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Thursday, 7 February 2013

A little sunshine

A little break in the weather.  We have been having some nice sunshine for about 4 hours of the day. Its   pretty warm if one sits in the sun. Once inside its colder. I was told this morning, that a cold front is on its way again.  It is still winter after all.  I will be prepared for the colder weather in England.

I took a walk with my dogs this morning.. took photos of the wild flowers in the fields.. all except the purple little daisy.  The fields are like fields of snow.. full of white daisies ..they look beautiful.
Just to feel the sun on my back was divine.   I have often tried to pick these flowers, but they wither within quickly.
Pete will be looking after my little family. He loves this weather, thinks its like summer..!!
My path is nearly finished.. Pete has done a fine job .  We both decided on the ocre colour cement for inbetween the cobble stones.. He finished it this morning.  Its now cleaning up time.  On the left , where you can see the grass.  I will make a flower garden.  I will see such a difference when i come back from my trip.  March will be lots of gardening for me.
 Wishing you all a happy week..

I have my suitcase out.  Some things are packed.   Will soon be leaving on a jet plane..  England here I come..--
See you all at the end of the month.. Hoping to share some of my trip with you all.
Thank you for all your comments
Stay well.



  1. he did a great job on your walk! so cool! glad he'll be watching your animals for you so you can relax on your trip.

    1. Thanks Tex.
      Yes, i can relax much better, knowing my animals are cared for.. he will keep his eye on the horses and water them too.

  2. It's amazing how therapeutic the sun is. Wishing you a safe trip. Very nice path and I can't wait to see what you plant in the flower garden. Did you use a camera app to achieve the above results? very nice!

    1. Hi Sanda..
      Yes indeed the sun is so therapeutic.. Thank you for passing by and leaving your kind comments..
      No.. my photos are just plain simple photos no fancy apps or touching up.. just simple and natural.

  3. Hi Val,

    Wishing you a fabulous trip
    I hope that you enjoy every minute.

    I love your new path and can just imagine
    how great it will look when the flowerbed
    is planted up.

    Safe journey to England
    missing you already!

    Fiona x

    1. Thank you Fiona,
      I am looking forward to my trip.
      will also enjoy working on my garden upon my return.
      Thank for your good wishes..x

  4. Hello Val:
    How wonderful to have the sun on your back - surely a sign that winter will shortly be packed away for another year. Or so we hope! Today we awoke to another morning of sleet and cold and so your little flowers are especially cheering.

    Your path is most attractive - we love the cobbles inset - and can easily imagine it flanked with a new flower border.

    Have a really enjoyable time in England and we wish you a safe return.

    1. Just for a short while these last few days, we have had some warm sun.. How wonderful its been.
      I see on the news, that bad weather is on its way. your temp. is bad too.
      its becoming cold again here.
      pleased you like the path.. once the garden is cleaned and some new flowers ..will look very nice.
      I am looking forward to going to england.. Thank you Jane and Lance..
      stay warm.
      best wishes

  5. Dear Val - pack some warm jumpers and a cosy scarf - I think that is quite cold in the east of the country.
    Take care and have a wonderful time.
    Your path is looking great, and when you have landscaped around it you will have a lovely feature in the garden.

    1. Thank you dear Rosemary,
      I have been sorting my clothes out today.. some are already packed. I have my boots and warm coat, gloves and long warm socks.
      I should be ok.. but its years since i was in England during the winter.
      pleased you like the path.. lots to do on my return.

  6. Val how great for you to travel to England, hope you will take and share pictures. I love your path and looking forward to seeing the flowers growing there, I can see them already in my mind.
    Have a safe trip,

    1. Thank you Sylvia..
      so nice to see you. I am looking forward to my workshop
      hope to share some photos on my return.
      I will have lots to do in the garden on my return.

  7. I love your photo mosaic with the flowers. It's so cheerful!

    1. Thank you Olga..
      the little flowers are all wild flowers from my fields all but the lilac little daisy.

  8. What a delightful thought, a field white with daisies. You live in such a beautiful part of the world Val. The path is a triumph and will look so gorgeous with the flowers alongside it. Bon Voyage and have the best time in England. Look forward to hearing something of your travels. xxxx

    1. Hi Patricia..
      a little late with my reply.. thank you for your comments.. the path will look good when its cleared all around and some flowers planted..
      I am excited about my travels and workshop.
      see you soon

  9. Hello Val, Nice to come in and visit you after getting to know you through your visit to my place!
    I like the different coloured paving stones in your new path and that gate is just lovely.
    Have a wonderful time in England!
    Best wishes from Switzerland where it's still snowing.

    1. nice to see you Sandra..
      Thank you for your comments.

  10. "Follow the yellow brick road!" The new path looks good, Val! Make sure to wrap up warm: very cold and wet (soggy, in fact!) here. I think Yarmouth will be even colder, being right on the coast.

    Have a safe journey... hope to see you!



    1. Hi Anna,
      am a little delayed with replies.. so much to do.
      I dont mind the weather .. I will be inside most of the time.
      I am not staying in Yarmouth.. I will be picked up there and taken to West Somerton.. its not far from wroxham..
      I hope we can meet.
      thank you for your good wishes.. xx

  11. Dear Val,i hope you have a nice and safe trip to England!I realy love your path,and i'm happy that it's finished!Have a good time!!!

    1. Thank you Dimi..
      wishing you a good weekend..
      the path is lovely..

  12. Hope you have a wonderful time on holiday and don't find England to cold. How nice to know your home and animals will be in safe hands while you are away. The new path looks wonderful.
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah,
      I am sure its a little colder than it is here.. we have 6o at the moment... a lot of sun..but not so warm.
      I am very happy that my animals will be loved.. Pete is a wonderful family friend.xx

  13. How nice to see flowers! I love your path--the ochre was a great idea.
    Have a wonderful trip!

    1. Thank you Jen.. I think the Ochre turned out well.
      something a little unique as paths go.

  14. I wish you a lovely holiday - good trip there and back - and lots of stories to share on your return!

    1. Thank you Pondside..
      thanks for leaving your kind comments.. nice to read about your part of the world.
      I hope to have lots to talk about when i come home..

  15. Val Hello how are you? I have not written before because stat are busy with work and family. Here, too, it continues to rain, now the ground is so soaked with water ...... Forecasts say that Cisrà more rain over the weekend and even snow in some areas, too bad!
    But they also begin to sprout the first bulbs, hopefully it will not rot due to too much water. See you soon!

    1. ciao Francesca,,
      Thank you for your update.. I think the weather is pretty much the same all over europe.. Its still winter.
      Rain is forecast for tomorrow..
      I am prepared for the cold weather in UK.. but inside its always warm.

  16. ~Ooh Val, pack up lots of winter woolies, my friend! It is ever so cold here! No sun here to warm your back! hehe... But have a lovely holiday...The new path does look pretty splendid too!
    With kind thoughts....Love Maria x

    1. I am just about packed Maria..
      I have my nice warm clothes.. I wont be staying much outside..
      I will look forward to spring.. a change of weather will do me good.
      thanks for your sweet comments..

  17. A little sun is always a treat in the middle of the winter!
    Your path looks lovely!

    Enjoy a cozy Sunday afternoon dear Val : )

  18. Happy Valentines Day dear Val.
    hope your trip to England will wonderful despite the cold weather.

  19. Hi Val Loving the path, what a clever gentleman. Enjoy the week ahead xxx


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