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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Quenching one's thirst.

Many of us are experiencing excessive heat waves.  
I cannot remember it being so hot and dry here in Alentejo for many years. 
Recently I read an article about keeping hydrated.   My youngest son Filipe, when he phones, asks me. "mum, did you drink your intake of daily water".
I don't know about yourselves .. but its so important for our health. 
A recent BBC report .
Not surprising for me, as my mother was a great believer in drinking tea to quench one's thirst.
They say that tea is better for you than water.   Some of us may agree or disagree.
Water essentially replaces fluid - Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants.  Specifically flavonoids , some of the research believed and found that same compounds can ward off heart attacks.
My parents had 4 to 5 cups of tea per day.. and lived a very healthy life.
I wrote a post about tea some time ago.   Its a very healthy drink and hydrates our body.
Ceylon black tea.. is one of the best.  You can cool it and put a sprig of mint in it , better than caned iced tea.
Herbal teas.. are ideal.. black fruits , camamille.. Its also good for loosing a few extra pounds.!

Some other drinks to quench our thirst.  Fresh fruit juices.. as sugar free as possible.   Sodas and carb drinks are not healthy for us.  Its so easy with our blender, to make a fruit smoothie, fruits that have natural sugar content.
My daughter in law Sasha.. makes her jugs of fresh water, and adds mint, or lemon slices.. make sure its a fresh lemon that you cut open.. and just puts the cut fruit in the water.. its so refreshing.

  My two favorite drinks to quench my thirst are  -Water 1 to 2 litres a day.. never go anywhere without my bottle of water.  Its good for the skin too.    And of course my cups of tea.  I drink more of these than other drinks.

Just a little post to remember , that during these very hot summer days ..we must stay hydrated.  Being de hydrated can lead to a drop in mood and energy levels.  

Its the 1st of July.. Take time to think about your health.. its worth it.  So many people drink sodas and pop.   Try some of these drinks and you will feel the benifits...

Stay in the shade. take care of the suns rays.  use organic sun cream.

Where ever you live .. wishing you a happy Wednesday.


Monday, 29 June 2015

39º and rising.

It's now four months, since we had rain.      When I watch NG on tv and see how really the climate is changing faster than anyone thought.  I believe it now.      This year , is the worst year that I can remember being so so hot.  
Its 5 weeks tomorrow, that I had my lombar fusions..  It really has taken a toll on me.   Each day I get better, and hope that this will continue.  I have driven twice to the village and back.   And now can get in the pool to just do my exercises.  Its progress.

Its been difficult sitting in the computer chair .    I have not blogged for some time due to this.
It's now 8.12pm and the sun is still out.  Its a great time of the day, in fact early morning and later afternoon.  During the day, its really too hot .

 I have a bore hole for my water supply.  As its not rained for some time.  I cannot go crazy watering the garden.   My poor roses , plants , bushes have suffered with this immense wave of heat.  Today, they had a good watering.  It will take another week or so , for them to look healthy again.

                                                                                I caught site of the moon high up in the blue blue sky.. and a dove flew away, as i took the photo.

                               Vouga - hiding .  He loves to stand on the top step of the pool to get cool.  I was calling him to join me, but  he wasn't having it.

     I spend my mornings up until 1pm outside - Inside when its the real heat of the day.. then outside again at this time.  I have just come in.

                           Hardy panting with the heat.  I dipped him in a few days ago.  I think he liked it. I have never encouraged my dogs to swim in the pool.  Can you imagine 5 of them splashing away with me in there too.

My poor garden is so limp .    Its a hot summer, and nothing one can do about it.  I give as much water as I can.
       I was disappointed , when I took these photos.   one of my Fuschia bushes has just withered away.
Tomorrow.. I will have to move some pots to shadier areas of the garden.  

I have been thinking of you all.   And hope through the week , to catch up and say hello .
Thank you to all my dear friends who posted kind comments on my last post.

As I can't sit at the computer too long.  I am now and again on my i pad, and phone.
I am on Instagram  and FB.  
A few blogging friends have found me and me them.  

Wishing you all a very good week.   July is on our doorstep.


