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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Special moments

It really seems that winter days dont want to leave us here. The photo below, I took last week, its the entrance to my 'quinta'.   Its been none stop rain most of the time, with cold weather too. 
 Last night, I was woken by hailstones falling down on my roof. I thought that it was some real bad hurricane or something that was coming through.  We are not used to having rain for such a long period.  We do have rain.. but with intermitant days of good sunshine.
My entrance.

                                                          'Pascoa' our Luso Arabian mare.. you have seen before. She is the mother of ' Surprise'.  This photo i took last year at the beginning of winter.     'Pascoa'- meaning 'Easter' in English..was born 20 years ago Yesterday.   She is a loving horse and was trained by my youngest son Filipe. Who know unfortunately cannot find as much time to ride.  Work calls ..
Easter holidays still for another week.  That means, I get to see my grandchildren a little more. Mainly Thomas.. He has taken over from his uncle Filipe..and rides Pascoa and Shilah.. as much as he can.
                       I was busy reading my e mails and sorting out the usual papers and jotting down dates in my diary..when i heard ..thud thud thud.   It was my most handsome grandson Thomas, had come to visit me. He always comes to me first.
A break in the weather, had allowed him to saddle up and take Pascoa out for a ride.  Tom rides like the wind, and Pascoa loves it too.  
 He will be 14 next month.   In July, Tom is going to Montana.  He is joining his best friend from England.. and they will be going to a big cattle ranch.. owned by a friend of his father, my eldest son M.
  He is following there too in his uncle's footsteps.. Filipe did the same.. lived with the cowboys,up at 5 and off on roudup. He was in Oklahoma.. on his arrival home. I thought that he had been in the circus or something.!  He was lasooing with his lasoo.. going under the horse one side to the other. We will have to see what tricks Tom comes back with!

It was a lovely Tuesday morning surprise. We had a nice chat.  The sun showed his face for a while..and pascoa was enjoying the warmth of the sun on her body.  She always gives me a little cuddle.

                                      Pascoa, nearly falling asleep
                                                       You might see her eyes closing
                          By By.. grandma.. I am off now ... see you later, and off he rode.
                          A few butterflies in my tummy, knowing  that Thomas is growing so fast, and will be off into the big wide world .. He is  independent .. As are all my boys are.   A very special boy, with a great love for horses, an excellent student and very close to us all.    (why do they have to grow up)

Sharing my special moment.

Happy Tuesday..



  1. loved this. love that your family loves horses and riding and adventure.

  2. Thank you Tex..
    Its great that the horses are loved and the younger generation keep up the traditions..

  3. I always love reading your blog, Val. The images you post and the stories you tell are so beautiful and interesting and full of your spirit. Winter doesn't seem to want to leave here, either, and it's been very cold at night, despite the sunny days. I long to work in the garden but I know it's simply too early. But soon, I hope. How lovely that your grandson came to visit you! I'm sure he will love his time in Montana.

  4. Is Pascoa a Paso? Gaited? A few years ago, I owned a Peruvian Paso named Bolido. He was 16 when he died. What a wonderful ride he was. Love the new header photo.

    1. Pascoa.. is similar to an Arab quarter horse.. She gaites naturally, although my son and grandson work with her sometimes.
      The Peruvian Paso are similar.
      Thanks for your comments Meggie. I thought it time to change the header.

  5. Such a lovely post, Val. As a newcomer to your blog I have a lot to learn about your family and the place you live and it was good to 'meet' your grandson like this. Our eldest grandson will be 14 this month. You're right - they grow up so fast.

    As for your weather - it's that dratted jet stream, bringing you the weather we usually get at this time of year.

    1. Thank you Perpetua.
      Slowly you will get to know more about where I live and the life and happenings around my life here. Our grandsons are the same age... Thomas is my eldest grandson.
      This afternoon its been clear. Hope it stays like that for a few days.

  6. Ah yes, children have a tendency to grow up - we cannot hold onto them but just enjoy them at each stage and be thankful we have them in our lives!
    You live in such a beautiful area, green countryside and horse-back riding reminds me of my own childhood in England!
    Thank you for your friendly visit to my place!

  7. Indeed they do Sandra.
    I have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.. and I thank our lord each day that they are in my life.
    Thank you for your comments.
    The countryside here at the moment, is very green. Once our very hot summers arrive it will turn into a burt brown.
    happy week

  8. Loved this post Val. it's really nice to share your family life and hear about your grandchildren. Tom certainly looks a very confident young man on his horse. I have five grandchildren and my eldest will be 15 next month and another two of them within 6 days!
    Patricia x

  9. Very special photos of a lovely young man, Val. Why indeed to they have to grow up? He will have so much fun in Montana. This year our first 2 grandsons will be four - I can't believe it! xx


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