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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Alvito Main church & morning bla bla

I took these photos yesterday. 
 Its the time of the year , when we have to go to that awful office called  "Tax office" I think you are all familiar with it. I was in and out as fast as i could. 
 After paying my annual dues.  I walked accross the road , and took some photos of the main little church "Igreja Matriz" in Alvito.

  The church of is called  "Nossa snra. da Assunçao" has been a National monument since 1939.   XV1- Manuelino style. (our Lady of Assumption)   Note how high the cyprus trees are.

Alvito has been inhabited since Neolithic and during Romn Domination, later occupied by Visigoths and the Moors.    Alvito was conquered by the Portuguese in 1234.

I have so many times walked around this lovely church. I think its beautiful.   Yesterday meeting a friendly policeman of duty.. he was walking his little dog.. asked if i had seen the sun dial.  I replied that I hadnt.   We walked to one of the sides of the church and there high up was this sun dial.   A few pigeons were perched up there. I noticed that these pigeons  had a red like neck and chest area.    There is always something new to find out.

               The church is in the middle of the village.   you can see some of the little cottages at the back.

                                 This cross was on the top of a roof of one of the little cottages.
                                The garden next to the church.. so well kept.
                                               Two king palms.
                                           more little cottages. they are in rows. A very close knit community
The band stand.   Not much happens here, as it used to. So many of the youth have immigrated. And the municipality doesnt have funds enough to support the events like we used to have.  At the back.. The building with the blue borders.. Is the village school.  My youngest son attended there until High school.  Growing up here in these villages is like a fairy tale for these children.
                                        This hoto is from the internet..  its the church lit up at night.

A bust of Dr. Gois.  A very prominant person in his day.  He did a lot for the Alvito community and is very much revered.  His bust is in the little garden.

Alvito has a twin city in  LAZIO Italy.

Bla blaa.
 The dogs started going crazy.. when they get in a frenzy, I know something is wrong.. I continued to write my post.. but the bla bla got closer and closer.. and the Maaa maaa closer.  I decided to investigate.
                                        3 Little babies here are we. cought in the corner of your garden you see. bla bla bla we say.. please can you come and set us free.      Here come mothers only two. Maa maa  dont worry they say.     Chasing off the three naughty lambs.
Two mummies .. one has twins. Off they go back to the bottom field.  

Here they are all small and sweet.  running to meet mummy.
                 I wish i could have kept them for the day.  Their fur is so smooth.... but they needed mummy.      I have a few fences to fix..and the electric fence was not on..some of the wires have fallen due to last weeks heavy rain.  

               A lovely family scene.    And a blissful reunion.      Sheep know the sound of their babies and the babies know the sound of their own mother.   they are not that stupid.

Off to have my coffee on the patio.. the sun is shining brightly..another lovely Autumn day.  One more left.

Wishing you all a happy blessed day.



  1. Dear Val - I hate the time of year when the tax is due - we have to pay ours twice, every 6 months. It seems that no sooner have we paid it then it is due again.
    You managed to have a good ending to the day though with your wander around Alvito and its beautiful church in the autumn sunshine.
    Sweet little lambs, our sheep only tend to have them in the spring.

    1. I was actually with Manuela. She was furious.. she had to pay a fine for just on day of not paying.. Her bills are big ones.
      I paid mine.. its he half yearly one.. we pay twice here too. I get nerves when i have to go there.):- while Manuela was sorting her things out.. i nipped over to the garden and the church.
      Our sheep lamb twice a year.. early spring and beginning of Autumn. Its because our weather is milder. (well i think so).. they were so cute. I wanted to pick the baby one up and bring her into the house.. little lambs mimic dogs and they can be so sweet. But didn't fancy the p.... around.
      Beautifiul day again today. Thank you Rosemary.

  2. The church is beautiful and those little lambs are so sweet. Thanks Val for sharing with us.

  3. Such lovely pictures Val. The church is beautiful and the Cyprus trees are really very tall! The Lambs look so docile and cute :)

    Hope you are having a splendid week!

    1. Thank you Pallavi.
      The Cyprus trees around the church are really tall..shows how many years they have been there. The lambs had wondered into my inner garden and couldnt get out.. i had to lead them out.
      happy week.

