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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Part 11 "Badajoz " Spain

                   My first time crossing the Guadiana river into Badajoz spain was in  the summer of 1974. On one of our trips to Portugal from Africa. In those times , we had to cross by ferry boat.  The ferry would take so many cars and people accross at one time.   This is the new bridge that spans the beautiful river Guadiana.   The Guadiana springs from the "Sierra Navada" North east of Granada and runs all the way to the Atlantic Ocean at the crossing between  Villa real do Santo Antonio in the south of Portugal to Ayamont on the Spanish side in Spain.  The Guadiana divides Portugal from Spain..
                                  Lady with open arms stretched and greeting you to the City
                                   I took this photo from the car window.  The river Guadiana
                                      A big fountain at another roundabout
                               Entering into Spain..here we are on the Portuguese side and approaching the bridge to the entrance of Badajoz.
                                           Beautiful esplanades .. apartments and houses next to the river. In the 35 years since I was in Badajoz.. I was amazed .. Its a big big city now.
A map of Badajoz. It was an hours drive from my friends home.
                                     The Seige of Badajoz.. 1812.  Here is  the Earl of Wellington.
                               In 1812 the Anglo -Portuguese army, under the command of the Earl of Wellington besieged Badajoz (Spain) They forced the surrender of the French Garrison then under the command of Napoleon..
Wellington also fought Napoleons army in Portugal.

                                                      Wellington viewing the battle scene at Badajoz
                                                            The seige..

The fortress of Badajoz underwent many sieges.. the 1812 seige was one of the bloodiest of the Napoleonic wars.  It was considered a costly victory by the British.

It was also once a small Muslim Kingdom.

So dear friends.. that was my little trip to Arronches and Badajoz..  So much to see there.. it warrants another visit.
Iberia has such an interesting history.  I hope you enjoyed this little write up.

Happy summer days to you all.


  1. Hello Val:
    From one beautifully illustrated and interesting post to another. Your recent travels must have given you enormous pleasure as they have us.

  2. Dear Val - you have been having a lovely time visiting your friend's daughter. The little village of Arronches looks to be a charming place. I am very taken with the lovely tiling around the window, but what a shame that the beautiful monastery building is being neglected.
    The new bridge spanning the river Guadiana looks very elegant, as do the lovely statues and fountains. The Siege of Badajoz does appear to have been a very bloody affair, no doubt resulting in many many tragic deaths.

  3. You know, Val, for those of us that haven't traveled, your world is like exploring a new book!...:)JP

  4. Hello Val
    Looks like you have had a wonderful trip, thank you for sharing the history and photos,so very interesting
    Thea x
    Wow your temp was very high 41 !!

  5. It was a quick visit, but I enjoyed it very much and Susana was the perfect host.
    Arronches is a sweet place . i loved the geranium pots on the walls..reminded me of Cordoba.. wish we had that.
    The Siege of Badajoz is written in history as the bloodiest of the napoleonic wars.. It was also conquered a few times.. very interesting.
    pleased that you liked my post Rosemary.
    Thank you for your comments

  6. Val,
    I love the lady statue greeting you to the city. What a welcome! I am amazed how you travel and see so many interesting places and have so many unique stories to tell. Did I ever tell you that Jess went to Barcelona, Spain? It was so hot there, but very beautiful. I have yet to see the world Val....maybe someday.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. I love reading about your travels, Val, in an area I know nothing about. The new bridge looks fantastic and the story of the Siege in Badajoz very interesting. I did not know Wellington or Napoleon were in Spain/Portugal. looking forward to more fascinating posts, thank you. xxx

  8. Thanks - I have never been there and probably won't be able to go there - so thanks for taking me there with you! Very pretty - like the lady who has her arms outstretched. sandie

  9. Hi Valerie
    Badajoz is also a fascinating town. How interesting for you to see it again almost forty years later. What an interesting history and I love hearing about it. History makes more sense to me when I know someone who lives in the area.

    A great post

    Helen xx

  10. Thank you thea,
    The temperature in July and August is always the same..way up in the high 30's to 40,41,42.. its very hot.
    We enjoy it while we can.

  11. Yes, Barcelona is a magnificent city..one I yet have to see. My son's yacht is moored there, he is frequently there.
    You are welcome here Sheri. Always a place to start.
    Badajoz is maybe 3 hours from me.. its not far.
    One can make it in a day to Seville.
    thank you for your lovely comments

  12. Der Patricia,
    The peninsula Napoleonic wars are fascinating reading.
    Wellington was also at the battle of Waterloo.
    Europe is full of great History.
    pleased you like to read about my trips.

  13. Hello and thank you Sandie,
    pleased you like the post. Its interesting to know about other cultures.. I am lucky, as i love to travel

  14. what a great trip. and how exciting to visit a place you haven''t been in years. i love the welcoming, open-armed woman welcoming you to the city!!!

  15. Hi Val: I love when you teach us things that we would never know otherwise and take us places that we probably won't ever get the pleasure of seeing first hand. You are a good history teacher! Thank you for your kind words to me, it was a fun project..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  16. Dear Val
    Very beautiful and interesting post today. Thanks for travelling us to wonderful places.
    Have a wonderful month

  17. Thank you Annette,
    The statue of the woman was so high and incredible. nice to see what other cities have to offer.

  18. We saw that amazing bridge in the distance when we took the train from Tavira to Vila Real de Santo Antonio, and then took a ferry across to Spain. It must have made such a difference when the bridge was built.Thank you for bringing back memories of our day trip.
    Sarah x

  19. Hi Val. Very interesting post. I'm glad to stop by for a visit. I feel I have been away!

  20. Hi Val.....what an exciting trip for you and what an interesting place to visit. Thanks for the History lesson.....I am a history buff.



  21. Thank you Sarah,
    The bridge you saw was the crossing at vila real de santo antonio..this one is the Badajoz bridge both built by the same architect and engineers.
    thank you for your comments.

  22. Thanks Lisa..
    It was a lovely three days away.

  23. Thank you Jo.
    pleased you enjoyed the post..

  24. Hello Val, while pictures of your trips are very nice and helpful, but I would in particular thank you for all the kind comments you leave on my posts. During this time I do not often write on my blog, but I hope to write more often. Hello to you soon! fr

  25. Val,
    Oh how I'd love to visit your part of the world! Thanks for taking us on a great little trip. Thanks for stopping by, Laura


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