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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

In and out of "Casita Rosa"

A few photos of my Rose Cottage (Casita Rosa)  Rose cottage is my guest cottage for around 6 months of the year.      Yesterday I had decided , that i was going to make the Pot pourri, that Gina has so kindly explained on her blog  Gina ceramics.  Take a look at her site, its charming and beautiful. A very talented artist indeed. I was outside starting to dead head the old roses to start the process for the making of the pourri.. and decided to take some photos of around both in and out.
This photo was taken late winter..around feb this year.  I had the cottage painted in a pinky salmon colour, but decided to paint it a lovely pink..only on some walls outside.

                                                         Couldn't resist adding a touch of  yellow to my arrangement of yesterday.
                                          The vase , with its pink rose design.  I bought at an old antique yard last some time ago. It cost me 2.50 euros.  I like it and it adds to the flair of the pink roses    

One of the side tables in the main bedroom.. The vase can be used anywhere. you may notice how I love the pink shades. Against the oak furniture I think it looks super.
I only started to like pink about 6 years ago.  I was never very girly, on the contrary somewhat of a tomboy growing up. My tables are also from an Indian boutique..  oriental.

On side table 
This very unique lamp is totally hand made. You can see a tiny little pull button on the front. i pull that open and fill it with pot pourri..  hopefully filling it with my own in a few months. although the process takes some time.
Inside the lamp is a candle. You can see below the shade, there are little punched holes and when the candle is lit the smoke comes out there.  I use it at christmas only.

                                         The rose in the vase is silk.  I added a touch of blue with the vase.

                                          Entrance door to main bedroom..  I so love my red hand made wooden doors.
above this door is an exotic long piece of wood from India.  I found in in an oriental boutique.
                                             Old fashined latches on my doors.. took me ages to find them
The carved wood above my bedroom door
Door to the guest bathroom
Entrance to Rose Cottage.  Its around 40o most days here.. I am surprised my roses still have buds, and blooming
I water them at around 9 pm.. then they get a good soaking

                                   I  bought this off white and pink reversible quilted bedspread for the guest bedroom, last year.. I fell in love with it. I change it over now and again.
                                           It has reversible sides

                                           Guest studio. I have added a little purple.. I thought it would add to the pink tones around the cottage.

                                          Another vase I bought at the same antique yard.. 2.50euros. Here it is on my tall chest in the cottage cabin. Photo of my little grandaughter Amy.. She will be 15 next month.
I love the little cupid design on it.
                                                 Silk flower arrangement in a bird cage.. hanging from the pergola .

                                             Here I stenciled roses around the book alcove. I mixed the pink myself.for the backround of the alcove.
                                                Wishing you all a Rosy summer's day.


  1. I love your photos of Rose Cottage - the doors are fab as is the pink alcove!

    1. Thank you June. pleased you like my post. I too love the pink and the red..

  2. Dear Val - what a delight Rose Cottage is and how appropriately named. It has a warm cosy feel, and is very worthy of the name rose. The stencilling you did around the book alcove is inspired and beautifully executed.

  3. Dear Rosemary,
    kind comments you always write to me of my posts,thank you so much ..you give me encouragement
    Rose cottage is named after the family. So was Rosie.
    Then i just started going pink and red.. great fun.

  4. Thank you for showing us around Rose Cottage Val, it is gorgeous and I love all the pretty lamps, vases and bedding - you have a lovely home.
    Patricia x

    1. Thank you Patricia.
      Its a cosy cottage .. I am hoping to get my plates up soon on on of the walls.

  5. Dear Val
    Your Rose Cottage is so cosy and sweet !It is really Rose !

    1. Thank you Olympia.
      yes its pink.. i never used to like pink, but i like the tones of some of the pinks mixed with a soft burgandy and red.. with hints of green and yellow.

  6. Val, everything is gorgeous, but I melt at the site of a red door. Sigh... It has always been a dream of mine to have one. I even used to have a blog button in the shape of one. Love, love, love.
    Thank you for stopping by the shop. Do visit again soon.
    Much love,

    1. I do love my red doors Marcia,
      so pleased that you like them. Maybe you can take the chance to get one made.
      Love your shop.. The whole blog is so well thought out.
      I loved your post of Gigi..

  7. Hello Val
    Rose cottage is very pretty ,I love the red wooden doors , and the pink alcove, and the beautiful roses bring it altogether
    Thea x

    1. Thank you Thea.. I too love my red doors.. its warm and cosy.

  8. Dear Val, I love everything about your rose cottage...the colors, the quilt, the pretty vases, the flowers, your stenciling and the love and care you have taken in making your guests feel welcome.

  9. Hello Val, Thank you for the lovely compliment . . . to want a hat-stand even when you don't wear hats is quite and lovely thing to say. You're a sweetie pie.

    Your guest house is beautiful. What a delightful luxury to have a special place for your company to stay when they visit. I especial love your red doors and that hand carved plank above the door. It is so charming that I would be afraid that my guests might just stay forever . . . who would want to leave the warm and cozy villa, that you have created.
    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the tour.
    Have a great day, Connie :)

  10. Such a lovely post Val,
    Rose cottage is so pretty, thanks for sharing Val and for the kindest of comments always on mine....
    I simply adore Roses!!
    Love Maria x

  11. Such a delightful rose cottage! I really like the color you mixed for the alcove too. Lucky guests!

  12. What a wonderful cottage.

    I am so jealous!

    I love all your pinks and your pretty touches.

    Sorry I haven't commented on your blog this week Val
    but I have been so busy at home and haven't been blogging.

    Have a good weekend.

    x Fiona

  13. ps how did the pot pourri making go?

  14. I just love your rose cottage, Val! The colors are so cheerful and the way you've decorated it makes it so welcoming. And how lucky to have all those roses growing in your garden! Mixing them together in bouquets that way is so beautiful.


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