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Monday, 27 August 2012

A birthday

Today is a special day for me. 45 years ago today my eldest son Manuel was born .   Here a photo of my 4 wonderful children. They have given me so many years of happiness and joy. I am so very blessed, to have them in my life.    Manuel is the last on the right with the blue shirt. This photo was taken on the day of my youngest son's graduation from the University of Evora. 
  Left to right.   Filipe- Miguel-Antonia-Manuel.
They were all born smiling and still are. 

                                               Manel's first day at school - he was so proud in his new uniform. That was the beginning of his days as an A student all through his life.  He is just a natural. He loves study and learning, its pleasure for him. If he has his head in a book- he is happy. His collection of books is from floor to ceiling .
                                             First day starting High school.. S.A  with sister Antonia . She was already at high school , best buddies ,were and still are.
                                                    With little baby Thomas. Now 13
                                                    With our little sweet Max 1 and half.. loves the water
                                               An old photo ..but i love it. My three boys together"the mafia boys" They are all very close .  Great sportsmen and sailors. Full of love for life.
 Antonia , is the eldest of my children.  She lives in Lucern Switzerland.   Every year Manel and Antonia and family meet up to ski.  They spend every other summer together and there are visits throughout the year.  All three boys live here in Portugal.
I share these few photos with you.   Manuel is a very very special person. Giving and loving.  A poet a a writer ,a sailor, has a love for photography and a great collection of camera's to boot.   A wonderful husband and father, and son.     He adores us all, and respects life and holds  family values dear.
I hope that my message of Happy Birthday, was the first of the day early this morning.

Thank you for sharing dear blogging friends.. and thank you for all you lovely comments left on my posts.

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday the 27th of August.


  1. Happy Birthday to Manuel - he is a Virgo, the same as me.
    Where do all the years go to? it doesn't seem any time at all before our children are grown up and have their own families.
    Lovely children that you have Val, bringing you lots of joys, laughter, fun and companionship.

  2. Happy Birthday to Manuel
    I hope that he has a wonderful day.

    You have a very handsome family Val
    and it was lovely seeing photos of them
    and learning a bit about each of them.

    I bet even after 45 years you still think
    back to the day Manuel was born and remember
    it vividly.


    Fiona x

    ps thanks for the link to Gina's blog yesterday.

  3. My Dear Val,
    Happy Birthday to your lovely son !You have a wonderful family !Three knights and a princess!
    Have a nice day

  4. You have a lovely family Val, and Manuel is indeed a handsome son, very artistic by the look of his interests. Congratulations on raising such beautiful people; I can see that they bring you great joy and happiness. It is lovely to see our adult children like to meet and share time with one another and their children. Enjoy the day! xxxx

  5. Val, What a beautiful family! i loved the picture of Manuel in his school uniform, i'm sure it is a sweet memory.. Nice your boys are all in Portugal near you. Have a wonderful week, Laura

  6. A beautiful tribute to your son and family Val and what a good looking bunch of children they are. Family is so precious and I'm sure I shall feel just as you when my own children are older with families of their own.
    Have a fabulous day and thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

  7. Happy birthday to Manuel! Valerie, you are blessed with those beautiful and happy children and they are blessed with you! Really wonderful and personal post - I very much like it! Have a wonderful Monday! Christa

  8. Happy birthday to your son and hope you all enjoy the celebrations. You have a lovely family Val and must be very proud of them all.
    Patricia x

  9. I can see that you are very proud of your children.
    They look a close-knit group. So good to know that your children are happy and well adjusted adults. A credit to you Val. Manuel is a handsome man and a son to be proud of. Hope he will have a very happy birthday!

  10. Hello Valerie

    A very Happy Birthday to Manuel and may his year continue to be blessed.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful personal story of your children. You have been blessed, they are all beautiful.

    Helen xx

  11. Hi Valerie,
    Happy Birthday to your son and hope he had a wonderful day. What a great family you have and so nice that you are all so close despite your daughter living in another country.
    Sarah x

  12. Happy Birthday to your handsome son and wishes for many, many more, Val!...:)JP

  13. What a wonderful family you have! Best wishes to your son on his birthday.

  14. You have beautiful and wonderful children/adults. sandie

  15. A belated Happy Birthday to your son he sounds a wonderful person. He shares his birthday with my mum who would have been 102 this year.

  16. What a beautiful family, Val! You are all so lucky to have one another. I hope they have long, prosperous lives and continue to make you happy. Take care!


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