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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Enjoying home

I have been on the go since last Friday really. Friends over on Saturday to watch the Royal Flotilla.   Traditional cucumber sandwiches tea  and chocolate cookies. I was playing music and well simply enjoying myself.      I suppose one would say, I became a littel euphoric!  with the 60 yr jubilee of Queen Elisabeth ll.   
I took this photo of The Queen and Price filipe on the "Spririt of Chartwell"
She was so so happy with all the wonderful celebrations.  I myself, will never forget it.    I took this photo from my tv screen..

I am now enjoying home . Its great to relax  unwind and listen to the birds 

A few photos of Mummy Shilah and our little "Rosie" she was one week old on saturday. Thought i would just show you how she has grown and filled out.

Rosie has such long legs..she is so so sweet and comes when i call her name.

Its fresh lemonade time. 

                                           Reading my books and magazines
                                             Endulging in the fruits of my labour its relaxation time for me.

               After such a hectic 5 days.  I am chilling out , catching up on my reading eating salads and sipping lemonade..
Wishing all my blogging friends a happy week.


  1. Hello Val:
    It really does seem that after some hectic days you are having a little time to relax which is, in our view, an excellent thing to be doing.

    We cannot believe how much Rosie has grown since you first posted pictures of her. She really is absolutely lovely and it must be such a pleasure to watch her development each day. Certainly she looks to be totally content.

    We too are now in the season of homemade lemonade with our drinking it as fast as Tímea is able to produce it. So very refreshing.

    Warmest greetings from a sunny Budapest.

  2. Good morning Val! I have been playing catch up with your posts, and it's such a pleasure to have a glimpse of your world so far away. What fun festivities! I love that you got carried away! Congratulations on your new little Rosie. She is a beauty!

  3. Dear Jane and Lance,
    greetings to you both there in Budapest.
    It is feeling good just to realax and not have a care, at the moment.
    thank you for your kind comments on little Rosie,, she has come on leaps and bounds and is so so sweet.
    best wishes..
    happy days

  4. Thank you Jacqueline,
    I too have been trying to catch up. I just dont know where the time goes.
    Rosie is so beautiful..she is a joy to watch
    always enjoy your lovely posts.
    best wishes
    val xx

  5. Hi Val, Glad to hear you're properly enjoying the lazy days of summer. Thanks so much for stopping by Red Rose Alley and sharing your beautiful wedding story. What a great idea to have a Zorba themed reception! I bet you all had so much fun. I plan to break a few plates myself at the Greek festival next month and shout OPA! in celebration this wonderful life we live. Maybe I'll be speaking a little Greek myself by the end of the night. ( ; XO, Nel

  6. Glad you enjoyed my post Daniele..
    Yours is going to be a great day.
    Mine was.
    happy day

  7. I'm quite jealous of your blue sky and swimming pool! Here it has been raining hard all day! Love the photos of Rosie!

  8. Hi Val: I'm so far behind, I must have missed the one about new Rosie. What a darling!!I can't think of anything cuter than a baby. Glad you had a good time with all the festivities, but now it must feel good to sit back and relax and sip your lovely lemonade. Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday..Judy

  9. -thank you June for your comments..
    I will send you some sun. Its fantastic weather here from now until late october.
    Rosie is such a cute little girl..

  10. Hello Judy,
    Thank you for passing by. Rosie is a beauty.
    great just to be able to relax now after some hectic days.
    Hope all is well at Gold Country Cottage.

  11. yishin 1Dear Val
    The Rosie is beautiful! Enjoy the sun, the calm and relax!You deserve some wonderful moments !

  12. That long legged beauty is adorable, Val! And I am glad you took some time for YOU!....:)JP

  13. Dear Val - how quickly beautiful Rosie is growing.
    You sound as if you have been having a great time, and I am so pleased that you enjoyed watching the River Pageant.
    Yes, time to sit back now, and enjoy your lemon drink besides that very inviting pool♥

  14. I enjoyed your post and learned some things too.

    I liked the quote where it said the little things now will be the big things later and that is so true.

    Loved the rose too.

  15. Thank you JP.
    Rosie is looking sleek and lovely..ever so sweet

  16. Wishing you a good day Sandie, thank you for passing by your comments are so appreciated.

  17. No sooner have i started to enjoy the outside and relax, today the weather is overcast ,dull and looking like rain. Murphy's law!
    Rosie is adorable she has such loving eyes and nature too.
    thank you Rosemary ..always enjoy your lovley comments.

  18. Thank you Olympia..
    Today is not so good..but i do need to get some "my time".. i am always on the go.

  19. Dear Val,

    I love the images and the lifestyle! I am hoping to be spending a lot more time in Italy (we want to buy a place near my sisters'.)

    Since my mother died, I find myself missing my country, with its beautiful colours, sunny skies and music.

    Can't wait to go back!

    Looking at your pictures, I know and understand exactly the sense of peace and happiness you are successfully trying to convey, and I can even smell the chamomile flowers, coming from the fields, in the air.

    It's that time of year, isn't it? the sun fills the air with warm scents...



  20. Dearest Anna.

    Yes dear friend, I understand exactly what you are saying. I know Italy, and it is so similar to Portugal. I feel through your posts that you do so much miss Italy and I think you would really be happy back home.
    The area that you want to go to is also beautiful.. the quality of life is wonderful.
    I love every minute of being outside and enjoying the fruits of my work.. its sunny warm and so relaxing.
    There is always time to do the other things..
    Thank you for your loving comments Anna. I can see that you feel my happiness.
    malto baci.. grazi ..una bela jiorno..
    com tanti amore.. amici valeria.. x x x x x xciao

  21. Hello Val,
    Looks as if you have had a wonderful time, watching the Queen, relaxing and drinking homemade lemonade, It cannot get much better! Rosie is doing well, bless her.
    Thea x

  22. Yes. ejoyed the whole weekends jubilee.. i remembered you. I am sure that you were busy. too.
    thank you Thea

  23. Hi Val,
    I don't know how I missed the first pictures of Rosie. She is so beautiful and I'm sure she will bring you much joy.
    Sarah x

  24. It's always lovely to come home again after time away, I wish we had some of your sunshine here! It would especially have been nice for the Jubilee celebrations but, being British, we just got on with it anyway:)


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