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Friday, 3 January 2014


January we often get days upon days of rain.  I took these photos this morning.  
                                       The rain clouds forming not far off.  It started raining about half an hour after this photo.. and the heaven's opened up.     I know that many of you are in areas where there is flooding and very bad weather.   It seems we are getting heavier rain during rainy season of winter , more snow and ice,colder days.. and warmer hotter days .. I watched a programme on the subject of our climate change. It was really daunting.  If its anything to go off.   Last year and the year before our highest temp during the month of august..went up to 50 degrees.  It was even too hot to swim.
In the Lisbon area near the banks of the river Tejo..and up in the north of the country, some of the rivers have burst their banks.   We also had many forest fires last year, loosing 9 young firemen to the flames.
                                        puddles of rain collecting in the garden. The cover on my pool is dipping in the middle, its becoming a collection area for the rain.
                                           Cannot complain, the fields need the rain for the crops, but when its like this very very heavy. It can do damage to the newly sewn fields.
  We really have hot summers.. so the Oleanders and other plants are getting a real soaking.
                                     Can't burn the cuttings from the olive pruning.. its really far too heavy, the rain.
                                    I dont like to see my fields like this..but will have to wait. Very strange too to see my olive trees so bare.   The  met office said we might get sun on Sunday. So might get a chance to burn some of the branches.
                                My wood pile is getting less and less.  The cottage is so cosy with the wood burner. These last couple of weeks..the temp, has dropped.  I dont like to be cold.  I have my little side lamps on and its nice and warm.

Hope that you are all having a little rest after the New Year.  The 3rd Jan already.  

I have a question to ask my followers.  Do any of you print out your posts from your blog!
I write down what I have blogged about..but not all the time.   Would like to know if any of you do this.

                                       A few little blooms are still popping up their heads.
                   Wishing you all a very happy weekend.


  1. i never print my blog posts. i know several bloggers who have had a book made from their posts - converting usually a year of posts at a time.

    i hope the rain is needed. just thought i'd mention, the pink font is tough to read on the green background. :)

    1. Hi Tex, I think its looking a little better already. I still have some more things i want to do.. but slowly.
      I am thinking about printing my posts. The thought passed my mind some time ago. That's a good idea to make a book of them. Am getting the question answered.. pleased about that. x

  2. Good morning Val.......ahhhh.....rain. We had our share during the holidays...but none as of yet now. We do get a little at the end of January though. In AZ....we need all we can handle because our state is so very dry.

    To answer your question....I don't print out my posts...but I often write them out long hand in a special journal I have just for this purpose. Sometimes it is all i can do just to get the thing posted. LOL LOL

    have a great day,


    1. Hi Jo.
      Its evening here. but good morning to you. yes,, ugggy rain. Its all so wet and soggy.
      That is what i do write them in longhand..but i have thrown many away, and now i am sorry about that. So will try to keep them. thanks for answering my question. have a wonderful day Jo. val

  3. I agree Tex. The actual layout, is not what i want.. but i was so scared to go further unless i might mix up blogger again.. i am going to work on it now.. i too dont like it.
    Hope you well there in Texas..XX

  4. Rain rain go away .....it's beginning to become really bothersome now! So miserable and it makes us all miserable too. There are so many floods here in the UK with very high winds and lots of bad weather warnings. As for printing posts, well I haven't thought about it but I did used to save them to my computer but stopped after a while. I might try printing though. Your blog is looking good. Many thanks for your lovely comment on my post today and I'm looking forward to getting back the old me. Have a good weekend and keep warm and dry.
    Patricia x

    1. I have been watching sky news. The floods and heavy rains you are having there in parts of UK are really bad. It seems to get worse every year.
      I do hope that you are not being affected Patricia.
      I thought I might try printing. I write them longhand.. but havent kept them all. will think about it.. thanks for answering my question.
      Patricia.. you have always been the old you!!!! you just deviated to other paths. It happens to us all. I have been down many winding roads..but I'm back. pleased you like my blog..but still want to make it better.
      hugs for a break over the weekend. val

  5. I am sure that you will be glad of the rain once the sun gets warmer again - the ground will hopefully retain some of the moisture to help the seeds germinate.
    It is possible to print your posts Val, and it does not cause any problems. I did a post, which you might recall on my friendsTudor black and white house. I printed it off for her so that she could keep a copy of it. I don't normally print my posts that is the only time I have done it.
    You can also copy and paste the post onto document when it is in the edit stage.

