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Sunday, 31 March 2013


Wishing all my dear blogging friends a very HAPPY EASTER.
                                       Here at "Quintinha das Rosas.".  We will be having  Easter egg hunt for my 3 year old Max.. chocs and goodies for the older children.. Lots of hot tea and good cheer together as a family. Will miss some of my other children. Hopefully we will skype. Mr. M will join us too, not fun without grandad.  Laughter will be in my cottage once again, and fill our hearts with gladness.

Some of you will already have had your Easter morning.. Some not yet.  To all my blogging friends near and far.  Enjoy your day. Be happy and rejoice .
                               Just a little decoration of hand made little Easter chicks -for Max-  Dear Suzy from- Rustic Vintage Cottage -kindly made them for me.. She is always available for any challenge.
                 Flowers from My son and Heleen..
With no sun around.. you cant really see the effect of the lovely yellow  bunting Suzy also made for me.
but , it adds a little bit of happiness to the room.
We all need a little uplifting around , with such awful weather..  Its been non stop rain since I came back from Uk at the end of February.  On and off a little sun peeking through.. but simply depressive weather.
 The children will   bring their joy.  I have hidden eggs and goodies around the house.. as we cant go outside.

Thank you Suzy for all the hard work you have done ..

To my dear blogging followers..   Wishing you a very blessed Easter Sunday.

val x x x x x


  1. Wishing you a Blessed Easter, Val. Have a wonderful day with family....

    1. Thank you dear meggie,
      I dont know what the weather is like there in the back woods of Texas.. but maybe you have nice sun.
      Its raining hard here.. awful days.
      Hope your Easter was a joyful one.
      val x

  2. Happy Easter dear Val,to you and your family!!Have a wonderful time!

    1. Thank you Demi.. I will be thinking of you on the 5th of May.. your Easter.
      We had a wonderful day.. it was a together day..with.. the grandchildren and easter eggs and chocs.. and lunch out.. My heart is singing.

  3. i adore that you invite mr. m. to have the whole family there. you are a dear one. enjoy!

    1. Yes, Mr. Manuel enjoyed his morning hot cross buns and tea.. and lots of laughter with our grandchildren..too much chocolate i must say.. but it was such fun.. then we all went out for a long lunch..getting home rather late..
      Thank you Tex... When its family time... I invite Mr. M. he enjoys it.

  4. Rain for you and snow for us, but I hope it doesn't dampen your Easter joy, Val. Enjoy your day with your dear family.

    1. Hello dear Perpetua,
      I tried to join your blog..but i had difficulty. maybe you can help. I had to do it through google.. i am with blogger.. its confusion sometimes for me.
      The rain, has not stopped its now flooding certain areas.. my entrance is like a running river. I need a 4 x4..
      We had a wonderful Easter sunday...
      Thank you for coming over Perpetua.
      val x

  5. Our house is strangely silent without children at Easter - we are growing used to these adult celebrations, but will always miss the grandchildren and the joy they bring.

    1. Dear Ponside..
      I know how you feel. I have sometimes spent Easter alone. Its very strange.
      When our children grow and then go their ways with their families.
      I was lucky this Easter sunday. We started with hot cross buns and almond cake and tea.. easter egg hung around the house due to the rain..
      Then a big family lunch out at our local restaurant.

  6. Happy Easter to you and your family.
    Love the little Easter chicks.
    Enjoy the day.

  7. Thank you Heidi.
    I hope that you had a wonderful happy day.
    Its a day for rejoicing
    We were together as a family.

  8. Hi Val. Just caught up with your post. thanks for showing the 'makes' they are looking good! Suzy x

  9. Thanks, Val and I hope you had a very good and Blessed day as well. Our weather here was not as nice as I'd hoped, but maybe in a few days the sun will shine. :)

    I don't think I've ever 'met' anyone who lives in Portugal before - I look forward to reading all about it.

  10. P.S. Love the gorgeous photo in your header. :)

  11. I hope you had a blessed Easter, Val, and that you had a lovely day with your family and the little ones. We hid Easter eggs outside (each one filled with chocolate) for the children to find. And then a lovely dinner. Wishing you a beautiful Springtime. (If it ever comes!)

  12. Ah Val I'm still catching up on your posts. Your decorations look gorgeous and I bet that Easter egg hunt was fun. We had one too for our little ones.
    Patricia x


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