to myself ..yes, this would make a nice little blog story.
    glad that you liked it.

  22. What a delightful surprise! I can see you are going to enjoy watching her grow. She is so sweet:)

  23. Thanks Betty, I am enjoying her.. she hides behind mum..

  24. This is such a delight, Val! Ypu must be filled with joy and so am I! I remember you saying that you think Sheila is pregnant. Well, she definitely was! Lucky little Rosie to born in your family. She will have a happy life! Also happy birthday to your grandson! 13! I bet you are amazed how time flew by! Wishing you many blissful moments and a very happy weekend with your beautiful family! Christa

  25. Thank you Christa for you comments..
    yes, we are happy. I was right.. i thought all along she was pregnant.. and she did it alone too.
    They are just enjoying being together out in the fields..

  26. Hello Val

    What joy and what a delightful present for Thomas on his birthday.
    Rosie is so beautiful and no doubt watching her must bring joy and amusement to you.
    Looking forward to knowing her

    Helen xx

  27. What lovely photos of the new arrival, she's absolutely gorgeous! I'll bet Thomas can't wait to see her.

  28. Thank you for all your kind comments left on my posts Rowan.
    Little rosie is..jumping a little about today..fine little fillie..
    I wish i had some old wild roses..
    I enjoyed very much your blog about your family..
    happy sunday

  29. oh Val,
    Rosie is such a beauty and so sweet. i can easily imagine how touched and excited you are by little Rosie. I would be too. and the photos you have taken really speak to my heart.
    I'm hosting a giveaway over at my blog. do pop over for a chance to win!

  30. How exciting to read your news Val, there is nothing as precious as new life. Rosie is a beauty and I can understand why everyone is joyous.
    I bet many of your days will be spent standing admiring darling Rosie.

  31. A late congratulation for your grandson's birthday dear Val. I love horses although I must admit I am a little bit aftaid of them. Still, they are gorgeous, and new life alway precious to see. I am glad to hear you are also enjoing the good weather with friends. Summer is such a great time : )

  32. Thank you Demie,
    Its fantastic weather and little rosie is growing.. now running around happily.

  33. Thanks Annie,
    It is a nice time at the moment.. little roseie is so lovely
    she is settling down and running around.
    nice to see you..


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