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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

heat wave

Its 7.30pm GMT here..   Today, has been the strangest of days.   We are having a heat wave .  For the last week, its been over 35º.. rising to 42º over the weekend.   I do love summer and enjoy the heat and the warm days, and balmy evenings.  Now however, its becoming unbearable.  

                                                              The horses, are drinking twice a day.. I fill their trough early morning and late evening. They find their shade under the olive trees and move around with the clock.
                                  My poor Vouga.. he is a very big dog.. and is feeling the heat just as we are.
The little dogs, can rest on the cool of the  cottage floor.

        Its not all rosey..!!!     My roses are being really hit with this immense heat.  I cannot keep up the watering .  I have three automatic water points.. and i alternate.  At this rate, I will have no water left in the well.    Its not rained since beginning of May..
The sky is heavy and very low.. an eerie dull grey.   I'm wondering , if we are in for a rain storm.. its not been predicted , but how nice that would be.

Its always the same weather patterns here in the Alentejo..  but these last two years, I have noticed a rice in temperature ... and its here to stay.. Global warming is approaching fast it seems.

Our dams have less water.. farmers are farming less, due to water shortage.. unless they are in a water catchment area.   Changes are happening while we watch... its a little scary.

     To compensate for these hot days and our weather.. here is where i spend my days.. beside the pool.
When i am outside..the dogs lie under the pergola.. and in the late afternoons, there is sometimes a little breeze.

Wishing you all a happy week..

Thank you for your kind comments and taking time to pass by..

Val xxx


  1. Hi Val. Your poor big dog looks miserable. I remember Buddy acting the same when it was so hot. The weather is changing all over and we have to believe in global warming and all do our part to help out..Happy Tuesday..Judy

    1. Thank you Judy,
      Vouga only has one eye.. so he looks that way.. he is a happy fellow. A great guard dog.. he likes to be inside with the aircon.. as its so so hot outside.. I can feel the effects of global warming Judy..living here and knowing this country for over 35 years.. the weather during winter is getting colder and the summers hotter. its now a little unbearable.
      makes one think.. I've always been for nature.. how this problem can be solved is a mystery. Thanks for passing by. xxxxx

  2. Dear Val
    Oh my goodness, I don't know how you stand the heat. Sitting by the pool sounds like the best idea to me. It seems the weather worldwide is going to such extremes now. Very worrying. I hope you get some rain soon.

    1. Thanks for passing by Elaine..
      I can tell you.. its much hotter this year than last year.. I do have fans.. and aircon.. The aircon is good.. I sometimes like to have the warmth.. but its unbearable. Getting worse.
      We wont get rain until September.. its the way it is here..
      We could however get a quick shower, that would be great.

  3. Oh, that is Hot, Val. Just like a bad Queensland summer. It is so debilitating for us, the pets, and the plants. I do hope you get some rain and some relief from the heat very soon. I completely agree with you, it is the global warming effect, and just like over there, we find sharper cold spells, and much hotter summers. It is getting too difficult for me over the many months of heat too.

    1. Hello Patricia,
      Thanks for coming by..
      Its so true.. its debilitaing.. I am even too hot and limp to always be in the pool.. age catches up!!
      fans on full blast.
      Our weather is much like Queensland .. I remember the heat in Perth.. but i think with this global warming its even hotter.

  4. Oh, your pool looks so refreshing, Val. It's been hot here lately too. Well, it's always warm in my area of California during the summer months. You have such beautiful horses. Aahh, your poor dog looks hot, but still smilin' anyways. I appreciate those farmers so much tending to their fields, especially in this heat.

    Stay cool Val, enjoy the weekend.

    love, ~Sheri


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