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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A little christmas sharing

              Christmas eve started with this greeting from my two grandchildren Thomas Alexander on the left .. Josie in the middle and my youngest son Filipe..  It was a beautiful day.

         Just some of my christmas gifts..  great confusion and elation on Christmas morning, with 25 people opening their presents.

Lots of joy , happiness and laughter. The best present of all, was to see my children and grandchildren together.
the "Alfange" was full of love and good cheer.   OOhs and ahhh's all around.
It was a sunny wonderful christmas day.

Happy Boxing day to you all, spending time with your families, eating those nice warm mince pies and christmas cake..
Best wishes to you all.    val


  1. Goodness - 25 of you - I can't imagine the amount of food that must have been consumed between you. Glad that you had such a lovely time and with such nice presents too. Best wishes for the new year.

  2. From my family and my mother Merry Christmas! Olympia

  3. that sounds perfect, val. family and kids are everything at christmas.

  4. What a lovely day you must have had! Plenty of chocolate for all twenty-five, by the look of it!

  5. Lots of different treats on the table Val from many corners of Europe, but most important of all was the fact that you were all together for Christmas.

  6. Oh, Val I cannot imagine 25 people opening gifts at the same time! I do so love the photos preparing to ride....:) JP

  7. Okay now I see what boxing day means and I hope well I think I see that you had a great one indeed. sandie

  8. Hello Valerie

    That must have been so much fun having so many present - I love the pictures on horseback and it looked like a beautiful sunny morning

    Continued happiness during the season

    Helen xx

  9. Hello Val, sending best wishes to you and your lovely family.
    May the coming New Year bring you much joy and happiness!

  10. Your Christmas looks heavenly, and having a family of 25 all together is wonderful. As ever, they look great on horseback. Looks like you received some very pretty gifts, too! Enjoy the season, Val. xx

  11. Hallo Val!Happy Boxing day to you and your family,and to my daughter in Melbourne!They have Boxing Day too!!So beautiful presents !Glad that you had such a lovely time with your wonderful family!Best wishes for the new year!

  12. merry xmas Val , I hope u and your family are having happy holidays =)

  13. Hello Val,

    wow..happy boxing day to you too.
    I am so happy that you have passed the blessed Christmas full of joy, happiness and especially gathering with all of your family member. I can see how joy it was
    wow,so many gifts and nice photos
    Wishing you a nice the last week of the year

  14. Happy Holidays to you and your sweet family! It's a wondrous time of year! Sweet hugs!

  15. Dear Val, I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I'm sorry I haven't been around so much but I was very ill for three weeks and not able to be online. I am only now trying to catch up with blogs and I'm looking forward to reading through yours. All the best to you!


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