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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

west coast, sea ,village life

It seems like a while since i last posted.  Somehow,life and all the things I have to do around the quinta has taken first priority.  
I apologize for not replying to some of your kind comments left on my last post.  Thank you so much.

 At the beginning of last week, my friend M and myself, decided to take a drive to the Alentejo west coast.  Porto Covo, was our destination.  Just under a two hour drive.
We passed through forests, and some "serra" -high hills, with winding roads.
Arriving at around 11.30 am.
Its over 25 years or so, that i last visited Porto Covo.   It has changed so much.
Now, there are little pockets of houses dotted around, that have built up over the last 30 years.  
The main reason for our visit was to see how the house situation is there.  As my friend is thinking of buying.   So we decided to combine the two together.  Visits to a few houses and see the little village .
 Porto Covo.    When I first visited Porto Covo, it was over 35 years ago.    Very well known amongst the surfing community.  Its a true surfers paradise.  Surfers were already out on their boards enjoying the weather and the waves.
 To get to the beach, one has to go down steps or rocks.  There are some areas where its open, and the sand goes down to the sea.  Its such a lovely spot.
                                The village is on the west coast of Alentejo.. Its  called Costa Vincentina.  Well known to sailors and a point of reference for the tankers.     Many tankers enter the port of Sines, which is a few kilometeres away.
    Both our sprits were uplifted just watching the waves rolling onto the rocks.  One of those magical moments.   I do so love the sea.  

       In the village square-  lovely restaurants. Mostly serving fresh fish from the early morning catch.
                                                     one main street-  no cars- very tranquil
                                                  Tables set for lunch.
                                        The cutest little corner in the only cafe in the village.  It is decorated in true Alentejo style .. lovely hand painted tiles.  Fresh cakes and savories.   We sat and had coffee outside , and watched the world go by.

                                            Hand painted tiles with sea scenes and birds
                                               To much light exposure here.. but the tiles in the niche were so lovely.
                           I ate prawns for starters. Then we both had fresh hake, accompanied with countro-corriander rice and salad.   Such a difference tasting the fresh fish once again.. nothing to beat it.
                                                micro lites.. flying in the sky
 Our weather here, is lovely.   June is busting out all over.
I have so much to do in the garden. Plants and shrubs are growing with this weather so fast. and I must dead head my roses.

Today is a holiday here in Portugal.      I am off out for lunch.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.



  1. I enjoyed our visit to this town today, it is so lovely. I'd love to be sitting on that beach watching the waves then have lunch at the restaurant. .

  2. Lucky friend! That looks like a beautiful place to settle - and you would be able to drive down to visit.....bonus!
    Dead-heading ....I spent Saturday dead-heading rhodos. Sticky fingers!

  3. it is a beautiful looking place! if your friend decides to move there, i hope he or she likes it!

  4. What gorgeous place to live or to rest !

  5. Your outing looks wonderful and it's nice to see the Portuguese coast Did your friend find anything to buy? Sarah x

  6. Hello Valerie

    This looks to be a very interesting town. The colourful restaurants look most inviting and that lunch sounds delcious. Is your friend still thinking of purchasing a home here.

    Don't work too hard

    Helen x

  7. Such a charming village!

  8. Porto Covo is a pretty place, and being by the sea is always a pleasure. Fresh fish is my favourite food, I love fish more than meat any day, and I am sure it was delicious. The cafe with its lovely tiles and pottery, and the blue and white in the main street are all very attractive. Great post Val! xxx

  9. What an appealing little place, Val. I can understand why your friend might want to buy there. I'm glad you had such a good day there.

  10. Dear Val, I love this charming little village. You made it so appealing with your wondderful photographs. Of course my eyes went straight to the beautifully hand painted tiles. Thank you for sharing this pretty little spot. Who knows, it may have to become part of a trip. ox, Gina

  11. This village looks idyllic Val - very tranquil. I love freshly caught fish too and the sea looks inviting. I loved the cafe with the hand painted tiles and like you I just love to sit and people watch. Lovely post.
    Patricia x

  12. Dear Val - I can well understand why your friend would want to buy a house in such a lovely spot, I wonder if she found anything that she liked. If she does buy there, it will be lovely for you to be able to pop down and visit her.


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