Saturday, 6 June 2015

saturday morning and a wedding in May.

 I am slowly on the mend.  Feeling a lot better.  I am very proud of myself.  I am sticking to the physio regime rigorously .. It will be for the rest of my life.   I have to walk a lot.  So I do a little each day..more and more.    Its amazing, how straight my back feels.  I only hope that it stays this way and my life can get better and better.

A normal saturday morning at Quintinha das Rosas..  The horses walking to the water trough.. they know i am there to chat to them.. they love their morning chat.. and as soon as i am more sure on my feet, i will walk with them..they like that.
                                       Venus with mummy Rosie.  I sometimes get mixed up with the foals they look like twins.  They are stunningly beautiful little things.. I want to have them near me.
                               Aphrodite with mummy Pascoa.. difference-  she has no white socks- you can see Venus has the white socks.  Also Aphrodite is a little darker.
        My garden is bursting with blooms, and bushes with their flowers.. and the creepers.. They loved the spring weather.     Its much hotter have to water early morning.

Hidden in the oleander trees.. the most beautiful cluster of yellow roses. 


My dear friend Dita's eldest daughter got married on the 10th of May.
  It was a great affair . A very big family and close friends.   I was so happy to have made it for that day. 
 I have known Susana  since she was 10.. a long time.  Such happy laughter and joy, dancing and merriment.  Above all everyone was so  very very relaxed.  It was a a super day.

  Hugo her brother walked her down the isle..               Here Susana is getting her makeup done.
 The theme for the wedding was white and red.. it looked so beautiful..

Our village church alter.                                                       Susana being greeted by her future husband.

 Their two sons were Baptized at the wedding too.  It was a village affair.  Open church, friends family and people attending mass were there.  It really was so lovely.  A day to remember.  The boys took it so seriously and were angels.   Susana and Aristides , have been together for 10 years.. They thought it time to really make it legal.

  Two cakes..    the wedding cake..   and the boys Baptism  cake.

                       Ready for the church.. the cousins all together..  Carolina and Margarida the flower girls.. they looked like little princesses.

 After the ceremony.. Here,  Susana  is having difficulty with her long dress at the back getting into her cousins horse and carriage..  Eventually the family were in.. and off they trotted around the village.. some of the cars driving behind bibbing their horns.. its a big tradition here.   I went on to the restaurant.  

Dita did her daughter Proud.   A happy day of memories.

I thank all my dear friends , who left such kind messages on my last post.. thank you so very much.
I am on the road to recovery.
It will take time.. but I will get there.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend.


Monday, 1 June 2015

Am still here.

I wish that all the children in the world , especially the ones that are suffering at this moment.That they  Could experience -love, peace, and happiness. To be able to play as children should.  To join all the loved children .. My flowers below, are for them. That they can find some joy in this very troubled world.    I think of how my own children and grandchildren are loved. This dove of peace .. help all those little children who need help and love.. 

My dear blogging friends.. I took these photos earlier today..  the 1st of June.  Wishing you all a wonderful happy day with your children and grandchildren.

I have been absent for a while.     I am now at home recovering from major spinal surgery I had 14 days ago.    I take it one day at a time.    I have to see the neurosurgeon at 3pm today.. and I will take it from there for the next phase.
I don't like to ponder on my illnesses.. its boring.  However, this has been a very delicate and major operation.    I have suffered with my spine for many years.. having already had 3 discal hernia operations.   I have now had 5 discs replaced by false ones.. and steel titanium rods and screws to support my vertebrae..  sounds like out of space film... Not ' iron man'-  now 'Iron woman'):-
Its a slow precess.  Each day i am better, I find what are the best positions for me.
I have to walk , and sit in an upright chair and then rest.   Have had a few sleepless nights, but these last couple of nights have been better.

Ok.. thats enough of that.

I hope that you are all well and enjoying life to the fullest.  We don't know , what tomorrow will bring. Enjoy this day.

Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post.

I miss you all.   Send you all my best wishes for a wonderful month of June.
please forgive me, if i do not reply to your comments.. sitting too long at the computer is too much.
You all know that i appreciate them.