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Friday, 21 February 2014

A spring like special day.

Activity around Quintinha das Rosas today.  
 Mother nature has given us a respite once more.   There is a brisk breeze blowing, the sun is out.  Pedro was here early morning and  more work has been done on the store room.  We are both pleased with the progress. It will come in so handy during the summer months. 

                       I decided to put a white aluminium window in.  I will be able to keep the store room less humid in the winter months with this addition.  The door will be maroon. my D.I.L   H. had a spare one ..so I was lucky there, didnt have to have one made.
           This side of the property.  Where I live during summer in Olive Cottage, needs some clearing and tidying up.     Jeffrey looking on , while I take the photo.      Taking the photo 3 fighter migs flew low over our area.  Such excitement to see them whizz through the sky like a rocket. Pedro and me were waving - we must look like little ants to the pilots.
Portugal, was neutral during the second world war.  So the Germans made an airforce base in the City of Beja.  -- Their planes flew lower than the alied radars.  The migs are based there at the airport today.
of course. Portugal making up part of NATO now. And a member of the common market.
Balloons for a special boy.  Its my second son's birthday today.

MIGUEL STANLEY. born 21st February 1973 in Durban South Africa.   Daddy M. is holding him tight here.
Always and still is a happy boy. Full of life and loved very much by us all.
His published book is about - How to live healthy through happiness. 
                                             A photo from some years ago.  A rare photo of my three sons together.
 I do miss , very much family times together.  When they do happen. I am in seventh heaven.
   My children all grown up now, with their own children. And so the wheel of life turns on.
  It seems like another life time ago that I was a mother with 4 children, running a home and all that goes with bringing them up.   I loved every minute of it.
      Miguel is on the right of the  photo, Filipe in the middle, and Manel on the left.

D.I.L -  Sasha, even though very worried at the moment about her family in the Ukraine. As we are too.   Has organised a wonderful event for this evening in Lisbon .

                                   I have to brag a little here-  I am so so proud of Miguel. He has dedicated the last 22 years to his profession as a Dental Surgeon.. He runs a very successful clinic and has tv programmes .... I have written about Miguel before, He married our dear Sasha in August last year.
  Now and again,  mummies are allowed to brag! - I am sure you will agree.!
 For me, the greatest gift of all.  Is that all my 4 children are very very close and love one another. Their faces light up when they are together.  Laughter fills  our homes, with the sound of the grandchildren too.   -  That is so wonderful, I am so lucky.    It brings me peace knowing  that it will always be like this.
This morning I also wished that Mr. M. could have been with us.  He is however watching and smiling from up above.      Happy Birthday my son.



  1. Happy Birthday to your son, Val, and yes Mothers and Grandmothers have every right to brag. There's nothing like it on earth but to love and be loved by family. I too miss the years raising my girls and the years they gave me the opportunity to watch over my grandchildren while they worked. Now they all are like yours, close and love getting together. May you have a wonderfull day full of blessfings.
    Hugs my friend,Sylvia

    1. Thank you Sylvia,
      My heart is full today... Family is the best thing that we can have.
      My grandchildren are growing fast.
      I would do it all again.

  2. Valerie, you have every right to brag. I proud of my children too and always like read stories of other loving families. Your building is coming along! Soon you'll be out in the garden for long hours every day and it will be nice to have such a solid little building.

    1. Thank you Pondside,
      Its been such a happy day for me today.
      We are all blessed with our children.
      love is the best gift of all.

  3. You have a beautiful family! Happy Birthday to your son!

    1. Thank you Jan. My eldest is missing from the photo.. She lives in Switzerland. She misses out on a lot with her brothers.
      But we all find time to get together during the year.

  4. Such a wonderful, vibrant, interesting loving family you have. I love when you write about them, and hope some day you will tell us more about your own interesting past.

    1. Such a kind comment Jen,
      Thank you. Its pleasing to read these positive comments.. It makes blogging all the worth while.
      I love my family.. and there is always something going on.
      happy week. x

  5. you have many reasons to be proud of your family. bless you all.

    1. Thank you so very much Tex.
      wishing you a happy weekend. x

  6. You definitely have bragging rights! I have 4 grown sons that I am very proud of....I miss them though! Enjoy your day my friend!

    1. Thank you so much Diane.
      We are close. I have 3 grown boys and my eldest is a girl. She lives in Switzerland..
      I miss mine so much.. but I do get to see them ..

  7. Happy Birthday to your son dear Val!!You must be proud fot the three of them!I hope the family is safe at the Ukraine.Wish you a lovely weekend!

  8. Congratulations to Miguel and to you too! I hope you have a wonderful celebration in Lisbon. You must be so proud of all your children, it's nice to find out more about them too. Is that you in the picture from South Africa?
    Sarah x

  9. Dear Val - Happy Birthday to Miguel - you have every right to be proud of him and your other children too. I can understand that it is a great worry for Sasha with her parents in the Ukraine, the scenes on the news have been horrific, but I am sure that they are nowhere near the troubles or are likely to be.
    That is a lovely black and white photo of you Val when you were all in S. Africa.
    It is difficult when our children do not near to us in the way that so many families did years ago. Today I am delighted as I got some well priced plane tickets to visit my eldest son and his family in Paris during June. We have not seen their new home since they left Norway.

    1. Dear Rosemary,
      Thank you for your comment. You are always so kind with your comments.
      Today some victory in the Ukraine. We will celebrate a little later.
      Sasha's mother and father, have been at the front every day. They were and are in our prayers. They live in the Capital Kiev.
      It seems a wold away Rosemary, that I was a mum with my children all around me.
      So pleased that you are going to see your son in Paris. There are some good deals out there.

  10. I like the photo of the boys all together.
    The storage building is taking shape, those bricks are neat.

  11. Thank you Sunnybrook.
    I hope to be seeing two of my boys this weekend.
    The store room is coming on very nicely. The blocks have holes.. when you build them up the cement enters each side. Very strong.

  12. It sounds like you have lived a life full of happy moments.

    1. Thank you Elaine.
      Happy moments are the joy of life.. I am blessed.

  13. A beautiful post for your handsome son Miguel, Val. Happy Birthday to him! Of course you must be proud of your family, they are so special and talented. That is a beautiful photo of you as a young Mother with your family - happy memories! Your daffodils are looking good, too, very nice in the jug arrangement. I know Mr M is watching and smiling, as I often think my mother is too. Happy Sunday Val :) x

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Patricia.
      I think we mum's have to brag now and again.
      I like this photo. It will go up to the big farmhouse.
      happy week Patricia..x

  14. Happy birthday to your son, Val. Your three boys are very handsome, but more importantly they are healthy and happy which is wonderful. I love the photo of you with your little son and Mr M, whom you naturally miss very much.

  15. Wishing your son a happy birthday Val and trust you all had fabulous birthday celebrations. I'm sure Mr M was looking down on you all - they never go away just waiting in the wings and loving you all. My daughter Emma was born in 1973 and son Jonathan 1975 and both very close as are their children. I'm with you on this Val if us Mummies can't brag about our children once in a while, who can!!
    Patricia xx

  16. What a delightful post extolling the joy and happiness of family life and your wonderful family, which you have every right to be proud of. Such happy times when you were all together, but as you say, the wheel turns and we find other pleasures in life. But our families are always a part of us! Sweet memories.


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