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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Tuesday morning ,garden at the Quinta.

Its the most beautiful Autumn October morn here in my part of the world.    We have had a week of the most welcomed rain, ever so much needed to fill our dams and water supply .  For the farmers and the crops, the livestock , rivers .. Its wonderful.  Such a change from the scorching heat of the summer months , that seem to go on for ever.
Walking around my inner garden, I thought how lucky I am to be here in my little paradise. The flowers and trees are bursting with life.   Its rained, but we have had warm hours during the day.
The Olive trees are swaying with a very light warm breeze.  The skies are blue ,with some clouds.
There is so much more to observe during Autumn.. I do believe, that its my most favorite of seasons.
I have been working on my garden now for 12 years.  Its really giving me such satisfaction .  In a way, I am sorry that I didnt plant more oleanders around the fences.  They are still giving some amazing blooms.
The pastures are beginning to turn green.  Such a welcoming sight to see.
The Olives are turning black on most of the trees.  Not sure if I will be battering this season.!  The trees need a good pruning .   It will also provide me with wood for the winter.

  9.15am..  the haze was still around.  Its now lifted, and looks like a nice day is with us.
      After all the heavy downpours , My roses are standing strong . They have grown taller this year, due to the feed that I give them.
                                    Jeffrey and Hardy- They follow me everywhere..such faithful companions. sniffing the ground to see if there are any lizards they can catch.   So pleased with my palm trees . They are growing taller each year.  These trees next to the pool, I planted about 5 years ago.
                      This is a beautiful creepeer - bright red.  I need to make a trellis for it to creep up.  They like it in the wooden boxes, I bought from the garden shop. I put white stones around the pot.  Most have the plants have been happier this year.  You might remember , I mentioned in a post, that Pedro had put the drip system back working.  What a difference.

                                Good morning mummy-  When do we get our rations.  Surprise , Pascoa and Venus.. they love a little chat in the early morning.  They are giving me a little smile.. Horses are very sociable animals.  Last week, I had to give Surprise a whack on her nose.  I was giving her some apple and she nipped me.  Many of you who have been following me,will know how naughty Surprise is. She teases me. Pascoa, turned 22 this year.
 The pepper trees are overloaded...drooping under the heaviness of the peppers. My D.I.L  Heleen, was here a couple of weeks ago.. she picked loads of them to put together with the black pepper corns in her grinders at the Hotel.
                                                           Palms and pepper trees
                                            Hard work, getting this creeper to creep up the fence.. but its starting. It seems to want to grow along the ground.  Another project to attack.
                                               Olives  ready next month.
                                                        The sky at 9.15am - At the moment am in Olive Cottage .. its cosy during these Autumn days.   I will move back into  Rose Cottage, when the guests have gone.  I have the fishermen here at the moment.   Its their 3rd year now.  They love it and catch lots of fish.. for sport.. they dont kill them or eat them.

                                                   So surprised  this little  fuschia is giving these gorgeous light pink and lilac blooms.

Thank you dear Blogging friends who follow me, for all your kind comments that you leave.. and thank you for taking the time to read my posts.

Wishing you all a happy day , full of happiness and good health.  



  1. Everything is looking lovely, thanks to your welcome rain, Val. It is nice to see the green grass popping up, and your roses look as wonderful as ever. I like that fuchsia too. Your animals always bring a smile, they are special companions for you. Happy days to you. xx

    1. Thank you Patricia.
      Between catching up on my B friends and replying to comments , it takes me a little more time.
      Its starting to look so beautiful here.. I love autumn.
      So pleased you like to see my 'animal clan'- they love me and i love them. Thanks for passing by Patricia always nice to see you. x

  2. The rain brings thing back to life there almost like a second spring. I hope the olives do well this year.

    1. Yes, its like a second spring. Only a while ago, I was thinking the same. The growth is amazing.. just within a two week period.
      lots of Olives.
      Thanks for visiting.. happy days

  3. I've never seen peppers growing like that...amazing! Love seeing your horse and pets too. And what a beautiful bouquet of roses. Enjoy your day sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

    1. Hi Diane..
      That is how the peppers grow.. on pepper trees.. I too thought the same, many years ago. They are a beautiful tree, especially when in bloom. xx

  4. Dear Val, What a gorgeous morning you had this morning. it was a delight to wander with you around your garden and enjoy seeing your wonderful pets and plants. What a difference the rain makes. Sarah x

    1. I had such a wonderful morning Sarah.
      I am late with replies.. our weather has been beautiful these last few days.
      The rain , indeed makes such a difference.. just in two weeks, its green. Thanks for visiting .. nice to see you.

  5. so glad to hear you got replenishing rains. we are still waiting for some, but it looks like we finally have a good chance this weekend. sweet (and naughty) horses and dogs.

    1. Its wonderful to have the rain. Hope you get some soon Tex.
      Yes, the animals can be naughty at times, but I love them.

  6. Val, first of all, I really like your new blog design. Your Header is so pretty with the flowers and the bold green side bars. I'm happy to hear that it has been raining for you there. Your roses in the vase look lovely, and the red creepeer is pretty also.

    It's always nice to see what's going on at the Alentejo, Val. Have a terrific week.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Thank you so much Sheri. I thought it time for a change. As I have been absent for so long.
      The rain is bringing green fields and more pasture for the animals.
      My roses have been strong this year and survived the heavy rains.
      I am pleased you like to see my home and Alentejo.. Thank you..xxx

  7. Hi Val. You are sounding so happy and cheerful, I'm so glad you are getting back on your feet. Everything looks beautiful around your Quinta. You do have a green thumb. Sweet Surprise gave you a little surprise, didn't she? Kai got excited the other day and did the same thing to me when I was giving him a treat. Ususally he is so gentle. I had to give him a little pop too and he wouldn't take anything else from me for a long time. He would just sit and turn his head away when I offered something. Made me feel sad. They are such blessings in our lives..Keep going strong and have a wonderful week..Judy

  8. Thank you Judy,
    Its been a long 7 months of recovery for me. I am catching up.
    My garden is looking beautiful at the moment.. i am even liking the overgrown look.
    I am so happy that Kai has settled in with you.
    Our animals are indeed such blessings Judy.. i dont know how any body could hurt them. True loving companions.
    Thanks for popping over.. always great to hear from you. xx


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