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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Wet weekend & daydreaming

Can you see her!  As I was coming home yesterday from grocery shopping. I saw something move very quickly as I was approaching my car port.  I abruptly stopped and turned off the car.
Like most of us, I carry my camera with me. I crept very slowly out of the car and was able to take these two photos.  She was hiding close to the fence pole, and thought i couldnt see her ..It was like she was playing statues.
A mummy Quail.   I know I have a few on my property, but they are very evasive. I was so pleased with these two photos.
                               This morning.  I ask myself.  what is one supposed to do, when the rain has not stopped now for over a month!.  We just had a couple of days respite.  Here you can see the water dripping down from my canopy.. and the ground is soaked. Some of the plants are becoming water logged.  Its a wet and miserable day here again.
                 I lit the wood burner.  The fire is bright, warm and cosy..  I took a few of my home decor books from my shelf.. and browsed through.
                               My 4 babies wanted to join in.  Lady the eldest is in her basket the other side.
wood stacked . I browsed through the pages.    I like to dream sometimes .. thinking I might change this or that.  You can get some nice ideas in the books too.

  I sent these two images (internet) to a friend of mine yesterday.. she is wanting to use grey with magenta and white tendencies.. I think it will look fab.

                                                     Love this 'funky' black and white striped chais lounge, and the wall lights.
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A very inviting lounge.  I like lounges that are lived in.  Love the plates and artwork on the walls.  soft side lamps. and books on the table.   Makes me want to decorate again.

                          And here I sat next to the woodburner.  Warm and cosy out of the rain , reading my decor books and drinking my first cup of hot chocolate, out of the beautiful mug , I bought from the Harrods shop at the airport on my way home from the UK

 I  am using the lovely burgandy tin that the mug came in for my chocolate sticks.
Please take one.
Hope that your weekend will be warm and cosy.
I see that there is bad weather in the UK.. and other parts of the world.

A little day dreaming is good for the sole.  

Greetings to all my dear blogger friends.


I am trying to publish this again.. as it totally disappeared.. 


  1. Oh, Val, our décor is much the same. My home is inviting with a place to put your feet up and enjoy a book...after all I do have a Book Room. Your lemon tree post inspired me to buy a lime tree with blooms on it. Your 4 babies look like they posed for the photo...so adorable!

    1. I can imagine you too Meggie, cuddled up with your coffee and books on a bad day.
      That is a good idea, to buy a lime tree.
      Thank you for coming over.. my babies are so faithful. I love them so much.

  2. thanks for the chocolate stick with my coffee this morning. ;)

    we just got a bit of a rain - finally! need so much more and i'm sad it is already over after only a few minutes. i'd gladly take yours.

    1. Your welcome 'mam'...
      sending you some of this rain ..wish i could. It just doesnt stop. My ground is getting water logged.

  3. Elusive birds are my speciality. There is one hawk that come out and poses for me. Pileated Woodpecker flew like a bullet from a tree and scare Molly (my dog) and me. Long story short, it flew to several different places and I never snapped a decent photo.

    You quail looks big. Ours here in Florida USA are small compared. When I stop and sneak out whatever it is, usually goes faraway.

    The four babies are so cute! We have just the one, Molly.

    We had much needed rain yesterday and last night.

    Wishing you a very good weekend.

    1. The Quail birds are sure elusive. I was so pleased to get these two snaps.
      There are various species of quail.. so your might be different than ours there in Florida.
      We have woodpeckers here. I can hear them, but have only ever seen one.
      Thank you for your comments
      sending wishes to your Molly.
      pleased that you had rain... its too much for us at the moment.

  4. Nothing wrong with a good old day dream. You've got continual wet and we seem to have continual cold now with all this horrible snow!! GO AWAY you horrid weather and be nice to us! Suzy xx

  5. how does it go -Suzy. " rain rain go away, come back another day".. that what we both need. I saw that you have very heavy snowfall.
    The rain has stopped for a bit..but the clouds are forming again.
    val x

  6. Sorry about all your rain! It's very cold here..waiting for Spring days.

    Love seeing your babies!

  7. Oh Val, these decor books make me want to decorate too. I really like the lounge, it is cozy. And that mug you bought from the UK is soooo pretty. Your doggies are so cute. I feel like I'm getting to know them. The mother Quail picture you took is special, as they move very quickly.

    I wanted to tell you how much I loved hearing how you came up with your blog name. Thank you for sharing. We talk to our dear friends every day, and it's nice to know what their blog names mean to them.

    Have a relaxing weekend, Val, and I like to dream sometimes too.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  8. Blogger is certainly playing games with you! I hope the bugs in the system are soon worked out - and in the meantime, stay cosy with that tin of treats!

  9. Hello Val, Your spot by the fire looks very cosy and your little friends are enjoying it too:) Hope the rain stops soon so that you can get out into the garden. It's been cooler here, but not much rain. I still need to water the garden!

  10. You were lucky to get a quail picture! All the feathered creatures I try to snap are too quick for me. A cup of cocoa would suit me as well. Miserably cold weather here. What happened to spring. Thanks for showing us your adorable four-legged friends! Have a nice week.

  11. How exciting to get a good shot of the quail! That would never happen for me! I always love an excuse for browsing in design books. But a month of rain would surely be too much for me. All will be so lush when you finally get fine weather! Sweet furry friends!

  12. Hi Val, I got all your little bits and pieces of post, but then finally the entire one. Wonder what caused that? Thank you for your kind visit and I'm so sorry to see you are still having all that bad weather. We have sun shine now but is quite windy. Typical for this time of year here. When I was a little girl we used to have quail around all the time. Always so cute to see the little families together and running in a straight line down the road,but I don't see them around here as we are in a town setting, but taking a ride in the country there are still plenty but haven't gotten any pics. I miss hearing them call. Love that sound..Your babies look like they are enjoying the fireside. Hope it clears up for you soon..Happy Monday..Judy

  13. Hello Val, Stay warm by the fire and cozy-up until the rains quit . . . think about the cute little quail you'll have running all over the place . . . and sooner than you think, :) I would love to send you some sunshine . . . we are finally see some pretty days. It's very cold in the night and morning, but warm and pretty in the afternoons.
    It is always a pleasure to have you visit, and thank you for the lovely comment your left, and Happy Easter week to you, too!!!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  14. We have had a lot of rain, too, Val, and I had to light fires in the fireplace several times last week. Lots of tea, lots of biscuits, and lots of reading indoors since it was too wet to go anywhere. But I think (hope) this might be changing soon.

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  16. Hello dear Val. don't know if you've seen my emails tonight but I'm just catching up on your last three weeks posts! I hate the rain it just doesn't want to go away although the last few days have been quite sunny here. Speak soon
    Patricia x


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