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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Family,art and summer days

Time seem to have flown these  last couple weeks of .    I thought I could fit  in a couple more posts . 
 In between my last post,but alas family arrived.   My youngest son Filipe  his daughter and Fiançe Diana came and prepared a  wonderful bbq.last wed.  With the heat of the summer afternoon ,drinking chilled wine and  eating under the pergola Filip's famous spiced ribs. .. It was a wonderful day, In and out of the pool and enjoying the good times while they last.  My boys are men now.. all busy with their own lives..so I enjoy and savour every moment i can get with them.

  I was pleased that i had finished the cupboard and chairs project.. (its still in progress)..slowly does it and I will get there.  I worked on my painting of fruit that was on my last post.. just a couple of areas to fill in.. then its ready for framing.  I am going to frame it with old wood ..from around the garden.. am looking forward to seeing how it comes out.
                                  I was looking through my art books for ideas for my next canvas, I want a still life.  I especially like Cezanne..his work is so simple.. well it looks it..but of course thats not so! . Its his simplicity that is hard to captivate.  I have started setting up my prop.. more or less, out to buy peaches tomorrow.  Of course with a twist of my own style ,it might just turn out ok.!! If not ..try and try again.
                          Paul  1839- 1906 Cezanne's work- His life story   and his art fascinate me.
(maybe another post one day)

                       If the painting comes out how I would like it too.. It will take the place of these large apples I painted about 8 years ago. The painting is hung above my Chinese sideboard.  I love the paiting ,my own work.. but i need to see something different on the walls for a while now.  Time for a change of art scene at Rose and Olive cottage.
                      Here are some of my unfinished work.. I think most artists are the same.. but, I do go back to some, but as one progresses our styles change with us. You will see one of 'Gauguin! another artist who fascinates me.
                         Setting up for tomorrow.
   Below is a lovely little teapot with cup and saucer.. forgot to put the saucer.. My dear friend Manuela bought it for me, when we went shopping on Monday afternoon to Evora.

Yesterday, I got such a welcomed surprise.  My sister in Law Luisa and hubby surprised me (one of Mr M's sisters) I am very close to her..  she phoned to say they were in my village, and that they were waiting for me for lunch. I was just about to start sketching.

They had come all the way from Lisbon to have lunch with me. Good job It wasn't monday.
After lunch we came to my quinta and we spent the hours talking about our times in Africa. She lived most of her life in Angola and part in Brazil.. but also lived with us for a while in South Africa.. we were recollecting so many things.. I was a little sad when they left. It was so wonderful to see her. I had not seen them since Mr M's 80th birthday.     We made arrangements to not make it so long next time.  She is 11 months older than mr. M.. she is 81..but a young 81 a joy to be with and ever so kind.
Another surprise visit this morning.. Didi, who I might say, is more interested in her i phone than me! note the face!  "Yes grandma" ,but how i love being in her company. We both talk the same language and have a lot in common.  She is such a lovely sweet girl.   So the sketching starts tomorrow.
Friends for afternoon tea today.. Isn't summer wonderful!
                                                        Didi-   Audrey Marie
 My fields are going brown, but we are having glorious happy days of summer at Rose Cottage.

wishing you all a wonderful week too. Full of love and happiness.


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I lost this blog on he eve of 1st july... then it came back again.. in the meantime i was having such trouble i started another one... valrosa59blogspot.. please IGONORE that one.  I  am now using only this blog.

Thank you for all your kind comments. I am back on track now.



  1. Val,

    Your artwork is just amazing and I can't wait to see what you are painting next.

    Grandchildren all seem to be the same everywhere now...on their cell phones. We love them anyway.


    1. Thank you Gretchen.. I am pleased you like my art work.
      Its been my hobby for over 20 years now.
      Yes,, the children are mobile phone mad.. they hardly listen anymore.

  2. Hello Val,
    It appears you are having a wonderful summer and your photos prove it! Visits from friends, esp. grandchildren, are so special. Your place looks so serene and comfortable. Happy sketching!

    1. Indeed a wonderful summer Sanda. All so special to be with family.
      the other things come inbetween.
      Thank you for you comments.. val

  3. you had LOTS of good family time! sketching and painting can wait for family. :)

  4. Yep, thats true Tex.. painting and other things there is always time for.
    I love having my children and grandchildren around.

  5. Ah, Val, this post is full of summer pleasure - guests, family, good food and colour! I look forward to seeing what you put on that canvas.

    1. Thank you Pondside.
      full of happy days.. I am exhausted ..
      I am in no rush for the canvas..but will start sketching.
      thanks for coming over...

