Tuesday, 21 October 2014

around the quinta , sun, garden

 I am not sure  what is happening to our weather.!     Only a week ago, it was getting colder.  cooler days and colder nights. I had even changed a few clothes around in my wardrobe..back to slacks and long sleeve tops. -   Then the weather man tell us  to get ready for hot weather again. !

Its like summer here, but with a little difference.   Its Autumn sun, its kinder and the  little morning and afternoon  breezes that sift through the branches of the trees,  bring the butterflies.  I tried so hard to catch a quick photo of a butterfly on a rose, but not quick enough.

  The fields are still turning green and we have some little yellow flowers coming through. The rain we had was very welcome.
While the weather has been good and the soil a little wet from the last rains.  I decided to better the path to Olive cottage. It joins  Peter's path that he laid down 2 years ago for me..The new path goes to

where the gate is.
I am pleased with it.  As always Pedro has done a great job.

The store room is now plastered and has  the roof tiles on.   The door and window's are ready now to be installed. Work in progress.

   With all the rain and then humidity and heat.   My plants have been growing overtime.   I have two fur trees, and they seem to have taken off this year all of a sudden.    You can see the west pastures are green and the grass growing along with the lovely little yellow flowers .. Its like an early spring.

                                   The Oleander bushes have grown so high.  They have to be trimmed . When they get too high, the bottom of the tree becomes a little naked.   I like them as a bush.
                                              I bought two of these flowers about 2 months ago.  I have no idea of their name.. i was told, and have forgotten.. but they are so lovely.. They flower all the time and the red seems to grow quicker than the pink.  (anyone know its name !)  I would like to know if i could plant them in the ground.
                                            The Gerda bushes are overtaking the back garden in front of Rose Cottage..  Moving them at the end of the month.  I never realized that they grew so tall. They flower most of the year around, but block the view of the other bushes.
                                                     A stunning  pure white rose ,I spotted walking around.. its blooming where I buried my little lady last december.. I was thrilled to see it.. its as if she is saying hello to me.
                                   This bush, I have shown you many times.  Its the hardiest rose bush in my garden.  It always thrills me with such beautiful blooms.

                                                                  "Perhaps I owe having become a painter to flowers"

(Claude Monet)..

When one is not happy with a painting.. try and try again.

I have so many to finish..   Painting flowers are my favorites.

Yesterday, I started to prune my roses.. not a total cut .. just a
light pruning.  As I will still get roses until December.
Here a a couple in my long vase.

Painting by val  2010.  "Yellow Roses"

When one has a garden, there is always something to do, through all the seasons.
Here in Portugal, our weather is a little kinder to us than the northern countries.
I sometimes think, that the flowers, know when we are tending them. !! Silly I know.   After a couple of days they peek up and bob around saying thank you, and I am once again able to put a vase of lovely flowers together.

Wishing all my blogging friends a happy week.

Enjoy each day.

Thank you for all the super comments on Luisa's visit to the Quinta.


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumn Saturday

As I was arriving home from shopping this last saturday morning..Driving up the driveway , there waiting for me was  a  nice surprise visit from family friends. 
 Luisa on Cayanne, with the blue jacket .. I like her choice of name for such a beautiful horse. . His color is so beautiful.   And Jessica Luisa's friend on  Luisa's little pony Pixie.   In the foreground is  Dimitri. one of Luisa's dogs.
Luisa has always been a happy girl with such a wonderful nature. She has been attached to our family for some many years.      Practically born on a horse, she rides like the wind. 
    Like us, her family have horses too. 
   Both girls are in their last year of Vetinary medicine , at University in Lisbon.  Luisa also has an honors degree in Languages and Literature  .During the time she was sitting her literature degree. Once finished , she enrolled to become a vet. She is wonderful with animals.    Both lovely girls and good friends.     I am always happy to see them, and must confess. I feel rather flattered that they ride all this way to see me.  I am lucky.):-
 They ride over every couple of months on their weekends at home.  Luisa lives on the other side of our village where she was born. 
 Raining hard that during saturday,    they rode off just in time to miss the heavy downpour that came down. 
  During the holidays.  Luisa often rides off down the lane and through the fields, with my eldest grandson Thomas.  He rides Pascoa.  Often they are gone for hours.
Luisa with the blue jackcet and Jessica with the red.
  As they were leaving, I said " I wish that i was riding with you both". I do miss riding, but   Its ever so  great to see the young ones riding and living such healthy lifestyles, and enjoying every moment.
                                                              Riding off down my path..

