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Friday, 23 May 2014

weather and garden

For the last week, we have been having very strange spring weather.   In one day, we seem to get all the seasons.  The sky this morning.

 I have Pascoa and her daughter surprise back with me.  Sometimes I cant tell the difference.
Pascoa is on the right and Surprise is on the left.  They look like twins .. Of course up close you can see who mummy is.      
The grandchildren are growing up so fast.  They dont have much time to ride anymore.  I am hoping that during the holidays they will all get some excercise - Sheilah and her baby Rosie..  Are up at the big farm.

 My flowers are looking good.   The rose bushes have lots of blooms.  Unfortunately lots got damaged by the heavy rain this last tuesday.  
                          bobbing their heads up and down.. my little purple pansies+ a couple of deep red.
                      I dont know the name of this flower.   But it's grown higher than me.

Like most of us who have gardens.  There is so much to do.   This afternoon I will be dead heading my roses, and trimming back some plants.   Can't really complain about the rain, as I have not had to water.  The summer will be here soon enough.

While away in Switzerland.  I put on some extra pounds.  Trying to get some of it off.  Seems the older we get the more difficult it becomes.   So, working in the garden today and over the weekend.. i should at least get rid of some of the excess lbs.  

A few days ago.   One of the gentlemen in the village , said good morning to me . We talked about the weather and village matters and so on.  He said to me.." you are looking well".. "thank you , " I replied..  he then said" ah! but you have put a little weight on"-  To this I just laughed.. and replied
"getting older".. This certain gentleman, has a larger than larger pot belly..
It always amazes me how men , mention weight, but omit to mention their own. !!!!
I had a giggle to myself .

Life here at Quintinha das Rosas.. is slowly getting back to normal.
I am waiting for the delivery of the roof tiles and the wood , in order that Pedro can start work putting on the roof of my store room.    Some excitement .  I can't wait to get it finished.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend .. val


  1. Your garden is looking so pretty Val and as you say it does take time to keep on top of it. Pascoa and Surprise look happy to be back as I imagine you are too. That Mr Porkie was a bit cheeky Val and glad you saw the funny side. Men eh? Have a wonderful weekend.
    Patricia x

    1. Thanks for your comments Patricia..
      Yes, the latin men , always make comments about the ladies.!!
      Take it with a pinch of salt. indeed men .

  2. Life at Quintinha das Rosas looks lovely and peaceful, as always. Beautiful red roses and pretty pansies, and your gorgeous horses. It amazes me, too, how men mention my weight - it is the same in Australia. I always think to myself how impertinent it is. After all, as you say, often they are much bigger themselves!

    1. Thank you Patricia.
      Its very very quiet and peaceful here, sometimes too much.
      I do believe men have an obsession about women's weight.I took his remark with a pinch of salt.. he was not being really offensive.

  3. I love the photo's of the horses,Val. Your roses are looking good. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you Sylvia.
      wishing you a good weekend too.

  4. Everything looks so fresh and lovely around the farm and garden. The horses look fit and well too.
    Just as well to laugh about that remark, but annoying nevertheless!
    Hope you are well Val and enjoying being home and tending your garden.
    Happy days.

  5. isn't that the truth! men want their women to stay svelte while they get 'comfortable'. :)

    loved your blooms - and your gorgeous horses!

  6. Your flowers are beautiful-I always enjoy your blog and the pictures. You live in a lovely place!

  7. Dear Val, Your garden and your roses look beautiful. By the way, did you ask your gentleman friend if he did not have a mirror in his house?

  8. What a rude man Val - in comparison you behave like a perfect lady - I would have been very tempted to tap him on his pot belly (but in reality wouldn't of course).
    The garden is looking lovely, and that plant you are not sure of is called Verbena bonariensis which I have in my garden too.

  9. Your roses are looking fanastic what a display I hope they don't suffer any further with the rain. The purple flower looks like Verbena bonariensis. Hope you have a good weekend in the garden. Sarah x

  10. Your garden and flowers are gorgeous !
    Great photos !

  11. My goodness, but what a personal comment from that man! I might have poked him with a finger in the tummy!
    Your roses are lovely. I have only one open today, and my pansies are succumbing to the heat and will soon be memories (actually, they will be uprooted and moved to a bed far from the house, there to rest until November or so.)

  12. Some people have no manners, Val. You're already dead-heading your roses, but over here mine have only really come out in the past couple of weeks. The weather this spring seems to be odd everywhere. Certainly it's very wet and cool here.


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