  6. Its great that its raining. our wells and dams need to get full. My garden at the moment is looking awful. Its these inbetween months. Cant wait to attack it when the weather gets better.
    Yes, i remember the Tudor house you wrote a post about.
    That is good to know that I can also copy and paste.
    Thanks for answering my question... I am still deciding if i should print.
    at the moment lots to do.

  7. 50 degrees in August? Wow, we get up to the 100's sometimes during the summer months. Your fields are still so pretty even in the rainy weather, Val. I always think the rain is good for us, as it cleans things up and makes everything new. Your olive trees look so bare now.

    Here's to a new year, Val, and cherished friends, like you.


    1. 50 degrees F..yes.. the weather is getting warmer and warmer.
      The rain, is what the fields need.. we are all pleased here in the country.
      The same to you Sheri... all the best for this year. You are such a good blogging friend. xxxx

  8. Rain is a lifesaver, and it is wonderful you are getting lots to fill the wells and dams. We need some here - our tank is dry, the grass is dying, and the heatwave continues. Today forecast is 44 degrees - much too hot and our air-con can't handle it either. I have never printed out a post, but you have set me thinking. Stay cosy and warm by your fire, Val. xxx

  9. hello Val,
    Happy new year! I wish you the best in 2014. I loved your pics, very calming. No I dont print out my posts cos they are being stored on blogspot .

  10. Enjoy the rain, it may be a long dry spell this summer. Don't pay too much attention to those climate change programs, they are totally biased and exclude any facts counter to their almost religious fanaticism.

  11. Hello Val

    That looks like very heavy rain. We had an entire day of rain yesterday and today is cooler and sunny. We actually had a fire this evening which was lovely.

    I have not tried printing my posts but it seems like it can work
    Have a restful weekend
    Helen x

  12. Dear Val, It's a good idea to back up your blog on a regular basis. It is very easy to do and only takes a few minutes. All of it is accomplished from your Blogger Dashboard.

    Choose Settings
    Select Other
    At the top of the page click on Export blog
    Window will pop up, Download Blog
    That is all there is to it. You can do this every week or every month, you decide. Discard the previous version
    for more details see

    Wish we were getting rain. For now it is very cold but the sun is shining.
    ox, Gina

    1. Thank you Gina. This is also good to know.
      I would like to print them , and keep them in a folder for my grandchildren..
      but i can now back them up for whenever i want to print one.
      Glad the sun is sining for you there.. Its dull , windy and heavy rain here.

  13. Hi Val,

    I remember your drought last summer, and now this!

    Terrible story about the firefighters--such a dangerous job.

    I never print out my posts. I'd be devastated if I "lost" my blog--I should figure out how to back it up.

    1. Hi Jen.. Yes, it really is sad that the country lost the fire fighters.. more and more arsanists are making them deliberately.
      I started blogging in 2011.. and lost those blogs.
      so i think I will print them out.

  14. Here's hoping the rain has stopped by now, and that you'll have enough firewood to get you through the winter. Nothing like a wood fire.

    I write my posts in a Word document and save them on my computer before I publish to Blogger. In that same file, I also save the photos I used. No need to print if you do this.

    Yes, they are stored on Blogger and you can copy and save from there if you haven't already done so. But please be aware, if you ever shut down your blog, your posts are gone from you forever.

    Hope you are enjoying your first weekend in January, Val.

  15. Many people print their blogs out each year and make them a book. I don't.

    And rain - well it could be snow - right?

    We are having very cold weather over here.

    Love, sandie

  16. Dear Val,
    I like your new page set-up. Pretty and restful colours and those beautiful bare branched trees. Nice features in your side panel too.
    It's good to have the rain for your trees, but becomes a bit monotonous after a while. I hope you will soon have some sunny days. So lovely to pick some sweet roses for your vase. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, as always.
    Keep cosy and warm
    Hugs, Betty

  17. Dear Val, It looks like so of our rain has headed in your direction too! I hope this will help reduce the drought in the warmer months for you. I download my blog on a monthly basis mainly to save what I have written. Rosemary's suggestion of cut and paste sounds a good way forward.
    Sarah x

  18. Bonne Annee' Val, I hope you manage to stay dry and that the sun shines it light for you to enjoy again soon. Shell - A Darlings Nest

  19. I've seen bloggers get a book printed with posts from their blogs. That would be fun, wouldn't it? Enjoy your week my friend! Hope the weather is nice there today! Hugs!

  20. The New Year weather has been terrible all over Europe, it seems. Sorry you're getting such a soaking, Val, but as you say, the crops need the water after your very hot summer.

    As far as blog posts are concerned, I always write and save mine on my computer before posting them on Blogger, so that I have a record of what I've blogged about.


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