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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Still around

Saying hello to you all. and a very big thankyou ,to  all my dear blogging friends   , who left such kind messages .  
I managed to tke these photos yesterday, very akward .but i did it. 
Since pedro got my drip system working better than ever, and replacing some new pieces .   The system works so well.     I have 3 taps with double hoses, each tap has the water system connected to it. i alternate every day.  My petunias were dying- look how they have popped their pretty heads up.

                         M y roses are happier, and looking so lovely.

                                          Scarlet red roses .
 Outside of my inner garden.  The fields are dry and brown. Same as most years. This year however, our temp. here has been most of july and august- 38 39 40..  so so hot.  We have had no rain since March. Its a lot like desert country.   The horses are up at the top farm Filipe's place. There is a big resovoir we made years ago up there . so plenty of water, also the hay is stacked in the barn.
 I am still in the plaster cast. its coming off on 31st.  i am not looking forward to it. as the K-wires will come out too.  Its been painful at times,but i make it through each day.     i am typing with   one finger on my left hand. thats not so good either.      Like Sheri wrote  -I am in the wars.  recovery soon. ):-

  Last night ,me and filipe took photos of this stunning sunset.    On film its no where near as dramatic as it is with the naked eye.. it was so so red .  the ones below i took around 6.30pm

                         This one Filipe took... its stunning.

I miss you all.    Send good wishes to you all. Hoping you are enjoying summer.  Thank you once again for your comments. so appreciated.



  1. Your sunset photos are certainly spectacular. This has been a very warm summer and plants suffer a lot. We were gone most of the month of July but when we came back saw that all our planters were fine as it did rain a lot in Georgia. My basil pot is full – last year by this time it was mostly dead – so I can still make tasty salads. Best wishes for a great recovery for your thumb with no discomfort!

  2. beautiful skies! beautiful roses and garden. i am sorry for the heat and drought. and good luck with the cast coming off! ouch!

  3. Sending Well wishes to you, Val. Hope all goes good and that cast comes off soon. Love your photo's. You do good even with one finger.

  4. Hello Valerie,
    Your images and the one by Filipe are stunningly beautiful. A beautiful way to end each day. I pray you grow stronger and healthier each day and know you will be ready for a party by the end of the month.
    We are enjoying the summer and while cooler temperatures than Portugal we are loving being by the ocean and all that life has to offer here.
    Helen xx

  5. Dear Val - I have been wondering how you are coping - what a difficult period you have gone through this summer. Do hope that all will go well when you return to have your plaster removed - it sounds challenging with the extra requirement of taking out the wires. Hopefully that will be the end and you can then return home and take it easy whilst you continue to heal.

  6. Hello Val, I'm glad to hear you are getting your cast off soon. What a beautiful sunset this is with all the purples and pinks. And your scarlet red roses are doing nicely, even though everything is so dry right now. I notice all the front lawns around here as I drive by, and they are so brown and dry. I do hope we get lots of rain this year.

    Take care, Val.

    love, ~Sheri

  7. Dearest Val, you are having a rough time this year. I hope all is well when the plaster finally comes off. It must be awful being plastered in that heat - it is as bad as it gets here on hot summer days, and no fun at all. You have done well to keep the flowers going in such a drought, and the petunias are so pretty, the roses gorgeous. Well done! The sunset looks very stunning in your pics - and I can imagine, ever more amazing in reality. Happy Sunday, Val. xox

  8. Dear Val, So happy to hear from you. Soon you will be able to go back to your daily routine and without that cumbersome cast. One more hurdle for you to get over and then, hopefully, you will be well again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  9. I think we have your rain. We have broken records for having so much rain this year. I hope it rains soon for you. I also hope you are healing good with your hand, saying a prayer for you.

  10. Oh, Val. I am so happy that you are plugging along! You are really wrapped up like a mummy. If it makes it all better that is what counts. That pic in your header is enchanting. It looks like something out of a fairy tale. Your flowers look beautiful and glad you are keeping them watered. Horrible hot weather all over. El Nino is on it's way. What problems will we have when that happens?..It's always something..Happy Week to you..xo Judy

  11. Oh, you've been having such a hard time. I'm so sorry! Glad you have pretty vistas and flowers. xoxo

  12. Dear Val
    How lovely to see a post from you. Glad you are on the mend and hope all will be back to normal soon. Glorious pictures of the sunset - I bet you enjoy the evenings when it cools down a little. Your roses are as wonderful as ever.

  13. Oh Val, I feel your pain. It's nice to know you have Pedro to help with the gardening. I have Benjamin, who has worked along side me in the garden, for many, many years. I don't know what I would do without him.

  14. Dear Val I was only thinking of you this week and wondering how you were. It is good to see your plants are look so healthy with the drip system. It must be so hot for you.Those sunset images are superb too! Sarah x

  15. Lovely photos, Val, especially given your present difficulties. I'm glad your cast is coming off soon and you can start to exercise your hand and arm again.


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