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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

January 6th

The three 'Magi'.. following the star.   A blessed Epiphany to you all. A very special day.  Here we celebrate with friends and family.  With special cake called  'Bolo do Rei'.. last night was the 'Janeiras' groups of people singing and rejoicing the birth of Jesus.

A few flowers still showing their heads and peeping out through the sun beams.  A lovely sight on this day of Ephipany.  I wonder what the three kings encountered on their journey.! 

 Its been nearly 2 months, since we have had rain.     These are the last of my roses.. pruning now for the next couple of days.    Weather man , tells us..we might get rain within the next couple of days.  We do need it.

 Tonight I am invited to Pedro and Maria's home for their Christmas.  Always on the 6th of January. The day of the Ephipany.    I am not eating much today.    Tonight there will be so much on their table.
A group of friends will be there amongst  them, their Ukranian priest .   After dinner they sing such beautiful christmas carols.  Their deep voices  singing praises to the new born king.



  1. How nice that you still have flowers blooming,Val. Here in south Georgia it winter and there aren't any blooming in my yard. I am looking forward to spring when things will come alive again.
    Have a great Christmas.

  2. enjoy the feast! i'm amazed you still have so many blooms!

  3. It lovely to see your flowers blooming and I hope you do get some rain, but not too much!! Enjoy....Suzy xx

  4. Val, please enjoy your wonderful feast and your flowers are still so beautiful. We have had no more rain either and no snow as of yet..Happy January 6..Judy

  5. I am sure your Epiphany feast was wonderful Val, especially with the Ukranian priest and the singing. It is very special to have a biscuit just for this occasion; I love these Christian traditions; sadly Australia has very few of these. Your roses are still gorgeous! xxx

  6. Sounds like a lovely traditional Epiphany Val and I'm sure you enjoyed it with your friends and family. Your roses are still looking good and no wonder you wish for the rain to come. It's very damp and dismal here and some days positively unseasonably mild.
    Patricia x

  7. Hope you enjoyed your feast and you get some rain! How lovely to have roses blooming. Sarah x

  8. Three Kings Day...celebrated and enjoyed by many across the globe, Val!!!...:)JP

  9. Your roses are so beautiful, Val. I can't wait to plant a rose bush in the spring at my new home. I hope the rain comes for you. We had lots of it in California recently, and it was much needed. A Ukranian priest, that sounds interesting. We just had a guest priest from Africa speaking at our church. I like to hear priests from different countries. They have so many stories to tell.

    Have a sparkling new year, Val.



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