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Thursday, 1 May 2014


I noticed about a week ago , that bamboo shoots were traveling from the main clump of tree. Across the  pebble stones, in my front garden.    They were growing at an alarming rate.
                          This morning Pedro came for a few hours .He got down to pulling on the roots ..Oh my gosh. all the underlying plastic came apart .  The roots were spreading all over.
 So it was time for decision making.   Remove  the bamboo.    Pedro pulled up most of the first bush..Pulling and pulling getting as much of the roots out as possible.
 We still however have a long way to go.    I planted the bamboo , about 3 years ago . I planted it to give some privacy to Olive cottage.  After seeing this.  You can see why we started to pull it out.
         Wheelbarrow ready to put on the old olive branches to burn. You can see the long roots.
                                 It was pulled it up close to the patio,   coming more and more as Pedro pulled. It has crept over to my middle rose garden.  Saturday a special spray is being put onto the areas.  So will have to keep the dogs away.
             I was really upset with the bamboo situation. Leaving Pedro to the task at hand .  I turned my camera over to the other side of the pool.    The  flowers are giving a nice show. The daisies have multiplied. So will have more to split up at the end of summer, to fill in extra bare patches.
                                            A deep orange
                                                                     Yellow , with their heads facing the sun
                                         This lavender bush has been giving flower now for more than a month.. its looking so healthy.  I usually dont have much luck with this bush.  This one seems to like it here, so I must be doing something right.
   Spring is in full swing here all the flowers and bushes are growing so fast.  I cant keep up with the trimming and clearing.      I do feel that a little wild look is acceptable too.

Wishing you all a very happy May.   It seems the months are passing so quickly.

I  am off on  my travels..     I will be away for a while.    

You might want to take a guess at where I am going.
3 clues...  lots of lakes -----lots of bells that ring.  lots of cows.

Take care all my dear blogging friends..   see you when I get back.



  1. happy travels, val!! your blooms are lovely. sorry about the invasive bamboo!

  2. I'm not very good at guessing...but I sure hope you have a wonderful trip and take lots of photos to share. Enjoy the beautiful month of May! Hugs, Diane

  3. Dear Val - bamboo can be an absolute pest - we have some growing in our garden but it was put in by a chap who did a lot of paving and drystone walling for us. He surrounded it with concrete to restrain it, but I do often wonder whether it is making its way through the concrete under the ground!!!
    I am guessing that you are off to stay with Nina in Switzerland. Wherever you go have a wonderful, wonderful time.

  4. Dear Val...there are some types of bamboo that are not invasive. The variety you have, can take-over the garden. It's a good thing you noticed it in time...Enjoy your holiday !

  5. Val,
    Have a good time on your travels. I will miss you. If I don't hear from you until then, I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. Your friendship means so much to me.


  6. Have a wonderful trip, Val! Your flowers are so pretty, I don't care for bamboo either.

  7. Dear Val,your flowers are so beautiful!I hope you have a wonderful trip!Enjoy!

  8. Wishing you a lovely time! Just don`t go away for too long! :) Cause I sure will be missing your lovely posts! :) Beijos Debbie
    As tuas flores sao muito bonitas!

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time away on your travels! We had some bamboo once but like you we had to remove it. I always seem to fall in love with the most invasive plants! Sarah x

  10. Dear Val

    Following the stint in your garden I think you deserve a holiday.
    Have a wonderful time. Is your destination famous for lace?

    Helen xx

  11. Bamboo! I know all about that! When we planted about 10 years ago we'd learned from a previous experience, and we planted far from the house or any other structure. Good luck with the removal!
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday. My guess is that you will be holidaying beside a certain beautiful Swiss lake.

  12. Val, your beautiful rose header is stunning!
    I really like the sight of bamboo in the garden, but I have never planted it because of it's reputation. Seems like you have managed to eradicate most of it and the spray should finish the job.
    Have a lovely, restful holiday.

  13. Hi Val, just catching up. I hope you have a wonderful trip and hope I've managed to catch you before you go. I'm guessing its Switzerland and very envious. Have a safe journey and speak soon.
    Hugs, Patricia x

  14. I bet you Val you are going to my all time dream place Switzerland?? But I have been missing you. Just came by to make sure you are OK so I'm glad to know that you are fighting bamboo and going places! That bamboo is a scourge!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  15. Bamboo can be horribly invasive , Val, which is why here in the UK people often plant it in pots. I do hope you can mange to get rid of it. Enjoy your trip to Switzerland - a beautiful country. :-)

  16. Dear Val,
    Have a great time travelling to Switzerland?!


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