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Friday, 9 October 2015

Mum and Cardigans

Hello dear friends.  Its been a while since I posted.   I have had an up and down 6 months.
Now happy to say making headway and feeling better.

I am sure it happens to many of you , when thinking about what  to blog.  One gets writers block.  (what should I blog about today!) I have been in that mode for a while.  Passing some time on IG.
Yesterday, it was the 3rd time that I drove myself to the village.   I was very chuffed with myself indeed.
  We have a clothes shop in the village , Dona A sells just about everything - all except Raglan sleeved cardigans. No luck, of course I have to settle for one that fits nicely and looks ok.  I  will have to be in the city to find one at the more up market clothes shops.
 I really am short on cardigans,  I need at least a nice new one for these cooler days of Autumn.  Its on my clothes list for winter.     Its cooler here in the mornings and evenings and i am slowly getting my lightweight in between season clothes out again.

With a little chuckle to myself, while driving home ,my dear mum came to mind.  Today, I suppose she would be called a fashion guru!! She loved beautiful things and beautiful clothes, she always looked lovely.  Even to do her shopping, she would wear her hats, and the finest of shoes. A fetish I inherited.

From an early age , I remember my mother taking me shopping for clothes.
Her choice for cardigans for us all was 'The Raglan Sleeve'- Ladies would show mum all kinds of cardigans , but mum would only choose the Raglan, said it looked smarter and fitted better.
I had a collection of beautiful Raglan cardigans in my wardrobe all of various colors, nothing to gordy of course.
Since those early years , thats what I still prefer.   I find the normal rounded off sleeve hangs of the shoulder, and doesnt look as smart.
Today I thought I would post about the Raglan ..

When my children were born. Mum knitted a few lovely Raglan sleeved little jackets.. even for them , when they were newly born.. in soft white wool.  
Just a little bit of something different today.

Thank you all my dear friends who left comments on my last post.  I have missed you all.

What are you preferences in cardigans.



  1. hoping you're on the up swing!

  2. Hello Val, what a great theme for a post. I am also a champion of the Raglan Sleeve, long may it stay in vogue. I just finished a summer dress in a nice new raglan sleeve shift pattern. I collect cardigans in lots of colours too, and your mother was right - the raglan sleeves sit much better on my arms too! xx

  3. Hi Val. I'm so glad you are feeling better and able to drive yourself around. I love cardigans. I'm not too picky about the sleeves, only that they are long.After a certain age, shall we say, I like the arms covered up!.. Keep getting stronger and feeling better..Happy Weekend..Judy

  4. I love cardigans, and own a lot of them!

  5. Hi Val, Glad to here you are feeling much better. If i get out of the habit of blogger it is much more difficult to get back into it. It was lovely hearing about the memories of your Mother and her love of cardigans. It bought back memories of my Granny too who knitted lots of jumpers for us when we were children, Sarah x

  6. Hello Val, that's nice that you wear the traditional cardigan. And it was interesting to learn that your mom liked fashion. I have always loved fashion, and so has the girls. Jess actually buys the cardigans every winter season; they keep her nice and warm. It's good to have you back, Val. I missed you, my dear.

    love, ~Sheri

  7. Hello Valley! It was lovely to see your note today and to know that you had posted.
    I am a cardigan-lover. I find that a cardigan and a silk scarf help to make dressing for work every day a breeze. My favourite is a periwinkle blue wool that I bought in Wales two years ago (raglan, of course!).

  8. Drat.that autocorrect! I wrote 'Val ' and it corrected to 'Valley '!

  9. I too love to wear cardigans Val. It seems that I have always had a cardigan to wear for as long as I can remember. I don't mind raglan or set-in sleeves. In the last couple of years, I have been buying some very pretty ones on-line from an English company named 'Woolovers'.
    It's good to be back in touch and I will be in touch more often now that I am able to comment on blogs.
    I hope you are enjoying life and taking one day at a time.
    Betty ox


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