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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Early morning and - pot pourri

                           I was up early this morning. catching the sun  rising behind the olive trees.  A few clouds in the sky!   It was around 7.30 gmt.  - This photo and the feel of the early morning gentle breeze.   Tells me its going to be hot again.  After all, we are still in summer. I have had the aircon on and the fans.  Its been between 38 and 40º.. Shade is the place to hide.
                                          One of my palm tree's  move in the gentle early morning breeze.
                                          Difficult to take a clear shot of the sun..but here she is peeping and saying good morning. Sun rise is a little later each day. I love these early mornings..its quiet and still. Thoughts of the day ahead come to mind.  Reminding me of the wonderful tranquility of the countryside.
                                                   My pepper trees are full once again-  I thought that i could add a few too the pot pourri process..

                           I started cutting the old rose blooms a couple of days ago.  It all looks a little messy,!but  it's part of the process.            After taking photos of the early morning sunset . I set too  dead heading  some more  old blooms  . Beginning the making  of   "Gina's" pot pourri.  from her beautiful post . Hoping I follow the instructions as best i can.
There is still more too do, but  I have started . Two sealed jars already full.  the salt  has been added .   I also filled an old butter bean jar..it  has a sealed lid.  I will be buying a few more bottles to add to the collection. 

                                 I  pushed them all into the jar , they can take quite a few.   adding more petals during the next couple of days.
                                          An intriguing process .. i am excited about making my own pourri
                                         The filled jar.  I think it looks good.. hope it works, if you look carefully you will see the salt .
                Just a few cut blooms  adding a little perfume to the air.  They will be next to go into the new jars .  Later i will add the citrus peel..
This is just the beginning of the process.   As Gina say's, it takes a few months.

Maybe you would like to take a visit to Gina's blog.   Ginaceramics blog spot.com
She is a very talented artist and her blog is always full of exciting posts.  Her own designs on hand made ceramics and her magnificent garden and flowers.

Thank you Gina for the inspiration to start this great process of pot pourri.

wishing all my blogging friends a happy wednesday.


  1. Hello Val:
    the early morning watching the sunrise is such a delightful time of the day. As you say, all the promise of the day to come, it is exciting just thinking about how it will all work out.

    The rose petal pot pourri is a wonderful idea of how to preserve those wonderful roses of yours and to enjoy them in the depths of winter. We do so hope that the process works out well for you!

    1. With these very hot days, I tend to go to bed later..and wake later. It was a delight to wake early this morning. Even the coffee smelt and tasted good.
      The process of the pot pourri is from one of Gina's posts.
      Thank you Jane and Lance.
      Loved going on your journey through beautiful historic Venice.

  2. This is an interesting post, Val. The pot pourri looks so pretty in the jars; I have never known how it is made, but certainly never guessed that salt was involved. Your house must smell so fragrant today!
    Portugal does get very hot indeed - another thing I did not know. Hope you are managing to keep cool. Best wishes from Patricia xx

  3. Portugal's summer months are very very hot. We have about 7 months of really good weather here Patricia.
    I too never knew salt was involved ..in fact I had no idea how to make it.
    Gina's post explains it all so well. you might want to pay her a visit

  4. We've got a sunny day here too in Essex but every so often a few rain clouds blow our way and spill their contents. It's starting to get cooler here too. The pot pouri sounds an excellent idea to keep summer flowers over the winter months. Your photos of the sunrise are lovely Val.
    Patricia x

    1. Pleased to hear you have some sun in Essex today Patricia.
      I can imagine, you would rather be outside than studying at the moment.
      I too thought the idea a good one. Gina explained it all very well.
      Thank you for your kind comments Patricia.. always nice to hear from you.

  5. Pot pourri - I've never thought about how it was made but I would never have guessed that salt was involved! You learn something new every day! Love the little jars and it will smell heavenly when all is done!

    1. Hello June. Its amazing, what we learn through blogging. Indeed we learn something new everyday.
      Thanks for you comments .
      happy thursday

  6. Dear Val, Moist potpourri is only one way of making potpourri. It is not pretty at all because it turns brown as it ages. So, don't be disappointed. It is only the scent we are after. And when it has aged properly, some of it can be placed into a perforated jar where it can emit its beautiful scent.
    If you want pretty potpourri you need to cover the entire rose with builder's sand, wait a week and take them out. I have instructions for dry potpourri in my blog, just can't remember the date.
    Love your early morning pictures. Especially the palm tree. They always remind me of far-away, exotic places. ox, Gina

    1. At the moment it looks pretty. I won't be dissapointed , as I am learning. Like you say, it will give me a nice scent. I will look out for the perforated jars later.
      I too like the palm trees. That one imparticular, has taken years to get to that height, but all of a sudden is growing faster.
      Thank you dear Gina.
      wishing you good luck.

