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Saturday, 5 January 2013


Life  to me is like the passing of the tides! - The tide flows in and  flows out, and with it arrive new days with new happenings to write about. and for future reading  .
  like Omar Kyam says." The moving finger writes and have writ moves on"! and what we have written stays with us forever.   I suppose its my "metaphor" for really saying " things don't change much, we just move on to  a different stage of our life.  The wheel of life is still the same, and it turns.
   Destiny! plays a big part in our lives too, this I believe.. Destiny is in our own hands!  Only ourselves   can change its course.!  As I write in my journal's and read back what I have written in previous diary's over the years. I see that each day I grow a little more  . I have learnt that destiny "IS" in our own hands. ! And we can make our lives happy and enjoyable.!
My agenda for 2012.. is now put away together with all my others of years gone by. Some with secrets to be read many years from now. ! When my children might read and say"Gosh, I did'nt know that"!  Other writings of the wonderful happenings or the passing away of a loved one or friend. The birth of a grandchild.  And so the wheel turns. life goes on and 2013 brings new tides and new things and happenings to write about.
 I decided a couple of years ago , not to make New Year's resolutions, but just to make thing better simple and no complications .Thats not to say that i am not happy with my life, I am.   To do different things now and again, always strive for the good things in life that our lord handed down for us! Or our destiny .    When a tide comes in with something new.. ..it gives great joy and it even might bring some changes.  When the tide goes out. What it brought stays ..and so the wheel turns and life goes on, and we write about another day's happenings.
                 Some of you will remember I bought this new agenda in Spain.. Its written by one of my favorite authors Paulo Coelho. and Ilustrated by  Catalina  Estrada from Columbia . Catalina started to design and draw at an early age while in school, her illustrations and designs are most fascinating.   I also love the name that Paulo gave the agenda.
Transformaçao... Transformation..  So with the tides we can also transform . Start new projects finish old ones , and write about them.

  December was a very busy month for me and the family.  So the last pages of my old agenda are bare. Somehow its not the same when we recall and  then write.  I like to write at that moment in time.  Its there and then.
  Here I interject, and would like to share with you all , that a happy tide came in on New Year's  Eve! It brought great news.  .  My 3rd son Miguel became engaged on New Years Eve. He proposed to his girfriend while in Thailand.  Its now official.
  Unfortunately i havent had time to write about it  in my agenda.  So today i will fill in some pages that have been blank for a few days, write about this little fairy tale , so i can look back and read it years from now..  The tide is moving too fast.    
I started writing this post yesterday the 4th . Yes.. late already .It's.The 5th of January today. I cannot keep up with the tides at the moment, they all seem to be too high!.. Yesterday is gone. ..where is the time going! Its weekend again. Can't let myself flounder..!!
The family are still reeling over the announcement  from our middle son Miguel , that he has become engaged. No dates for his wedding yet.   We are Simply overjoyed, for both of them.  They have their destiny now in their hands.
So dear friends.  I will have lots to write about, and hopefully share with you.

Do you believe in destiny
Do you jot down happenings in your journals or diary's or agendas.
Life is magical as the wheel of life turns on, and the tides come and go.
Have any of you read Paulo Coelho's books.
Happy weekend to you all.


  1. Hello Val....what a beautifully written post. Yes, I do believe in destiny. At the same time, I also believe we have choices to make. May you and your family have much joy in 2013!

    1. Hello Maggie,
      Yes, indeed that is what i think too.. destiny is in our hands to change it if we want.
      thanks for passing by..

  2. Lovely thoughts. Here is to a wonderful new year and all the possibilities it holds.

  3. Oh Val your post was spine chillingly beautiful. Especially about your son's engagement. Many congratulations to the happy couple. I do believe in destiny and firmly believe we should live for the day. My philosophy in life is "never put off until tomorrow what you can do today". I wish my husband thought the same when it comes to doing odd jobs around the house!! I never seem to get the time to write a journal. Perhaps I'll start one today......
    Patricia x

    1. Thank you dear Patricia..
      You are always so kind with and generous with your comments
      We are over the moon with our son's news.
      I am pleased you liked my post.
      Men..well, they seem to think that things can be done tomorrow..some of the time):
      Yes.. start today.

  4. i journaled many years ago, but stopped. congratulations on your son's engagement! very sweet! lots of good things ahead.

    1. Hi Tex. I only started to journal later on in my life.. i wrote a few little things in books when i was a younger girl.. but now i find them precious to me.
      Thanks for the lovely comments.
      Indeed lots of good things ahead.

  5. What a beautiful post--I like your philosophy--simplifying and going with the flow (so to speak).
    So happy for your family joy.

    1. Thank you Jen,
      Yes, I like to simplify things after having had 4 children.. time to just go with the flow and enjoy each day.

  6. Good morning, Val. I have an agenda. Each year I fit new pages into its leather cover. There is a stack of old ones in the filing cabinet. It's fun to take one out and look at what was what in years past. Like you, I don't believe much in resolutions for wholesale change. I loved the allusion to the tide - I don't know what the tide will bring in each day and like to be ready to enjoy or do battle depending on what I find.
    I haven't read any of Paul Coehlo's books, but will now go and look for one. Thank you for the recommendation....and congratulations on the upcoming marriage of your son!

    1. Thank you Pondside,
      I am so pleased that you liked my post and found things ..we never know what the tides will bring.. but each day we learn something new.
      Hope you get to read some of Paulo Coelho's books.

