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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Winter days

                        Cloudy skies , sometimes getting a peek of the sun, windy and some rain
                                           moving sky over the olive trees.
                                  The sun was out on Thursday..My neighbors sheep soaking up some of the suns rays.  Egrets looking for a feast.
                                       The little white daisies look like snow. They are popping up all over now.
                                         Flowers on my bottle brush tree, with new buds and leaves . This tree grows very fast.
                                      Seeds pods on the oleander bushes. I have had lots of little new trees grown from the wind blowing them to other parts of the garden.
                                                     Started the rose pruning on Friday.

                                       All bushes are now pruned and some have tiny new growth already. You can see how windy its been, with the leaves all over the bark.
                      While cutting the excessive oleander branches yesterday.. I found this magnificent winter Yellow rose.  A sign for me, of hope and new good things to come.   I had to hold my arms up high to take the photo.

Light pink roses I painted(oil) last year. The frame was a gift from Mr. M. He has a yellow rose painting of mine hanging in his lounge. He really loved it when i finished it.. So I gave it to him .
Filipe loves it. So it will continue to be cherished.

Maybe a nice new yellow painting.! Feeling inspired

Here at "Quintinha das Rosas" - We are well into winter garden mode.  Not much happens during these unpredictable days. So when its dry, I try to get as much done as i can.
 These last 3 days have been clearing, pruning, cutting back.  Still a way to go. Thanks to Pedro and Maria.
we all got through a big clean up yesterday.  Lots of burning to do , when the rain subsides.

Can you smell the scent of my rose.! Blowing it to you all. I wish you a delightful peaceful Sunday.

What have you my dear blogging friends been up to these days.  Some of you experiencing very heavy winter days.
Thanking you all for your kind comments over at Val's  Alentejo.



  1. That last one would make a nice painting. Manet did some of my favorite ones of flowers in water.

  2. Thank you Sunnybrook.
    I will be sketching. I do that often..have so many canvasas that i need finish..and also want to start.

  3. i'm amazed you're still getting roses and wildflowers through winter. so beautiful.

  4. I was amazed myself Tex. There was another deep red one, but the petals fell off this morning.
    Some years , our winters can be mild. We will have heavy downfall for days.. then it clears up and the sun appears. Its usually the same pattern until May...
    The little white daisies are early this year.
    Thanks for coming over.. xx

  5. We haven't seen the sun for some time - rain, rain and more rain. A walk around Pondside this morning showed a lot of dead fall that I'll have to get out and clear. I'll wait until after today as we are forecast more 90 km winds this afternoon.

  6. Take care Pondside..
    You are having heavy weather there in Canada.
    We have rain forecast for this week. I am glad that i got the chance to start a clear up..but still lots to do.

  7. You are a great artist! Yes, go for the new yellow painting! You have been quite busy. No outdoor chores here; must wait for warmer times. It has been quite cold, but the weather has how warmed for the rain coming tonight. I won't start getting cabin fever until February so I'm spending January reading many books and knitting. And loving on the cats and dogs!! Hope you weekend was great, dear Val.

    1. Dear Sanda.
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. I am a self taught artist.
      I just try to do better and better each time.
      It rained here last night. Its colder.
      Enjoy your reading.. and loving your cats they are so so cute.

  8. I can almost smell that lovely yellow rose. Your pink rose and frame is so lovely too.
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah.
      I hope that you have not been too affected by the awful weather there.!

  9. Dear Val - we are dreaming of the summer and yesterday purchased a load of flower seeds that were on for half price. H got himself some runner beans for half price too.
    We are trying to get jobs in the garden done too, but do wish our gardner lady, who helps us, would hurry up and return from Christmas in Ireland.

    1. I know just where you are at Rosemary.
      seeing the small new little shoots on my rose bushes and other growth around the garden. A slight change in weather patterns..and finding the yellow rose hidden.. tells me that spring is not far off, and with it better weather.
      Hope your gardener gets back soon . Best to take the time to clear , when we get the chance. I have Pedro when he is not working at the Olive oil plant during his days off. A few ladies around share him to help around. I really couldn't do it with out him. There is a lot of heavy work and that is for a man to do. I am off out today, to buy some Hyacinth bulbs.. and a couple of lemon trees.
      Happy gardening Rosemary.

  10. I love yellow roses. We had two old yellow rosebushes at our last home. One was a deep gold and the other a little lighter and tinged with pink around the edges. I'm not much of a gardener, so I couldn't tell you their names, but they were beautiful, as is your rose!

    1. Thank you Jan for your comment.
      I love yellow roses too. I was maried with 18 yellow roses.
      I have the yellow rose with the pink tipped edge.
      I just garden. I dont know the name of many of the roses or plants.. If I like it and it suits the climate here I will plant it.

  11. Yes! catching the scent of your lovely yellow rose, Val. You are doing great work in the garden this year, and have taken some great photos. I really like the sheep in the daisies - so pretty and cute, too. The pink rose painting is so beautiful, and you are a wonderful flower artist - look forward to seeing a painting of the Yellow! Have a nice week, Val. xxx

    1. That's great. Just the one single rose in my vase at the moment.
      with the colder weather, its lasting longer.
      The daisies are early this year.
      Thank you for your kind comment Patricia.. I just dable with oil and water colour painting as a hobby. x

  12. I can't believe you have that many wonderful plants and flowers growing in winter. I do love your painting! sandie

  13. Hello Sandie.
    Our winter's here in Alentejo are milder compared to yours in Georgia.
    but must say, i was amazed to see the rose.
    Thank you for your kind comments and coming over. x

  14. I love those pastoral scenes Val. It's always good to get the rose pruning out of the way.
    Good to see some new growth here and there.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your art. The pink roses painting is delicate and beautiful.
    It's going to be a hot week here with temps. forecast to be in high 30C's to low 40C's
    Keep well and warm

    1. Thank you Betty.
      I see you are having very extra hot days over there!
      New little shoots are coming out on the rose bushes.

  15. What a lovely find in the midst of your bushes Val, this rose is beautiful and just begging to be painted. My wish for you is that it's gorgeous colour will bring some sunshine into your life again. Take care.
    Patricia x

  16. Hi val

    I love your pop of colour from the jaunde rose. That is my fave coloured rose. Hopefully it is bringing some sunny thoughts into your world. We are in for a week of extreme heat in Australia so ironically it is staying indoors for us too as it is too hot to do too much outside. Just keeping the water up to Le Jardin is enough. Cheers - Shell A Darlings Nest

  17. The pastoral scenes are lovely Val.
    Always good to get the roses pruned and tidy for Spring. Good to see some new growth appearing.
    Lovely painting - soft and delicate.
    Keep warm and well.

  18. ~ Here at last, Val!
    I see you are very much touched by winter...
    We of course in old blighty have the rains, and more rains...But it's very mild..
    LOVE your painting, Val , the colour pink is so pretty..
    Happy new and exciting year to you..
    Keep well, love Maria x

    1. Hello Maria.
      Yes, its always the same. It becomes very dull this time of the year, but the sun could shine too.
      Thank you for your kind comments.. nice to see you over my side Maria..
      all the best for this year.. x

  19. Val,
    Your winter Yellow rose peeking through is so lovely. No roses here yet, maybe in a month or so. I love daisies, and yes the field does look like a blanket of snow.

    Just trying to stay warm lately. January is a cold month here, but not complaining, as I love the wintery days.

    Have a good week, Val.


  20. It sounds like typically changeable winter weather, Val. The rain is good for the plants and the sun good for your spirits. I do wish we could have a bit more sun and a lot less rain. :-) Good luck with your gardening on the dry days.


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