Thursday, 15 January 2015

Taking a break

Dear Friends,

I am taking some time off from blogging.

Last night,   My sweet Shilah died.   She was kind and loving.  I am broken hearted.. I buried her down the bottom of my land this morning..    
Life is becoming a little hectic around the farm.

I am taking some days to go visit my children next week.

sending you all good wishes.. for the rest of January.


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

January 6th

The three 'Magi'.. following the star.   A blessed Epiphany to you all. A very special day.  Here we celebrate with friends and family.  With special cake called  'Bolo do Rei'.. last night was the 'Janeiras' groups of people singing and rejoicing the birth of Jesus.

A few flowers still showing their heads and peeping out through the sun beams.  A lovely sight on this day of Ephipany.  I wonder what the three kings encountered on their journey.! 

 Its been nearly 2 months, since we have had rain.     These are the last of my roses.. pruning now for the next couple of days.    Weather man , tells us..we might get rain within the next couple of days.  We do need it.

 Tonight I am invited to Pedro and Maria's home for their Christmas.  Always on the 6th of January. The day of the Ephipany.    I am not eating much today.    Tonight there will be so much on their table.
A group of friends will be there amongst  them, their Ukranian priest .   After dinner they sing such beautiful christmas carols.  Their deep voices  singing praises to the new born king.


Saturday, 3 January 2015

My rescue dog Bonita.

  On a Monday afternoon drive out , about 7 years ago.    My sister and our family friend Peter had decided that we would take a drive to the Odivelas dam.  (I have posted about the dam).  Its about 40 min from my home.

Happily driving along, and talking about what we might have for our lunch that day.      My sister said to me..  "Val, slow down, there is a sheep in the road".  I slowed down to right where we thought the sheep was either dead or injured in the middle of the road.     We all got out of the car.    To our surprise, it was a dog very injured and half dead , lying there in the middle of the road.
My sister ran to get my wooly haired jacket.. she scooped the dog up.   We rushed back to the car.
I have never driven so fast .  Back to the village closest to mine, we just made it to my vet.  It was 5 min to 1pm.. closing time.

    Dra Ana..put her on the clinic table.   She was totally shocked when she saw the dog.  No more shocked than we were.    I asked her what she thought.  Would it be worth working on her or not.
This was the prognosis given by dra Ana.   She had shrapnel in her left eye.. it was clearly gone and she was blind.   She hardly had any teeth. she had been eating stones and things along the way. Her tail had been cut off. She was full of ticks and fleas.
She was dying.
Dra Ana, said, that she had been very badly treated. had been beaten and was then left to fend for herself.
As dra Ana has been and still is my vet..a jolly good one too.   I said to her.. "please ", please just try and give her another day.. do what you can".  Don't spare anything.
I left her there, the three of us returning home crying.
Never in all my years had I ever seen a dog in such a tragic state.
We all said a little prayer, and as you can imagine.  she was on our minds that whole day.

Dra Ana, phoned me the next morning at 9am.. to say, that she had made it through the night.. What did i want to do.   I told her to let her stay another night.    She stayed 5 days.  On the 5th day I went to collect her. My sister and Peter had returned home.

I had bought her a new bed, that I put at the side of my bed in my bedroom.   I did this, so that the other dogs could come slowly one by one to get to smell her and know her.  She stayed in my room moving slowly around for well over a year, I took her out three times a day.  She ate very little.   I gently moved her together with the other pets at the end of that year .  It was a very long process.

I had to pick her up to take her outside to do her jobbies.. It was hard to do this, as she cringed at any sort of contact.

The recovery began.
When dra Ana was examining her, and putting the drip in.. she checked for a chip.  She has a chip.
Unfortunately your dog, has to be registered with the municipality that you live in.  So we were unable to find the owners.. Of course , i would never have given her back.. but a good telling off and more I would have done.

She only started to bark after 2 years.  She adapted well to her new family and them to her.

Her name is BONITA.. Pretty.  Thats  what i called her and always do." you pretty girl."

Very camera shy.   Now going blind in her right eye.   The family and the vet call her my miracle dog.
She went missing once for 2 days.  Came back full of brambles.. she had lost her way.
One of my son's dogs attacked her and ripped her open. (animals know when there is a weak one amongst them)..
She has fallen in the pool.
And she had an infection in her earlobe.. now the ear is just hanging.. no pain.

Bonita.. is a pure bred -thoroughbred  - Portuguese Podengo.   A National breed.

An ancient multi-sensory hound ,noted for its sight and senses.
Good guard dogs..and excellent companions.  Just as Bonita is to me.

She still has some years to go.. but not too many.  We think she was about  about 5 when we found her.

The Podengo's belong to the breed of Hounds.   They hunt in packs.

Even today.. my heart gets full of emotion when i talk to her.  I wonder who could have done such awful things to such a loving creature.
She has given me hours of pleasure and loves to run out with her brothers and sisters.

Miracles do happen.

Thanking all my close blogging friends for leaving such wonderful kind New Year comments..

Its back to normal here at "Quintinha dos Rosas"..

Happy weekend.      Val

there are 3 catagories.. Small, Medium, and Large.    Long haired and smooth coated.
A breed unto themselves.. No interbreeding.
Great companions and guard dogs.. and can live up to 15 to 16 years.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

JANUARY 1st 2015

                                                            7am  a new day begining.
   Its a new year, a new day.

  2015 .. lets pray for peace and harmony in our beautiful world
              Strive to do things even better than the last year
              Keep love in our hearts
              Don't make promises you can't keep
              Be kind
              don't complain... there are people worse off.
              Help where we can
              don't worry if it cant always be done.
              Be generous
              Above all be happy , laugh and sing.
              Thank our dear lord for all our blessings.

Wishing you all lots of good things,  love and harmony. May 2015 be a good year for us all.
                                                             Have a wonderful 1st of January.