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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cinema night-Linking with Marcia @The shop around the corner

Lights out please!   All  ready to roll.
   Its film night at Val's place.
              Film:-  a Comedy Romance ..
"When Sally met Harry"
              Love is in the air!!!

An exciting romantic love story, with one of my favorite actresses.. Meg Ryan and ever happy go lucky Billy Crystal, one might say.."playing the part of a typical macho male"!    Both Meg and Billy Crystal and Carrie Fisher are so young in this film.
I have always enjoyed watching Meg Ryan .. I think she is an excellent actress.  They both play good parts in the film..very convincing love scenes.  Its funny too.
I simply adored Meg Ryan in  "You have got mail" with Tom Hanks.  That too was a most romantic movie.

I watched this film with mixed emotions, as it took me back to my youth.!
 Love!  I believe , to be one of the most powerful of all emotions, sometimes happening when we least expect it.     It can lift our spirits high  or take us  down low just as quickly. Its a powerful feeling,  each one of us dealing with it in our own way.

Lovers with a strong chemical attraction for each other.. Can it last! We might ask ourselves!  That is one of the questions..    I think we all know , when we love someone , weather friend or lover .. Its love.

Popcorn  inbetween ..a must on film nights. nibbling during the "hot " sequences.!
Imagine, falling in love in Central Park . It truly is a most romantic place.


It's strong and powerful taking us to places we have never been before.!
                                                            Nora Ephron ..  seemed to have hit the mark very well in this film, most enjoyable. Here Billy and Meg in a very close moving scene.  They made it so real.!

Love is like a box of chocolates.. ! All the senses rolled into one.
Love can be friendship mature and everlasting. 

         Everyone has their own interpretation of love..  For me friendship and love are everlasting and intertwined.
 We cannot have one without the other. Perhaps I might be wrong!..but it works for me.
Its not make believe...!!!!   Its for ever.


                                       Linking with "The shop around the corner" for Movie Night.


  1. Val, you're making me cry, not that this is such a difficult task, but nonetheless, it worked. ;)
    My husband and I were best friends in college, so I believe friendship is key in any relationship. It certainly keeps the flame burning after the sparks of passion have died down.
    This movie takes me back to my favorite decade, the 80's. I graduated from high school, graduated from college, got married, purchased our first home, traveled a lot, and had our first child. A lot for a decade, right. ;)
    Love the quote and the chocolates and all the details you've shared. Thank you so much for playing along.
    By the way, I got rid of the linky service so now all you have to do is leave a comment. I've added you.

    1. Querida Marcia..
      I cried while watching the film.. It took me back to my youth and the time I was on fire!!!
      love is friendship and it will remain always, so long as its true.. i believe this.
      I think it was my eldest son, who fell in love with Meg Ryan watching this film.
      I was a little nervous at first playing along.. but it was a challenge that I enjoyed.
      I am pleased about the linky..
      You sure did a lot in a decade.. I had 3 children in a decade.. married and everything that goes with it.
      Marcia.. I tried to send you a personal e mail.. it was a little complicated.. maybe you could write to me at my e mail and i can reply..

  2. My sweet Val
    A wonderful film !The love between them and the colours of trees at Central Park ! You had popcorn, chocolates and wine !! Please ,take a look at this blog !It is a lovely girl !

    1. Hello Olympia,
      I love Central Park. I dont like to walk it at night, just during the day.
      I loved the film , my popcorn then my chocolate and wine.. wish you were here to have joined me.

  3. I have not seen the movie 'When Harry Met Sally' yet, Val. I keep seeing it popping up over at sweet Marcia's blog, and I must get a copy and watch it. I've seen bits of 'You've Got Mail', and I love anything that Tom Hanks is in... he's the best.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. Dear Sheri,
      You will enjoy the film. It took me back to my youth and those loving tender nights .. Meg Ryan is such a good actress.. I love to watch You've got mail.. I agree.. anything Tom Hanks is in.. I watched Forrest Gump again on Sunday.. tear jerker.
      Why dont you join in.. make a movie night of the film..

  4. What beautiful photos and thoughts inspired by this movie. I am so blessed to be in love! It sure makes every day life more fun! Happy Fall!

    1. Thank you Lavender Dreamer.
      You are generous with your comments.. Love is the most powerful of all ..It sure does add to a better day.

  5. Your film night looks wonderful and this is on film I have been wanting to watch for ages. The chocolates are making me hungry too!

    1. As Marcia said on her post.. its also on u tube.. the full movie.
      Get your wine and chocs ready Sarah.. and enjoy the film.
      thanks for coming my way.. always appreciated.