                         I was about to close my camera down..when i caught all 5 horses racing to see them leave. Quick snaps.. I couldnt get all 5 horses .    I wish you could have seen them all cantering as the two girls rode away.   It was as though they were saying goodby.   I caught them through the olive trees.  Rosie you can clearly . They are all enjoying the rain. After our hot summer.
                                                   Had a coffee - It rained again-   During a respite from the rain. I took a few photos of my roses that are finding it hard to survive the onslaught of the heavy downpours.  We have had hail as well. Very strange weather.

Wishing you all a very happy week.   Hope its not raining too much in your part of the world.


Friday, 10 October 2014

History,Treaties, gifts- part l

 No.1 LONDON. 

                                                                                           1st Duke of Wellington- Arthur  Wellesley.
Thoughout his  career  he was presented by grateful nations - Various gifts.

Wellesley - famous for his warfare defence and strategy. Resulting in several victories against superior  forces, while minimising his own losses.  

He is regarded as one of the greatest defence commanders of all time. Many battle tactics are still studied in military academies around the world.

Twice British Prime minister under Tory party.
1st Duke of Wellington. 
Iberian wars-  Wellington on his horse. Fighting Napoleon's forces.

 The history of the Duke of Wellington, is well known to us all.  He was a brilliant commander, and well known for his many battles.  

My post today,is about one particular gift that the 1st Duke of Wellington received from the Portuguese Counsel Regency in 1816.
Blurred image.. but most magnificent. 

Designer to the Portuguese court.
It is the centerpiece of Silver and gilt.  The service consists of over 1,000 pieces .. It is the greatest single monument of Portuguese neo classical silver.
8 metre long.    It is displayed on the Duke's original mahogany dining table .  The table was especially designed to support its weight.

If you happen to visit Apsley House.   Most of the silver gifts and plate  are in the "Plate and China" room.    The house was re opened to the puplic in 1853 by the 2nd Duke of Wellington.

 The Wellesley family...   Arriving at the 8th Duke of Wellington..  --Arthur Valerian Wellesley. He has many inherited titles - including the "Duke of Victory Portugal.   He was born in Rome. son of the 7th Duke of Wellington.. and also known by the courtesy . Marquess of Douro.
                                        8th Duke of Wellington-    order of the Garter 16th of June 2014.
The Wellesley family.  Still live in quarters in Apsley House.

A little bit of history of the 1st Duke of Wellington's battle ,when  joining  forces with the Portuguese, Spanish and British.     They accomplished the defeat and retreat of Napoleon and his forces, from the Iberian peninsula.
                                                              (all images courtesy of wikipedia)
The Wellesley's have strong ties with Portugal.
Britain and Portugal have never been at war.
(Treaty of Windsor   1386) -

Wishing all my dear blogging friends.. A very happy weekend.
A big thank you to all who left their lovely comments on my last post.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Tranquility .

Up with the lark this morning.  Caught the sun rising behind the hills over the other side of my quinta.  Its such a peaceful tranquil feeling to watch, with no noise but a few twitters from the birds.

Another beautiful Autumn morning- 

Living a horses life.. filling their tummies -Rosie seems to have grown since she has been here.!

My pepper trees full of bright red corns.
                                         Green in just one month.

                                              Good morning coo's the dove.. October is here

I dont know about you dear blogging friends.   This year, seems to have flown for me.
Spring, Summer and Autumn days are now with us.   Here in the Alentejo, we are having lovely sunny Autumn days. Slowly the grass fields are getting greener.
The days shorter, but our mornings are always so peaceful.

Wishing you all a happy 1st of October..