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Friday, 29 August 2014


The 7 single  rose images below, and the two rose  bushes after them, are  growing in areas of my garden. 

Those of you who follow me, know that I have 5 hectares here of olive grove.
When moving here to my little cottage and re building .. I decided to make , what I call " My inner garden".. I fenced off an area , so it would be private , and just for my garden and pool.   Also so that  the horses cannot get in.

 My love for roses started, when I lived in South Africa..   I loved buying  large  bunches of roses for  myself and my mother usually on a friday, from our local corner store.  I remember saying to myself.  One day I will grow them.   At that time, I was well into growing hydrangeas .. feeding them to see how large they could grow.. they too are a lovely plant.  They dont do well here in our Alentejo climate.

Here now was my chance ,never  having grown roses before.    I decided that I would give it a try. 

   I now have one  area with 15 bushes.  - Another area with 10 bushes , and  another area with  11 bushes.  All mixed.   I have no idea of their names.  They are just so lovely to look at and I am lucky I can pick my own and have them around the house.

I never though, that I would enjoy growing them and tending them so much.  
Some of you will remember, that earlier in the summer.   Many of my bushes were burnt with the extreme onset of high temperatures in our weather.

Giving them a good pruning and plenty of fertilizer.  I worked on them for over a week. Then the next week feeding them again.   Roses like us, love to be fed.     It's now the end of August and I am getting a nice show again.  Its an on going job.  Deadheading, clipping, and spraying.  

This is a trellis design a friend in S.A sent me.  I rather like it.  Would love to have one in my garden. 

                                                 Zoom in , and here are a few tips on how to prepare the soil.

I have shown you this Rose book before.  Its like my bible.   Its well written, has mostly everything one needs to know about roses in it.    I take it from my shelf regularly to read up. Always something new to discover when growing roses.

I took this image from one of the pages.. I like to think, that I am getting close to growing that perfect rose. Maybe one day. !

When my friend sent me the cuttings from the magazine.. she wrote."Val, all you need now is this outfit..Rose blouse and rose slacks.    );- I laughed .. will have to look for a pair!!!

                                          Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  Whatever you are doing.



  1. they're just beautiful. i laughed at the rose outfit, too!!!

    1. Thanks Tex.
      I killed myself laughing. I have to find some slacks like those, just for the fun of it. xxx

  2. Oh Val, I saw your red roses on my blog, and had to come over and take a peek. They are just beautiful, and the rose quote is delightful. Look at all these lovely colors. It looks like you have an enchanted rose garden. I'm so glad that I met someone who loves roses as much as I do, Val. They are simply wonderful.


    1. Hello Sheri,
      Thank you for coming over. I always think of you when i am watering or picking my deep red roses. The quote is from my Rose book.
      My garden could be better, but its one of my hobbies and I keep working at it.

  3. I read somewhere that roses love banana skins. I try to remember to put them aside, rather than in the compost. I have seen some fantastic rose gardens this year, will try to remember to let you know when I post photos. The Royal Horticultural Society has a load of stuff - included trellises - that I love to think about buying. No room in my tiny garden, of course.

    1. Hi Shelly,
      I must try the banana skins.. not that I eat that many.. I will read up about it.
      If one likes roses and takes care, they are an easy plant to grow and give lots of pleasure to the eye.
      Thanks for coming over.. I am following you.

  4. Hello Val, your roses are beautiful. Did you receive my e-mail address I sent?

    1. Hi Meggie,
      thanks for your comment.
      Yes, i did receive it.. xxxx

  5. Val, your roses are just beautiful It really does pay off to take the time to read and do it all right. I guess that is my problem. I have said before that my garden grows, with no thanks to me and that is truly the case. But, I love all that does survive..Happy Sunday..Judy

  6. Your roses are beautiful, and I'm glad that they bring you such pleasure. When I visited Kew Gardens the roses were my favorite thing.

  7. Your roses are glorious, Val. They look pretty well perfect to me. :)


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