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Friday, 25 April 2014

Freedom celebrations

Today marks the 40th celebration year of the 25th of April coup - in 1974.
This day is very very special for the Portuguese people. And those who fought for freedom.
It is well documented in the history books.  In fact, there were new History books printed for the school children after the revolution was ended.

A Military coup- overthrew the regime. It was composed of high ranking Military officers, and Navy . Who opposed the regime. On the stroke of Midnight 25th April 1974.   A song was played on the radio.  "Grandola Villa Morena"- this was the password for the forces to move into the central government areas -tanks and soldiers.

                                     Images (courtesy) of soldiers with carnations in their rifles. The people were as you can imagine. Speechless at how it all took place.  No one but the military officers knew.. It was upon their command and the playing of the song.. That it all began.  Today, people are celebrating with pic-nics and family time. Watching the parades ..
                       I was born in a free country.    To read and hear the stories of some of the people , who went through that time.  It soul chilling.
 Crowds gathered all over the City Monuments all  over the country.
Portugal had been under a Fascist dictatorship for more than 60 years.   The coup is known as a bloodless coup.
The Military led interim government . Returned democracy to Portugal.  
Ending the unpopular Colonial wars.

Today Portugal is a true Democracy.  It's people free to choose their own political beliefs and party. To go and come as they please.

                                                             Not   one shot  was fired.

My thoughts today, are with the countless millions of people all over the world , that still live without Freedom -or human rights.  May they one day know what freedom is.
Also to the great men and woman who fight and still fight  for democracy and Freedom.

                                     Freedom is the core of democracy.  Without Freedom we are nothing.

                                                                    .............                .........

      In June of the same year 1974.. Mr. M and me built our first home in Portugal.   I cannot believe that 40 years have passed already.

If you have the time :- The 25th of April revolution - is very interesting reading.

Wishing you all a very Happy Weekend.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post.                                              


  1. Hi Val. I've missed you. I'm not sure where I've been but it sure is nice to visit you! I'm glad I came by when you had this post up. It is a very interesting and beautiful story. I'm glad I got to read it. I hope all is going well for you! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

    1. Hello dear Lisa.
      I think we pass each other on posts. I only get my American comments a day later.
      Great that you have your boys home. such a nice post you wrote.
      wishing you a very happy weekend.
      hugs val x x x x

  2. Enjoy the weekend and your celebrations my friend. It's a blessing to live in a free country and I pray for ours and for those poor people that are oppressed with bad government. I wept to hear the news of the doctor from the US helping the people in A. that was shot and killed a few days ago. So very sad for those people in the country that are in such need. I pray a lot. Sweet hugs, Diane

    1. Thank you Diane.
      We are indeed blessed to live in free countries.
      We can only pray to our lord that the terrible despots will see the light.
      Terrible about the doctor. What is the world coming to
      We will keep the people that are oppressed in our prayers

  3. It shames me to say Val that although this coup took place within my lifetime and what with me being interested in history too, big time - I actually don't remember anything about it. How awful is that. Anyway I totally agree that everyone should have democracy and freedom world wide. As for April 1974, I was a new mother to my then six month old daughter Emma. My how time flies. Have a great weekend.
    Patricia x

    1. No need to be ashamed.. I dont know half of the worlds history.
      Emma now a big girl. It does indeed seem a lifetime away Patricia.
      Its been a lovely day today.
      I spoilt myself with cake and tea.
      I dont go to celebrations anymore.. I have seen them all.
      I watch the speeches on tv.

  4. Dear Val,what an interesting post!
    I agree,without freedom, we are nothing!Wish you a lovely weekend!

    1. Indeed so true Dimi. we are nothing without freedom.
      Let us pray for all the souls who are not free in this world today.

