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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Progress /End of May

Work on my little store room is in progress once again.   

  Over a week ago, Pedro was able to purchase some perfectly good used roman tiles for the roof.  They are now ready to be put on, once the woodwork is finalized.
                                    The beams are in place and were coated yesterday afternoon with Bondex to protect them.
                                     At the moment.  Its looking a little sad on Olive cottage side.   Still more to do in the little area.  I am in no hurry.   There is always something to do around the garden and land.
                                            This pepper tree, will give nice shade.
                        Used wooden planks that I have had stored away, are now coming to life with a new coat of pink paint.  They will go on top of the beams.   Then the special plastic covering then the wood to secure the tiles.
                                 I added some white to the pink.   Pedro has nearly finished them all.  Ready for next week.   There is still a way to go.  It makes it all the more exciting , when I see progress .
                          Vouga has settled down very well and is loving being with his new family.

My last post for May dear friends.    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.   June is upon us.
Hope some of your projects are coming to fruition.




  1. Hi Val, it's going to be nice when it's finished. Love the pink.

    1. Hello Sylvia,
      I too am glad I chose pink for the wood ceiling inside the little store room. Thank you for leaving your comment.

  2. I think it looks really good and there is no big hurry, getting things done quickly costs more. The roof tiles will go great with the building, maybe someone would do small painting of it!

    1. So true Sunnybrook. No hurry. I have all the time in the world really. I just want to get the roof on. Then the next stage will begin.
      Thanks for the suggestion.. I might try that myself.

  3. You will be pleased to have work under way again on your store room.
    What a beautiful day it looks there.
    The Peppercorn tree reminds me of my childhood growing up in a country town. The trees lined the streets and their distinctive aroma always takes me back to those days.
    Hope the week-end is going well for you, Val

    1. Hello Betty, Our weather here now is really entering summer days.
      I love my peppercorn trees. I am sorry really, that I didnt plant more. Thank you Betty

  4. so glad vouga is doing well! your storage shed is going to be really nice!

    1. Thanks Tex.
      Vouga, is a sweetie. He follows me everywhere.
      He loves to be with Jeffrey.. they have little walk abouts.
      The store room will look good once finished.

  5. It's been a busy month for you, Val. The little store house seems to be coming along nicely - the roof tiles are beautiful.

    1. Yes, its been busy. I really like to be doing things.
      I am looking forward to be able to have the store room. extra space for me. The roof tiles are roman tiles.. I have them on Rose Cottage. Thank you for your comment Pondside. x

  6. Your little store room is coming along nicely, Val. It looks like so much work has been done, and it will be so nice when it's finished. I love that pink color, it's so pretty.

    Actually Val, I have dark brown hair. The first picture was a little blonder, as I had lighter hair when I was a young girl. Thank you for your many sweet comments. I loved them all, and I so wish I could meet you too.


  7. Hi Val
    It looks like life on your side of our planet is coming to life and ours is starting to hibernate. Happy Summer Wishes to you from Wintry Canberra, Australia. Shell - A Darlings Nest

  8. Your project is really progressing Val. The Roman tiles sound picture perfect and as a pink fancier, I love your pink planks for the ceiling; a great idea! You will love the little store house when it is finished. Happy Sunday Val xxx

  9. Oh its coming along really well Val and won't be long before its completed. I love those Roman tiles too. June already - it seems that the days, weeks, months go by so quickly these days. Speak again soon.
    Patricia x

  10. Glad to see the progress, Val. It's going to be very useful when it's finished.


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