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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sunset and the Moon

The light of day slowly fading away.   I took a walk around my inner garden this evening.  The day has been one of our hottest.   Approaching the 8 o clock mark.. I open all the doors to let the balmy night breeze filter through .  Within seconds the sun disappears .   Squinting my eye , there high up in the sky .  Mr. moon was showing just a little quarter of himself. 

                                                                     This rose bush is slowly coming back to life.. took this at around 6.30pm
                                                      The bushes still very bare.. I saw this one blooming .. Its looking good.  
                                      My first shot at the moon  29th July 2014
                                      Moon distance to the earth 250985 miles
                                      age moon    2.6 days
                                      moon phase size of moon increases
                                      percentage visable 7%

                                                      taken about 20 min later- through the leaves of my palm tree.
                                                                       Still a red pink hue from the sun.. reflecting over the sky.
Actual moon.-  (courtesy) during these last 2 days.

        The moon, has always held a fascination for me.  
 There is 10yrs difference between me and my sister. She being the eldest.   Went to bed later than me.  Being only the two of us.  I suppose you can say, I was a little spoilt, but much loved too.  I didn't like to go to bed alone.

My mother always had trouble getting me to sleep.      I would not sleep,  unless she lay down beside me.    I would lie there calling her name, until she came upstairs  to  tell me stories about the moon

My poor mum.. I must have drove her crazy.)
The moon often shining brightly through the curtain of my bedroom.  She would tell me such wonderful stories.  
Of the fairies , that lived in the woods near to us.  How they would come to visit and rearrange the curtains, while we slept, and dance to the light of the moon.     How they played with my toys and put them back where they were.    Slowly I would slip off to sleep and travel to never never land.  
I had a magical childhood.  Doting parents - Love was abundant in our home.  
As I was growing up, mum and I would often talk about my childhood and tell me all these stories.  Still held close to my heart.

I remember these stories when i see the moon.  I feel a warmth about me.! As though she was with me here right  in the room.

My children arrived,  and  magical tales to far off places I told them.    Of the fairies and the goblins , in the fairies in their finest silk of gowns, and how, like the fairies from my childhood  they danced  gaily to under the light of the moon.

  Then my grandchildren.  We have spent many a night awake,  me telling them moonlight and fairy tales of old.       Craving for more, i would see their little eyes close and they too travelled to never never land.  I would fall asleep next to them- counting my blessings and saying goodnight to mr.moon.
It's a beautiful evening here my dear friends.  I am outside sitting under the light of the moon.. the owls are hooting and a night bird here and there.

Maybe you too have some stories to tell.       There is a child within us all.   I am sure you will agree.

  I see the moon
  The moon sees me
  God bless the moon
  And god bless me.



  1. Your moon pictures are beautiful, and I love hearing about all of the family memories and connections it brings to you. Lovely post, Val.

    1. Thank you Jen..
      Last night was a beautiful night.. it brought back such lovely memories of my childhood..

  2. You tell some wonderful stories about the magical moon and how it can still capture our imaginations for each new generation :)

  3. Oh Val, what a sweet post !! I can imagine you sitting in the quiet of the evening, watching your moon.

    1. Thank you Meggie,
      I did have a lovely evening..and slept like a baby..

  4. Such a beautiful post Val. It should like you had a magical childhood. Thanks for this, you made me think of my mum :-)

    1. Thank you Yonks.
      Its sometimes comforting to remember our childhood. I had a loving one.

  5. Val how lovely to hear your moon tales, sweet dreams from the other side of the world where the moon holds the same magic. Shell - A Darlings Nest

    1. Thank you Shell.
      The moon has a magical attraction. Many stories told under the moon.

  6. Beautiful thoughts, Val, I will look at the moon tonight thinking of the fairies. My mother, like yours, spun stories of fairies to me, and I believed with all my heart in the idea of these pretty little creatures. We had names for them all, and I was always on the lookout, hoping for a glimpse. I also have a sister 10 years difference in age, but I am the older one! And your pink rose is looking lovely - you are a real green-thumbs, Val. xox

    1. Thank you Patricia.
      I think most mums tell us magical stories. I still love to think that we have fairies flying around at night.
      My pink rose, and the other two. Are the only ones in my garden. They have been badly hit by our extreme heat this year. xx

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love this post you have written. I always like to think that wherever one is in the world, we see the same moon.When I babysit my grands, we always look at the moon before they go to bed.

    1. Hello Podso..
      I have you now on my sidebar..of members.
      So many people to catch up with.
      Thanks for your comment.

  8. Oh, Val. What a wonderful story and you tell it so beautifully. The moon is magical and on a clear bright night, sitting under the enormous sky, I still see the fairies from the long ago childhood stories. What a wonderful memory you have made for your grandchildren..Happy Wednesday..Judy

    1. Thank you Judy,
      The moon always makes me think of my childhood. It was a wonderful childhood that I had. My grandchildren hopefully will be able to tell the stories in their way to their children. x

  9. Val, you are so lucky to have fond childhood memories such as this!!!!...:)JP

    1. Thanks JP.
      I was.. I had a wonderful childhood .. with great memories.

  10. Dear Val,its so romantic sitting and watching the moon!!
    I like your moon pictures ,so beautiful!!I really enjoyed reading all the family stories!Here the weather is so hot!I hope you;re enjoying Summer holidays!Take care!

    1. Hi Dimi,
      I can imagine you also sitting and enjoying your Uzo under the light of the moon.
      Pleased you enjoyed my post. enjoy your summer days.

  11. Dear Val, These are the stories your children and grandchildren will always remember. We are so lucky to have little ones in our lives to comfort and tuck in to bed.
    The moon connects us all and often when I look at the moon, I think of my blog friends in many parts of the world, knowing that they too look at this same moon.
    Thank you for these lovely words and photographs.
    Betty in cold Melbourne!

  12. Hello Val,

    This post is just as if we have been swept away on a magic carpet to another world. So dreamlike and full of fantasy. How well we can imagine your sitting in the dying light, the warmth of the day still enveloping you, whilst you moon gaze. Truly delightful!

    And, how very fortunate your children and grandchildren are to have you to share your flights of fancy!

  13. I had insomnia as a child and wouldn't go to sleep either; I used to read under the covers and my father had to remove my bedroom's fuse so I would get some sleep. You were lucky to have a loving Mum who would stay by you. xxx

  14. Hello Val. I so enjoyed hearing about the fairy stories you heard as a child. The moon is indeed a fascinating and romantic object. I look at it often on clear nights and think about the glory days when humans actually walked on its surface. Thank you for a lovely post!

  15. Val, your roses are always so pretty.

  16. Such a tender, magical post full of memories, Val. It was my father, not my mother, who was the story-teller and I still remember his tales of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina, which kept my and my younger sisters enthralled at bedtime. :)


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