  5. What a fascinating post, I shall certainly have to do some more reading about it. Isn't it amazing how the years whizz by so quickly? 1974 was the year I met my husband and yet in some ways it seems such a short time ago, despite all that has happened since. I hope you have a really good weekend. x

  6. Hello Elaine,
    Pleased you liked my post .. Its a very special day here today.
    The sun was shining, and everyone out.
    happy weekend. valx

  7. Hello Valerie
    An anniversary celebration is a great reminder of our history. Freedom usually comes at a very high price and how special that Portugal were able to peacefully bring this about. Hope you have a wonderful weekend
    Helen xx

    1. Hello dear Helen.
      Thank you for your comment. Indeed Freedom comes at a very high price.
      I pray for the men and women today, who are fighting for freedom.
      may our lord bless them. x

  8. Val,
    I saw your red carnation on my blog and had to come over and see. I love carnations - my husband used to send them to me when we were dating. What a very special celebration this is in Portugal. Freedom is a precious thing, and I'm sure this day means so much to you. It was very interesting to read the story that goes along with this day of freedom.

    Have a lovely weekend, Val. It's raining here today, can you believe it?


    1. Thank you sheri,
      Red carnations are a sign of freedom here in Portugal.. of course people now grow them . Freedom is indeed precious and our lives would be nothing without it. Hope that you might read up a little about the 25th of April 1974.
      We are not having nice weather here Sheri.. spring seems to be evasive.. sunny one day dull the next. xxx

  9. Val, you are right...without freedom, we are nothing!!!...:)JP

  10. Very interesting to read about this historical event in your country Val. Like you, we live in a free country and yesterday observed ANZAC day the anniversary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops on Gallipoli, Turkey during the first World War.
    We are also thankful for the wonderful life we lead because of the sacrifice of these brave men. Thank you for sharing this Val.

    1. Hi Betty, Yes, I knew it was Anzac day yesterday.
      I remember celebrating when i lived in Australia.
      So many men and people have fought for our freedom.
      God bless them all.

  11. This is so interesting, Val. I did not know about this aspect of Portuguese history, but a coup with flowers sounds just perfect. It is wonderful that you continue to have democracy. My daughter was born a few weeks before this event, so no wonder I was not taking any notice of the rest of the world in April, 1974! Happy weekend, Val xxx

    1. Hi Patricia.
      Indeed it was a coup , without any bullets fired. After the take over.. the women started to put red carnations in the rifles..
      You wee in the your little daughter at that time.. Thanks for popping over..
      happy weekend

  12. OLA!!!
    I`m so so so happy to have found your blog!
    I`m Portuguese too so finding your awesome blog is a real treat for me!
    I will have to come back later to follow it, because for some reason its not letting me follow you just now! I`m off to grab a coffee and delve into your beautiful posts!
    Beijos Debbie

    1. Thank you Debbie.
      Hope to see more of you. I will take a look at your blog ..
      Feliz fim semana.. val

  13. A fascinating post, Val. I remember the coup happening and the downfall of the government which had been led for so long by Salazar (though I know he was no longer in power by then). The people of Portugal truly have a lot to celebrate on April 25th.

    1. Thank you Perpetua.
      Just a short resume of the 25th April. I am pleased to read that you know about Salazar and his dictatorship.. No he was not in power.. But it all came to a head..not long after. x

  14. I enjoyed reading about Portugal's independence. It is a blessing to live in a free country. Have a great weekend Val.


    1. Thank you Sylvia.. It was not independence.. It was an overthrow of the Government. After 60 years of a Dictatorship with Antonia Salazar.
      thank you for your comment.

  15. I have never heard of this story before! It must have been quite an achievement to over throw the government without a shot being fired. It must have been a good time too start building your home there. Sarah x

    1. Dear Sarah. The coup-and overtaking of the interim government after the death of the dictator Salazar.. Is well documented. I only wrote a little about it.
      As its 40 years ago. Its a very important day in the history of Portugal and a national holiday. Take a peek at some info on wikipedia.. or on the internet.
      It was a very very well planned military coup. Hope you enjoy reading about it.. happy week Sarah. val x

  16. That's amazing--and to think that's the year you settled there. I will definitely read more about it. Great post!


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