  7. What beautiful roses and I love that you are making potpourri with them. I never tried to make it but now you've inspired me.

    1. That is what is great about blogging Gretchen,, we get inspiration from our blogging friends. hope you get to make some.

  8. Whenever I get up early on a sunny morning, I marvel at how lovely it is, and vow to get up early everyday!!! Your photos have caught the early morning sun beautifully glinting through the trees. The pot pourri should be a lovely reminder during the winter months of the time when you collected the petals to make it.

    1. I feel somehow whole and at peace when i wake early. This morning was no exception ..it was a beautiful morning.
      I am looking forward to the final process of the pourri.. It will be different.
      Gina tells me the smell is lovely.
      Thank you Rosemary.

  9. Hi Val, from sunny Italy! I just wanted to say "CIAO!" It's hot here, too, but the nights are a bit cooler, so we are getting some sleep and the mosquitos seem to have disappeared, fortunately.

    Back to England this weekend (we don't have tickets, yet9 so... back to blogging very soon!

    I love your pictures... roses are wonderful and delicate. It's too hot here for roses and I guess my ones in England must have stopped flowering, by now!



    1. .Ciao Anna,
      So lovely to hear from you. I thought that you might still be Italy. Who would want to leave.!
      Wishing you a good flight back to England.
      Here too, its a little cooler in the evenings.
      Missed you. Thank you.
      I have just finished watching "tea with mussolini" ..i have watched it about 5 times already..love that film and san giamano! Italy is beautiful.
      val xxxx

  10. I also love pot pourri, Val. My sister first introduced me to it many years ago as she had it around her house. I've never known anyone who has made it before though. You are so talented. I always like looking at pictures of your house and countryside because one day I hope to live in this beautiful setting too. I missed your son's birthday, but I am here to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You have such nice looking kids. I love the mornings too, Val. They are so peaceful to me. Have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. I thank you for always leaving encouraging kind comments Sheri.. I did'nt know how to make pot pourri, and am still learning. I followed instructions on Gina's post
      Ginaceramics. I believe there are a few ways to make it. this way i am doing it..keeps the smell of the petals..
      you will enjoy living in rural surroundings and countryside..its calm and peaceful.
      Not long now.. I can imagine the excitement over there with preperations.
      happy days
      val xx

  11. Dear Val
    The photos with this sunshine are wonderful ! I know how you felt at that moment !Good feelings , hope , happiness and all the bests that
    the new day will be bring !How many salt you have put in to a vase ?

  12. Hi Val,
    What a beautiful morning thank you for sharing it with us. Do you do anything with the peppers from your tree? I was so interested in your pot pourri I remember making some as a child and it was awful. I did look into it a few years ago but the ingredients were complicated. The recipe looks easy I think I will try it,as a way of preserving the last roses of the season. Gina's blog looks lovely and has some great advice and ideas.
    Sarah x

  13. What a beautiful early morning - it's often the best part of the day. The pot pourri looks pretty, it should smell wonderful once it's ready.

  14. Early morning really is the best part of the day in summer. I often water the garden then, before the heat makes it too hot to stand outside. Summer seems a long way off on this cold but sunny first day of Spring!
    What a lovely idea to make your own pot pourri, especially when you have such beautiful roses as you have Val. You will have a reminder of such beauty to last through the winter months.
    Hope you have a great week-end.

  15. I imagine Val that homemade pot pourri smell altogether divine and much nicer than shop bought mass produced type.

    1. Its amazing, the petals have already sunken down, i will add more today.. Gina says that they dont look very pretty once the process is finished..but the smell is divine.. so i am looking forward to that.
      happy weekend Annie, thanks for your kind comments.

  16. Great idea! Unfortunately in my garden not enough roses are blooming! I still have not sent off your book... I will do so next week. Hope you are having a wonderful morning today too! Happy greetings, Christa

    1. No rush Christa.. we have all the time in the world.
      Its another beautiful morning here.
      best wishes Christa xxxxx

  17. Hi Val,

    Love your photos and can almost smell the roses here!

    The pot pourri process looks great
    and I can't wait to find out how it turns out.

    I hope that the weather cools for you.
    It is actually quite cold here in Ireland at the moment
    - we had the heating on last night :(

    Wishing you a lovely month of September

    x Fiona

  18. I'm going to try this next year, Val. Most of my roses have gone by and I didn't think to save the petals. Thank you for posting this! and for leading us to Gina's website. I was just there and it's very beautiful! Wishing you a lovely week.


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