  4. You live in a very pretty place Val. It was interesting to walk around the ancient church with you. What a lovely village for children to grow up in. I think life would be lived at a slower pace there. Loved your encounter with the sweet lambs. They really need their mothers at that young age. Thank you for sharing all of this on such a lovely day.

    1. Thank you Betty. I do live in a lovely place.. as do you.
      It is very quiet around here. The village people are friendly and there is practically no crime. the children have a great time.
      The lambs were baaaing so loud.. it was wonderful to see them re unite with their mummies.

  5. I must visit Portugal one day--it looks amazing.

    1. Thanks Jen. Portugal as a country is beautiful.. you maybe can look at some images and clips on u tube.

  6. the church is pretty - i like that sundial! :) sweet little naughty lambs. :)

    1. Its a lovely little church. The sundial intrigued me.
      Naughty lambs they were. They got into my inside garden and wanted to get to their mothers through the fence.

  7. Well I love those old churches - they sure don't make things like they used to do they. And little lambs running around - fun. Love, sandie

    1. This is the old world Sandie. Europe is full of old old churches and such rich history.
      The lambs were naughty and ran away from their mums.xxx

  8. Hello Valerie

    What a beautiful day. Taxes are not pleasant and you made the most of the day.
    I wonder about those pigeons too and will look forward to your discovery.
    Lambs at this time of year are unusual for us too.
    Hope your beautiful weather continues

    Helen xx

    1. I agree. I was happy to get out of the office quickly..and then took the photos. I must look up the pigeons.. they look different
      lambs all over at the moment.
      wonderful weatheer..
      hope your days are good there too Helen. thanks for your comments. most welcome.xx

  9. Val, poor little lost lambs. I'm glad they found their way back to Mummy. Beautiful local scenery..Have a great day and Happy Wednesday..Judy

    1. Thank Judy for coming over.
      The little lambs were naughty ..they came into my inner garden and ran away from mummies. All was good at the end.
      happy days to you too Judy.

  10. There was a bonus of you paying your taxes - you took us for a wonderful walk around your lovely village, I love the sun dial and the buildings remind us of our holiday in Portugal. Those lambs look so cute too!
    Sarah x

    1. It sure was Sarah.. I was in and out.. and then took the photos.
      Its a very quiet village.
      my lambs were very naughty..they ran off from their mummies.
      You will have to come back for another holiday..xxxx

  11. Val, isn't this a beautiful church? It looks small, but a very charming building. I love old churches like this. Me and my son went to church today, and I always enjoy when he goes with me. Look at those sweet little lambs. How precious they are, and how nice that you got a picture of them before they ran off.


    1. Hi Sheri.
      yes the church is very small. Its not a large village.
      i was lucky to get such a nice photo of the little lambs. so many of them at the moment.

  12. Dear Val, the church in Alvito is very special, quite beautiful and I love the sundial. It helps to have something so nice across from the tax office! The little lamb visitors are darlings, and it is unusual to think of them coming in the Autumn. Just in time for Christmas, very symbolic. xxx

    1. Hi Patricia.. The church has history from way back.
      i was excited to see the sun dial up there.
      our sheep lamb twice a year.. as our weather is warmer.
      The price goes way up for lamb at christmas. thank you for your comments Patricia..

  13. Hi val

    Your pics certainly compensated for having to go the the tax office. Loved the journey you took us on and am glad we didn't have to do our taxes !!!!

    1. Yes, it was well worth it. I try to get in and out as quick as possible.
      the photos took my mind of the amount paid.

  14. Dear Val,
    what a beautiful church and building !!!
    Your post is very interesting!!!
    How cute these lambs looks!!
    Great pictures!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Have a nice day!!!

  15. Thanks for taking me on this stroll around your village Val, it's so pretty and I love the church too with its sun dial. Not so nice having to pay taxes though! The lambs are so sweet and you must have enjoyed their visit, the photos are beautiful.
    Patricia x

  16. Hi Patricia..
    Its not the village that i live in. I am within a triangle of 3 villages.
    Tax office is there. ugg. Mr. M's sheep love running to my lovely fresh green fields. I love the little babies. Thanks for your visit Patricia.

  17. How gorgeous, Val. I really love these glimpses of the wonderful countryside and buildings around you - so different from my own surroundings, which are very grey and wet. :-)


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