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Saturday, 1 February 2014

A new month and Chinese New Year

  The world's second-largest country by land area.
The Ancient Chinese civilization one of the worlds earliest, fourished in the fertile basin of the yellow river . on the North China plain for Millennia. 

Today, in our every day lives.   We hear and read , about how China is taking over the world. 
Is this really to be belived!   Ancient china , produced- mathematicians - wonderful peaceful music. A world of Ancient art.  
The Chinese have are one of the first civilizations.  China has been with us for thousands of years.  
When we don't know about something, we tend to become wary of it. 
Reading and informing ourselves about other countries and nations , enriches our souls . We become one in this large bewildering universe.
I have a few Chinese friends and found them to be of peaceful nature and always very polite. We often discuss stories of Ancient China, and China today.
Many of our modern day porcelain originated in China.  A country rich in Culture. 

The chinese Zodiac
From the 31st January 2014 to February the 18th 2015.  . 
The Christian calender , was non- existant . The Han Dynasty 206-220 Selected the animals.
The animals would influnce people's lives very much.    Each animal based on their charachter,  and living habits.
Ancient Chinese people believed and believed there are 12 full moons within 1 year.  So its origin is based on astronomy.   All related with an earthly branch.

The twelve animals.-  Rat, Ox,Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

Yes, You guessed correctly -  I am the year of the Pig.   (pigs are very clean animals).  They are only pigish, when not tended too or their sty cleaned.  Whew! This I know , having first hand information.
So. dear readers.   I am tidy and clean.  In fact, I think rather cute and loving to boot.!):-
         Chinese ceramics are amongst some of the loveliest and most decorative and very sought after. Pieces , have been known to sell at Christie's or Sotherby's for fortunes.
                                             A ginger jar.

                                                      Delicate art and rice paper work.
                                                      Elegant dress both Ancient and modern.

                                                                                       We all start somewhere on our journey.  This is a chinese proverb.....................

I started this painting of a horse ..still in the initial stages, about 3 years ago.  Typical artist.  Always moving on to other things.   Now its the Chinese year of the horse.   I think its time I finished it! 

Wishing you all a wonderful 1st of February.

Do you know what animal sign you are in the Chinese Zodiac.

Peace and happiness



  1. And I am a rat :) we are celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore and currently are enjoying a 3 day break! Gong xi fa chai :)

    1. Hello Pallavi. Gong xi fa chai. A very good friend of mine lives in Singapore.. we are in contact every 4 to 5 months.
      I can imagine you all having a wonderful break.

  2. I like the horse painting now. My Son and I was born in the year of the horse.

    1. Hello Betty W.
      Two of you born in the year of the Horse. Amazing.
      Thanks for coming over and commenting

  3. We enjoyed a visit to China this past October - what an amazing country!
    Me? I'm a Dragon.

    1. Dear Pondside,
      How exciting .. Did you write a post about your trip to China!.. would love to read about it. I would love to visit.
      Thank you for leaving your comment and visiting me.

  4. Lovely post Val and very well researched too. It seems I'm a boar. Your horse painting is looking good, look forward to seeing the finished work. Have a lovely weekend.
    Patricia x

    1. Hello Patricia,
      It is interesting to know about other cultures.
      Thanks for leaving your comment.

  5. Hello Val - I am a horse - maybe this will be an auspicious year for me?
    H is a Tiger, and fortunately, according to the Chinese astrology we are a good match - what a bit of luck - I forgot to research this when we got married!!!
    Do complete your horse painting - it looks as if you have made a good start.

    1. Oh.. Rosemary, I have to finish this horse painting. I started it about 3 years ago. I am like that.. So wonderful to have good matches!

  6. Dear Val, what an interesting and informative post! I am a dog (doesn't that sound awful?) in the Chinese astrology. Your horse painting is looking good - is it one of your own special horses? I hope you finish it this year. We have some Chinese friends too, also as you say, very polite and courteous. They have a wonderful culture and history. xxx

    1. Thank you Patricia, for your kind comments.
      So you are a dog.. well you read, I am a pig.):-
      I think Chinese history and culture is fascinating and so old.
      We have a lot to learn from these very lovely people.


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