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Friday, 17 August 2012

"organising "

Some of you will remember the post i made about my "Bisquet" pottery.  I have been awfully naughty and been procrastanating to myself.   That i must get my plates jugs and tea pots to a potter.
I mentioned in a few posts ago, that i had found a potter who will fire them for me.  
Today is the day.  I am off later to take most of them to be fired. I can't wait for the outcome to see how they look.  
I thought it about high time, that i should spend today sorting out my plates to hang on the wall, something else that i have been saying i will do for a while.  I have been organising and sorting some of my plates to hang on the wall in a nice collection together.
                                                     Bisquet tea pot..                          
                                               Plates I painted many years ago, and have them in the cupboard..

                                         I use this platter plate that i painted ..it comes in handy when the family are around.  Its been around since 1994 or so ..when i painted it with dainty roses of my own design
                                                 design of little "sevres" roses
                                  A different style.  this is just free hand painting.. paint on brush off.
                                                      A happy chinese couple.  I enjoyed painting this.
                                         This photo is blurred.  I have tried a few times to get it right.(time for new camera)..    The plate is a different process again.. its enamel on porcelain.

                                                    a grouping  from my hidden collection.. not painted by me.. the two lighter plates with the small blue flowers are antique plates, i have had for a long time. I feel they will enhance the collection, once hung up

                         This tiny little cow.. used i think for watering flowers.. is very very old. My daughter bought it for me in Portabello road.. i hold it dear.
A few of my lovely yellow and salmon pink roses to add a little flair.

I will take photos of the collection, once on the wall.

wishing all my dear blogging friends a very happy weekend.


  1. Dear Val,
    Love the teapot and the plates!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results when they have been fired Val. I particularly like your teapot, very prettily painted, and it looks a good size for when the family are with you.

  3. Hello Val
    you truly are a very talented lady, I love the fact you have designed your own china, I hope you get them finished at last so you can enjoy them, they all should be out on display.
    Thea x

  4. Love your Teapot and plates, you do beautiful work. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Dear Val, I am so pleased that you will get your bisque pieces fired. Maybe it will encourage you to get back to painting ceramics. I love all of your designs especally your origianl rose plate. Looking forward to seeing your collection on the wall.

  6. You are very talented they are pretty! sandie

  7. Hello Val:
    We are sure that your ceramics will look lovely once they have been fired and how nice it will be to be able to use them!

    Your plate collection is extremely attractive and will surely look stunning when arranged on the wall. We shall look forward to seeing them in place!

  8. Dear Val, good luck they are being hung on the wall! It is a pity to hide them in a cupboard they are so pretty! I especially like the one with the little roses. I can't wait what your dishes will look like after firing! Happy day, Val and thanks for all your lovely comments! Christa

  9. My Dear Val
    Very beautiful the teapot and dishes! Probably should put them on the wall soon. May be your little cow is for milk when you drinking tea? I have one similar from France .They use for the milk !

  10. Your painting is lovely Val. - so much talent!
    It's good to sort things out and display beautiful items that would otherwise be kept out of site. Look forward to seeing your wall arrangement.
    Beautiful roses.
    Enjoy your week-end.

  11. Thank you June.. cant wait now for them to be fired and hang the plates.

  12. Thank you Rosemary, The tea pot is my favorite.. i cant wait to see it after its been fired. I even think it might be a nice winter pot for serving hot cocoa.
    happy weekend

  13. Dear Olympia,
    I never thought of that. yes, that is what it is probably for.. to serve milk. I think i will have to get some black and white cups to go with it and use it one day.
    Its old and when i look at it , i always think of my daughter.
    happy weekend Olympia.. xxx

  14. Thats exactly how i felt this morning when i woke up.
    What is the use of having my plates stowed away.
    so I am looking forward to putting them up on the wall.
    Pleased you like the idea Betty, and thank you for your kind comments.

  15. Thank you Jane and Lance for you kind comments.
    I did think it was about time to get some of my plates out of the cupboard and hang them up. Silly when you think about it. I am looking forrward to painting the wall and hanging them.

  16. Thank you Christa.
    I am hoping that i can get the plates hung soon.
    I have to go and buy the hanging wires to hang them with. I hope to have it done by mid september.
    also my pottery shouls be ready then.
    happy weekend. and thank you for your sweet comments.

  17. Thank you Thea for you kind comments. I like to keep myself entertained.
    I agree.. its about time i showed some of them off. Not really me.. but its a shame they are in the cupboard.
    happy weekend.

  18. Thank you Gina, As always you inspire me to work more.
    Once i see how these plates come out. I would like to get back to ceramics..but where i live there is nothing of that.. The factories are a closed shop.. they wont let you in there, even with your own designs. I am lucky to have found this one that will fire them.
    Am pleased you like my post

  19. Thank you Sandie,
    I think we are all talented in some way or other.
    best wishes..

  20. Your plates are gorgeous Val and will look lovely on the wall. Such a shame to keep them from view especially as they're painted by you. I do so admire your talent.
    Patricia x

  21. Thank you Patricia, for you kind comments.
    I am looking forward to seeing them up on the wall.

  22. Hi Val,
    Your tea pot and plates are beautiful, you are so talented! What a shame they have been sat in a cupboard.I can't wait to see them after they have been fired.
    Sarah x

  23. The plates you have painted are really beautiful. I look forward to seeing the ones that you've taken to be fired. I had no idea that you are such a talented lady!

  24. Thank you Sarah,
    yes, i think its about time that i hang the plates up. At least i can see them like that.
    Thank you for you kind comments

  25. Hello Rowan,
    thanks for you kind comments. I appreciate them.
    Hope all is well with you.
    hoping the firing will work out with my plates ..

  26. These plates - and your painting - are just so beautiful, Val! Thank you for posting them. I hope the firing went well. (I'm sorry I haven't been around this summer... I don't have the internet at home. But I'm looking forward to reading your blog and seeing what I've missed!) Take care.

  27. Dear Val, all your floral china is beautiful - you are a Superior Talent! Just gorgeous xxx

  28. Hi Val

    You have a beautiful collection here. I love the detailed painting of flowers on your own creations. I will look forward to seeing it hung.

    Have a great weekend


  29. Thank you dear Helen,
    I too am looking forward to hanging them. I want to paint the wall first.

  30. Thank you Patricia, for your kind comments.
    much appreciated. I try my best.

  31. Thank you dear Val for leaving such a lovely comment on my 1st birthday blog, I appreciate your words. Time does get away doesn't it and some weeks I feel quite prolific with posting and others well, not so much and then it's catch up time!
    I shall look forward to seeing the plates displayed. You are a very talented lady!

  32. Hello there Annie,
    thank you for your kind comments.
    I was thinking after reading your post.. i must have been blogging for over a year now.. i didnt write down when i started. must try look that up.
    best wishes for a happy weekend.

  33. Val,
    I can't believe you painted some of these! What a talent. I would definately put them out for display. I took a pottery class many years ago, and made a Christmas dish. I have never parted with it. Some things are just too precious to give aways, ya know? I really like the blue plate in one of the last pictures. For some reason, I think blue tea cups are the prettiest, and have been looking around for the perfect one. Please show us when you get them hung on the wall. I would love to see.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. Thank you Sheri.
      I will be hanging them this next week. I have had them hidden away..and now its time to show them.
      thank you for your kind comments.
      happy sunday


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