  6. Hallo Val!Very nice post!My favorite actor is Meg Ryan!I have seen all her movies!This one as well!I love the chocolate box!!
    Wish you dear a great week!

    1. Thank you Dimi,
      Pleased that you liked my post.. did you notice, i already ate one of the chocolates!!
      I think Meg Ryan the baby of Hollywood

  7. Yes, Val you are so right...what started out as friendship a long, long time ago became something between the Pres and myself! I have been having problems with blogger lately so I hope you get this!!...:)JP

    1. Thank you JP. I do believe both are intertwined.
      Wishing you and the Pres a happy week
      blogger is very sensative

  8. What a sweet post, Val! Film night with popcorn, wine and chocolate wins me every time. Meg Ryan was at her peak in that movie. I love Sleepless in Seattle too, and anything with Tom Hanks. Central Park is So Special - my friend is going over there soon, and I am Jealous!! Happy movie day. xx

    1. Hello Patricia,
      hope that you took a chocolate.. would have been great to have had you all here.
      I too love Tom Hanks. Central park is very special..

  9. Hello Val

    You certainly know how to make the most of a move. I must have popcorn when watching a movie.

    That was a wonderful movie and yes Central Park is very special. I like riding the carousel at the park.

    Hope your week is special


    1. Thank you Helen,
      It was a good movie to watch again.
      Didnt go on the carousel.. ate hot dogs .. the "big apple way"

  10. It works for me too Val and I don't think you can have one without the other...
    Do you know I haven't ever seen this movie?
    Meg Ryan doesn't seem to be on our screens as much these days!
    Aww well I still 'love' Officer and a Gentleman, and how far does that take you back!! ( ohh Richard Gere) hehe..
    Thanks for kind words over on mine Val!
    Have a week full of lovely things.. xx

  11. I am ashamed... I have never watched it myself but of course I know the title... I will be alone next Saturday (Paul is meeting some old classmates) - a good chance to get that DVD and some popcorns, wine and maybe one little chocolate... thanks for the suggestion! YOu know how to make life sweet and precious! Christa

  12. Hi Val, I am a Meg Ryan fan. She always comes off as such a girl next door. Easy going, warm and friendly. I think that the only way love is real, is if it is also a friendship. I feel so blessed with my Steve . . . the first time I met him, he came knocking on my door. He said, "I know you don't know me, but I wondered if you would like to go out?" I answered back,"no I don't know you, and no I wouldn't want to go out". What was 37 years ago and we have been married 36 years. I'm sure glad that I had a change of heart :)

    In regard to the comment you left on my blog:
    I like both hamburgers and filet mignon, too. If fact I probably like burgers best. It sounds like we were both thinking around the same lines when it can to decorate with wall paper. It just goes to show that great minds think a like. Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for visiting.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  13. Hello Val! Thanks for your visit and comment to my blog! I loved this post of yours, especially the collage with pictures from Central Park.
    I'm becoming your newest follower. Have a good day! :)

    1. Hello Evi,
      great to have you on board.. we will be seeing each other.
      Thank you for leaving your comments.

    2. Thank you for stopping by my blog!
      My full name in Greek is Paraskevi which means Friday. When I was at university, I took a one-year-course in Portuguese and I loved the word "sexta-feira", i thought it was a fun translation for my not so cool name! :)

  14. Val... I do love a romantic movie and, the Brits are the best at it! I simply love Bridget Jones! I have seen the films lots of times... I have the music, which I often play in the car, and I just love Colin Firth and Hugh Grant (his voice better than his face, but he is charming.) I think it's the voice that does it for me. I do love well spoken English... it's very sexy, specially when it is generated by an equally sexy man.

    My other favourite is "Love Actually" starring, again, Hugh, as the Prime minister and the loveliest of them all: Colin Very Handsome Sexy Man Firth. Best scene: the "prime minister" getting caught by the housekkeper, whilst dancing round 10 Downing Street.

    Central Park is very beautiful and very romantic, in Winter. To me, Central Park = my lovely John Lennon. When I'm there I see John fooling around in his black coat and wide rimmed hat. And yes... I was one of the people who sang Beatles songs standing on a bench in Central Park to celebrate the life of a great man (John)on November 30th 2010, thirty years after he died. That was very romantic and sad. I cried a lot, because I really love John and the love between him and Joko. That was real love.




  15. Thank you Anna,
    I too love Colin Firth..not crazy about Hugh Grant..
    John Lennon was on of the greatest musicians of our times. I saw them life as a younger girl at the Cavern in Liverpool..gosh! , that goes back some years.
    appreciate your passing and leaving your comments Anna.. always nice to see you.

  16. That was such a lovable film, Val. I remember enjoying it so much. I hope you enjoyed your movie night!!


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