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Friday, 8 March 2013

World Women's day

Wishing all my dear blogging friends a special day today world women's day. 

         This day started in the early 1900'S.... To fight for woman's rights and equality , that many women around the world are still fighting for.!
Quote:- (wikipedia)  The 8th of March is the day of rebellion of the working women against kitchen slavery.
Its a day to celebrate economic and social achievements of women past , present and future.

There are still some in equalities out there around the globe .. Some of which I see for myself on a daily basis.!"
My thoughts on these matters are education.   Only  through education can we achieve knowledge and better our world.

Still many women all over the world suffer  horrific indignities.

On the brighter side.   The man who invented the dishwasher, should be given a gold medal ):
                                    The same goes for the washing machine ):
                                     The vacuum cleaner
Many women do not have the opportunity to have such luxuries.. for some of us they are just a normal way of life and make up part of our kitchen's.

A suggestion for a book, that I myself couldn't put down.. that all women should read.

Its about the life of Nomad Somalian  'Waris Dirie'-  Many of you will have read her books.

Desert Flower.
Desert Dawn
Desert children.

Waris Dirie has fought against female genital mutilation , written about it . Of the indignities that these women suffer. and it still goes on.

A flower for you all today. Let's remember and thank many women that have gone before us to enable us to live better lives today.  At least in the western world.!
Waris Dirie.


  1. A very thoughtful post Val which I enjoyed reading.

  2. Dear Val, Thanks for the reminder. Your post made me think back of how hard we worked when conveniences were not part of our lives. How fortunate I am to live in my adopted country. Thanks for this thought provoking post. ox, Gina

    1. Thank you dear Gina,
      For many women life is still hard even in the 21st century. I myself have been blessed with a wonderful life .
      have a good weekend Gina.xx

  3. Happy Women's Day to you too. I can tell the wind blows to the west -as your trees bend that way. sandie

    1. Very observant Sandie,
      wishing you a happy weekend. and thanks for passing my way.

  4. here in the states, we women have it so much better - as a rule - than a lot of other places.

    happy women's day to you!

    1. I think that in the modern western world, many women have a reasonably good lifestyle. The American women do have it much better.
      Thanks Tex.

  5. Dear Val , your today's post gives hope and I wish to all corners of the earth, the women have the place that they deserve!We have many roles to complete successfully !
    Have a nice weekend !

    1. Hello Dear Olympia.
      Yes, we must have hope. That all women one day in this great big world will be equal.

  6. Ah that was thought provoking Val - we do take things for granted and forget about what it must have been like in our mothers and grandmothers day without all the mod cons that wer're used to. I love those flowers, such a pretty colour. Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mothering Sunday to you.
    Patricia x

    1. Thank you Patricia.
      Today 8th March is ' The International day of the woman'.. here in the village..our few restaurants and village hall are always packed. Its a time for the village ladies to let their hair down.
      nice to see you and pleased you liked the post.

  7. Hi Val! Here in UK it's not celebrated, whereas in Italy it's a very important day of celebration. Women are given mimosa and, in the evening they go out, in groups (no men) to celebrate in style, with a good meal and lots of laughter.

    Women are great! They are beautiful, intelligent, creative and far... far superior to men, who did indeed invent washing machines, dishwashers, nurses,nannies and mother substitues: their wives!

    I am happy to be a woman and I feel lucky to have been given the gift of motherhood. It's Mother's Day here, tomorrow... very special!




  8. Thank you for leaving your comment Anna. Nice to see you.
    It amazes me that so many parts of the world do not honour 'The international woman's day'
    it is so important.
    I have just been watching leading women talking about 'Women in politics and other areas of leading roles' - They are still not given that freedom in so many parts of the world.
    Condoleza Rice, spoke so well about the subject.
    I totally agree with you. We are the superior of the race.
    Happy mothers day to you.
    Its still not here in Portugal.


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