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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

"Beata's soup"

Our sky  an hour ago.  Its been threatening to rain again.  We are having a few hours of respite. I think the clouds look spectacular. Hiding behind them is mr. sun.

                                         Heavy accumulation of rain clouds getting low over the horizon of the garden
                             I went to buy a few groceries yesterday. Mainly vegetables.   I had promised myself a nice soup for a couple of days.  On the way home.  I saw this 50k per hour.. sign. obviously workmen.  We dont get many around here. Usually the telephone or electric techs.
 Further along before the entrance to my "Quinta! were long long tubes of green and black piping next to it. I stopped to asked one of the workers, what they were doing.   He told me that its the telephone company.  We will be getting -Fibre Optics in the village.
                Our little village is moving up in the technical world of communication.  I have satellite tv. both English and Portuguese.   So possibly when this is all finished. I might be able to get the cable.. more choice of channels .   Not in a hurry.  As I have so many channels already.  I only watch a few. It will also improve internet also.
Turning into the dirt road to my home.    Farmer Daniel's barley is so so green and thriving on this rain.
After my shopping, I met up with a friend.  So the soup was on the back burner.
       After taking the shots of the sky and seeing the rain on its way again.   The soup making came off the back burner.     We all make soups.   I have seen some delicious soups that some of my blogging friends have posted.    I never make the same soup twice.  I might make it , but adding another twist. I like to taste the outcome of adding something different.
 More or less.. a quarter of a cup of pure olive oil into your frying pan.  Add one large chopped onion  with 3 cloves of garlic and cut up into pieces fresh bacon.   Stir and stir.. do not let it fry.  Its "sauted", for about 4 min.

                   Dice the amount of carrots that you would like to put into your soup.  I love carrots in my soups, and meals.
        Add the carrots to the saute'd onions ,bacon and garlic.  Keep stiring
                                    slice your sausage. The amount you want. depending on how many people.
                Add  1 or 2 sliced fresh sausages..  I never measure my ingredients.  I cook by what i call "My feeling"- As did my mother .  So you can use your own amount of what you like. I use a wooden spoon with all my cooking.  I also use it to bake my cakes.  No modern gadgets for cooking or baking. I enjoy the challenge of simple cooking, with simple kitchen utensils.  The only gadget I have is the blender.
                         Here you have transfered all the saute ingredients to a large soup pan.
                          Add your potatoes + the amount of water that you would like. Thick or thin.! Let this all cook for about 4 min ..
             Then add your butternut and cabbage.  I just used half of each and less potatoes this time round. Again use the amount you want.
                             The cabbage and butternut added.  Salt ,pepper
                                                 Its looking and smelling delicious.  It will be an early supper for me today.
This recipe, you can add the vegetables that you like.   I make it with butter beans too. or chic peas, noodles..   I call it "Beata's soup"   Beata is a friend of mine in the Algarve from Germany. I have made it often as I said, but in various different ways.   Today I will be topping it with parmageno cheese and a dash of worcester sauce.
Hope you like the recipe. 


  1. That just has to be good! Glad you are getting a phone upgrade, they won't fix our ancient wires so we had to go wireless as it wasn't even good for voice much less computers.

    1. It will be good for everyone in the village.
      I have internet here and wi fi. ..we are advanced really. But the fiberobtics allows for more new technology. Great to see our village getting it.

  2. Dear Val, Your recipe looks delicious. This is the perfect time of year for your soup. My soups are very similar. However, I have not added sausage to mine...but I like the idea. Like you, I don't use many gadgets, not even a blender. A wooden spoon works just fine in my kitchen.

    1. Thank you Gina,
      I can tell you it was delicious. I had two bowls full.
      I have added chouriço before,but not fresh sausage. It really did give it a kick.
      nice to see you also like simplicity in the Kitchen. I love my wooden spoons.

  3. the soup looks good. fiberoptics is good, too!

    1. Thank Tex.
      It tasted delicious. Yes fiberoptics good. x

  4. My dearest Val ,
    it is six thirty and the smell of your soup "arrived " in my kitchen ! So healthy ,you used all the vegetables and I wonder if I can use mushrooms ,I suppose that I could ....I have decided to eat for dinner only soups ...I will try ....
    Have a lovely evening !

    1. Hello dear Olympia,
      I am glad that you could smell my soup. It was delicious. Indeed very healthy.
      Yes of course you can use mushrooms. However the mushrooms have a strong taste . try it. happy evening to you. Thank you Olympia. happy cooking

  5. Great that you are getting fiberoptic which should help your internet speed.
    I love a big pot of soup. I make one which is almost the same except that I add some tomato puree. What could be better during these January evenings - that pot should keep you going for a few days Val - enjoy.

    1. Thank you Rosemary,
      I had a bowl , when it cooled a little. And one a while ago.
      I am really full today. I enjoyed making this soup.
      I have never added tomato puree.. i must try that next time.
      ideal for these cold days.

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  7. Hi Val, Your soup looks delicious I shall have to try Beata's soup too.
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah,
      It was delicious. I like to change my soups and add new veggi here and there.x

  8. Dear Val,
    My husband loves soups during these cold winter months. Your soup looks fantastic, and the sausage that you put in there sounds yummy. One of my favorite pictures is of "clouds" so I enjoyed seeing these. When you look at your clouds around the area, try and notice images in the clouds, it's very interesting. One time I saw a big HEART.

    Have a sweet day, Val.


    1. I often since my childhood see things in the clouds. very fascinating
      A big heart to you too Sheri.

  9. I love making a big pot of soup and it's even better left over. Love carrots and lots of veggies, too. Enjoy your day my friend! Sweet hugs!

    1. hello Lavender Dreamer.
      I felt so warm and cosy after my soup dinner.
      It's so healthy. x

  10. Dear Val, your soup recipe does look delicious indeed. I love butternut in a soup too, as well as cabbage. Fibre optics will be wonderful for your internet speed. We live in hope for it, but the roll-out in Australia is taking many years. It rained here last night, cooled things down, and the plants are very happy!

    1. Thank you Patricia.
      The soup tasted as good as it smelt and looked.
      I would have imagined that you already had fiberoptics there
      Happy that it cooled down there for you. The plants thrive with the rain .

  11. I believe I can smell that soup!

  12. Val, sua sopa está terrivelmente deliciosa! Estou até salivando!. Que bom que sua internet está melhorando! Um forte abraço! Meu dedo quebrado está meio difícil de sarar!

    1. A sopa foi muito deliciosa.
      As melhoras com sua dedo. Deve ser dificil.
      bj. obrigada para sua visita a minha blog

  13. This sounds wonderful Val - I can almost smell it from here. I'll have to have a go tomorrow when I've got all the ingredients. What sausage did you use? Have a lovely weekend. Speak soon.
    Patricia x

  14. Dear Val,

    That looks like one of the prettiest soups and tastiest I have ever seen - fresh veggies - wholesome - hot. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


  15. I love your cloud photos Val. As well as being delicious, that soup will nourish you through the cold days.

  16. Soup! I just love soup - one of my favourite meals. Thanks for this delicious recipe, Val. Like you I love trying new recipes and making different changes to old ones. This is definitely one to try...


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