  7. That is great news about your son, Miguel. Yes, I have journals that I write in, but it has been awhile since I sat down to write in them. The transformation books sounds like a nice idea. You know, I have been writing short stories about my childhood and growing up so that my kids will know a few things about their mom. I started to make a journal of my mom's younger days with her help, but she became too sick and wasn't able to do it any more. So, I decided to write stories about my life, so my kids can read them and pass them on to their kids. You are a good writer and you should do this too, Val. I hope the new year treats you kind. You will have much to do in planning this wedding.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. Thank you Sheri.
      we are all delighted about Miguel ..
      Hope you get to jot down more of your daily happenings. its great to read and look back on them.
      I started writing about my life about 20 years ago ... its all documented for my children..havent written down much this last couple years.. will get back to it.
      You are so generous with your comments Sheri.
      No wedding plans as yet.

  8. What a beautiful and thoughtful post, Val. I have never kept a diary or agenda, and blogging is my first step in this direction. You make it sound very appealing, I must say! My father has written them all his life, and at 92, still writes a few words each day. There are boxes of his diaries for us to go through :) Congratulations on the engagement; it is lovely to have another wedding in the family. Happiness to all. P.xxx

    1. I am pleased you enjoyed my post about keeping a diary. Yes, blogging is about the same. only difference is.. we can write 'secrets' so to say!
      thank you for your comments.
      no wedding plans yet

  9. Hi Val! What a sweet post!

    When I was growing up I used to write a diary and I also started writing poetry, at the same time.

    Now... I am so bad, I very often don't know where my calendar is! I keep everything stored in my head, which is not a good thing, as I sometimes can be a bit forgetful.

    I hate numbers, dates, I don't believe in time... I am so bad! I sometimes don't even know what day it is! Maybe I, of all people, should keep a diary!

    As you know, I love writing, and I love to tell stories about my life in Italy, when I was growing up. I should write a book.

    Do I believe in destiny? I don't think I do. We make our lives, plan our days, and our future. We make decisions, good and bad, and these have an impact on our future.

    I believe in coincidence and possibly in luck. I find it hard to believe that my life story is written somewhere and that I am some kind of puppet, acting out a plot I didn't write.

    I might be wrong, of course... who can tell?

    Congratulations on your son's engagement, Val! Something to celebrate. You are a very sweet lady and I love reading your blog!




    1. Thank you Anna for comming over.
      You of all people, i would have thought would be writing your book!
      I do not own a watch.. dont like to look at the time.. i can tell that by the sun.
      i dont like numbers..
      but i like to write down what happens each day.
      some days i miss. but i do try. Its only since i became older.
      Destiny.. i see where you are coming from... its like I wrote.. we make our own.. its up to us to take it the way we want to go..the road through life.
      hugs Anna.

  10. Val, your excitement for Miguel echos in your words and yes, I believe in destiny...after all, that's how we met!...:)JP

    1. Thanks JP.
      have a wonderful sunday.
      sweet words from you...

  11. What a wonderful and inspiring post. Life is full of transformation . . . that's what makes it such an exciting journey.
    Here's to a clean fresh new year . . . May it be filled with self-discovery and expression.
    I'll be following and peeking in to see what wonderful adventures you are experiencing and remember that there is much in life to get excited about. Most of it being not more than a very short distance away. Sometime even right in front of our noses, if we look close :)
    Stay happy.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Thank you so much Connie.. I am pleased you liked it.
      Life is an exciting journey I agree.
      I will be following to Connie.
      happy days
      val xx

  12. Hello Val

    Congratulations on your son's engagement. I keep a day timer and also journals/diary. I also love Paulo Coelho and I have most of his books. I like you analogy of the sea and life.

    to a great week


  13. So exciting to have an engagement in the family. Congratulations to Miguel and his fiance!
    I did enjoy this post Val. and it set me thinking. I don't really believe in destiny, 'though sometimes through life I fell that something was 'meant to happen'.
    I have read Paul Cohelo's "The Alchemist". A simple, but wise message.
    The past year has been very busy with family commitments and I'm hoping to have more time to follow my dreams this year. There are exciting possibilities on the horizon!
    I hope the same is true for you Val:)

  14. Congratulations to your son and his new fiancee! I've tried many times in my life to keep a journal but have never succeeded in keeping it up for more than a month or two. It's one of the reasons I blog as that acts as a record of things I've done and places I've visited.

  15. Val, you write so beautifully. I wish I had written down my stories of life when they happened. You are right, it isn't the same from memory but what a joy you have to look forward to. A new wedding sometime in the future and a new person added to your lovely family..This sounds like a wonderful year to come..Happy Weekend..Judy

  16. Congratulations to your son and good luck with your journal. I am absolutely hopeless at keeping journals but I think they are such a good idea, my sister has done this for years and religiously writes in hers every evening. Happy New Year Val. x

  17. It so nice to start the new year with this wonderful news ! Congratulations to your son ! I wish to you all this year will be a year with lovely news ! May be a new baby ? My dear friend ,about destiny ,I believe a little bit , but the destiny is in our hands and to another higher power ! There are no bad or good people only bad or good acts !!If we will try to make good acts may be the destiny of the people would be better !
    Have a sunny (like us ) Sunday !

  18. Hallo Val!Congratulations to your son and his new fiancee!Beautiful post!I enjoyed reading it!No i do'nt have an agenta,and i have read many books of Paul Cohelo!Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  19. Congratulations to your son on his engagement, wonderful news for you.
    Sarah x

  20. A wonderful post, Val....
    I am the same as you with journals and gratitude diaries...
    You have inspired me to read Paulo's books too, I have a feeling they could be just up my street! hehe..
    ~ congratulations to your boy on his engagement! Just lovely!
    Sending kind thoughts for the new year, Val..
    Love Maria x

  21. Hello Val. I write down what happens in a little book too. I like to read over them and think about what my boys will think if they read it some day. I am so happy for your son. What a fun time in your lives. I hope you have a wonderful 2013. I can't wait to read about it here on your blog!


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