  6. Hi Val: You have been so blessed with all your family coming around. Aren't those teenagers hard to figure some of the time, but secretly I think they love to spend time with grandmas even if their actions sometime say differently. Your paintings are so beautiful and I envy you, your creativity and talent. Look forward to seeing your next one..Happy Wednesday..Judy

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you Judy,
      great to have my family around. teenagers just seem to be in their own world.
      pleased you like my paintings.
      You too have a lot of talent Judy..especially in victoriana decor and cottage home..

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thank you for your comments Perpetua..
      I deleted the first message as somehow..it was joined with another comment from another blogger.. really weird.
      All seems to be ok. I am just going forward.
      hope all is well in your lovely cottage..x

  8. How wonderful to have all those family visitors--you seem to have led such an interesting life. I absolutely love your big apples picture, but I do understand wanting to change styles.

    xo, Jen

    1. Thank you Jen.
      I have led a very full and interesting life.
      I still feel there is more to do.
      so pleased you like my big apples..
      It will go to another wall.

  9. Hi Val.....I LOVE THAT PAINTING WITH THE BIG APPLES......I hope you will hang it in another spot in your wonderful cottage. Am anxious to see the other one once it gets framed.

    Enjoy your summer weather....it is hot, hot, hot here...much to hot to be having a picnic outside......bahhhhhh! LOL



    1. Hello Jo.
      I love my apple painting.. am pleased you like it. It belongs to my more serious art.
      I am only changing paintings around.. sometimes its nice to do that..
      I dont move furniture.. just change my art around.. gives another look.
      we are in the high 30's to 30
      40º . very hot. but I am enjoying it.

  10. Happy sketching today Val. I really like your large apples canvas, can't you find a different spot to hang them they are so jolly and contemporary.
    Wish I had your pool at the moment, just what I could do with. The only pool we have is for the fish and I don't feel like joining them.
    So happy for you that you have been having a lovely time with visits from all your special relatives.

  11. Hello Rosemary,
    I am not putting the apples away..just changing the place. That is if my next canvas is to my liking. I painted the apples about 8 years ago.. it's one of my favorites.
    I have always had a pool.. grew up with one. One couldnt live here in alentejo without one.. some of the farmers have old tanks that they use dually.. swimming and watering their veggies.
    It really has been a good few days having family and friends.

  12. Hi Val. Thanks for your comments. I have tried and tried to take you off and re-add you and it still won't update for me. My son's blog is doing the same thing. I'm sure I am missing something, but I will keep trying to figure it out. I love your post and can't wait to see your new painting and the furniture. I'm glad you got to see family and friends and that you are having such a lovely summer!

    1. I am really not sure what iswrong there.. even blogger doesnt understand it.
      I thought if you joined again with valerietilsten59blogspot.. that might do it.
      anyway.. nice to hear from you
      summer at the moment is wonderful this year... i am keeping busy.
      Thanks for coming over Lisa..
      happy days val

  13. Dear Val - what a lovely post. I love hearing all about your family and the fun times you have with them. Your artwork is just great and I am in such awe of the paintings you produce. Thank you for sharing
    Hugs from Patricia x

    1. Hello Patricia.. I am pleased you like my post.
      Its been a fun couple of weeks.
      I have been painting for so long now.. I have so many paintings.. dont know where to put them.. and one's choice of subject changes as we go along.
      thank you forcoming over.
      xxxxx val

  14. thank you for the good wishes, and to you, the same.

    love, love, the painting...the big apples.

    look forward to the new art.....

    1. Thank you Wild Magnolia.
      pleased you like my big apples ..painted them ages ago

  15. Val, the address you gave at the end of your post isn't correct as there is a full stop missing between 59 and blogspot. Unless the address is right in every detail the feed won't work and the blog list won't update. Your correct address is:


    Anyone who puts this version in their blog list should find that it works correctly, as you can see from your own blog list.

    1. Thank you so much Perpetua.. you have been so patient with me.
      I think its ok now.
      wishing you a wonderful weekend at your petit maison..
      val x x x

  16. Good Morning Val.
    Your artwork makes me smile every time I see it. You are so talented, and I have always wanted to paint or draw, which I don't do either. But would you believe my kids can paint and draw? The little tea pot is pretty. I like your apple painting, but I can understand you wanting a different view for awhile. I like to change things around every now and then too.

    It sounds like you are having such a nice summer. Jess has been traveling a lot - lucky girl. Enjoy your weekend, Val.


  17. Val, your post is coming through my dashboard now, I did as you suggested and refollowed your blog. Maybe it's fix now.
    I love your apple painting. You are a good artist.
    Aren't grandchildren great! I am waiting on my daughter and two grandsons to come now for the afternoon. Love having them.

  18. Dear Val,it's s good having your family at home!!!
    I sure know it these days!!
    I like very much your apple painting!!
    You're so talented!!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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