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Friday, 9 October 2015

Mum and Cardigans

Hello dear friends.  Its been a while since I posted.   I have had an up and down 6 months.
Now happy to say making headway and feeling better.

I am sure it happens to many of you , when thinking about what  to blog.  One gets writers block.  (what should I blog about today!) I have been in that mode for a while.  Passing some time on IG.
Yesterday, it was the 3rd time that I drove myself to the village.   I was very chuffed with myself indeed.
  We have a clothes shop in the village , Dona A sells just about everything - all except Raglan sleeved cardigans. No luck, of course I have to settle for one that fits nicely and looks ok.  I  will have to be in the city to find one at the more up market clothes shops.
 I really am short on cardigans,  I need at least a nice new one for these cooler days of Autumn.  Its on my clothes list for winter.     Its cooler here in the mornings and evenings and i am slowly getting my lightweight in between season clothes out again.

With a little chuckle to myself, while driving home ,my dear mum came to mind.  Today, I suppose she would be called a fashion guru!! She loved beautiful things and beautiful clothes, she always looked lovely.  Even to do her shopping, she would wear her hats, and the finest of shoes. A fetish I inherited.

From an early age , I remember my mother taking me shopping for clothes.
Her choice for cardigans for us all was 'The Raglan Sleeve'- Ladies would show mum all kinds of cardigans , but mum would only choose the Raglan, said it looked smarter and fitted better.
I had a collection of beautiful Raglan cardigans in my wardrobe all of various colors, nothing to gordy of course.
Since those early years , thats what I still prefer.   I find the normal rounded off sleeve hangs of the shoulder, and doesnt look as smart.
Today I thought I would post about the Raglan ..

When my children were born. Mum knitted a few lovely Raglan sleeved little jackets.. even for them , when they were newly born.. in soft white wool.  
Just a little bit of something different today.

Thank you all my dear friends who left comments on my last post.  I have missed you all.

What are you preferences in cardigans.


Monday, 14 September 2015

September 14 - quiet days in val's garden

For a few days now, the skies have been looking grey.  With brief peeps from the Mr. Sun.  The climate here in Alentejo, is pretty temperate.  So we might still be in for some sunny days, that's what i like to think.  The weather man tells us we might get rain.  I must say, we do so need rain.  It's rained for a couple of hours twice since March.  The fields are so dry.
                                             I am off to have a coffee on  Rose cottage verandah. I check out my instergram, and e mails.

This olive tree gives shade in the summer . The only tree that survives without water. I think it gets its source from deep down.  Not to say, that if they dont get their fair share of water, the olives are not so fat.

Olive cottage on the left.
The olives turning green now.  By November they are ready to pick.  

                          What has been great, is the automatic water system that Pedro installed.. its really given a boost to my roses and some other plants.    I have had a beautiful abundance of lovely roses this summer.
                                          Some of the bushes are ready for dead heading.
                                         Autumn is here.. the old flowers and leaves are falling from the oleander. They dont go totally bare- just no flower growth as the colder weather starts.
                    Its 2 weeks today, that I had the plaster of my hand and arm. I had it on for 7 weeks. A Ronaldo fracture is very painful.  Its getting better with each day.  It was such a relief when it came off and the K-wires taken out.
 Dear blogging friends that follow me.. Thank you so much for all your kind wishes and comments during these last couple months.   I think about you all.   Hoping now to start catching up on all your news and summer time days.

Blowing to you all, the most exotic scent from my hardy Apricot rose.. I had shipped from Germany.. I have had it about 5 years now, and it never lets me down.

Happy Monday


Saturday, 15 August 2015

Still around

Saying hello to you all. and a very big thankyou ,to  all my dear blogging friends   , who left such kind messages .  
I managed to tke these photos yesterday, very akward .but i did it. 
Since pedro got my drip system working better than ever, and replacing some new pieces .   The system works so well.     I have 3 taps with double hoses, each tap has the water system connected to it. i alternate every day.  My petunias were dying- look how they have popped their pretty heads up.

                         M y roses are happier, and looking so lovely.

                                          Scarlet red roses .
 Outside of my inner garden.  The fields are dry and brown. Same as most years. This year however, our temp. here has been most of july and august- 38 39 40..  so so hot.  We have had no rain since March. Its a lot like desert country.   The horses are up at the top farm Filipe's place. There is a big resovoir we made years ago up there . so plenty of water, also the hay is stacked in the barn.
 I am still in the plaster cast. its coming off on 31st.  i am not looking forward to it. as the K-wires will come out too.  Its been painful at times,but i make it through each day.     i am typing with   one finger on my left hand. thats not so good either.      Like Sheri wrote  -I am in the wars.  recovery soon. ):-

  Last night ,me and filipe took photos of this stunning sunset.    On film its no where near as dramatic as it is with the naked eye.. it was so so red .  the ones below i took around 6.30pm

                         This one Filipe took... its stunning.

I miss you all.    Send good wishes to you all. Hoping you are enjoying summer.  Thank you once again for your comments. so appreciated.


Monday, 27 July 2015


typing with one finger. is  certainly a first for me. As is falling and breaking my thumb. its been a tough couple months ,with my major back surgery. now falling down my back steps.  it reads like a novel. honestly dear friends. i had second operation saturday. i have a bennett fracture.  the thumb is totally dislocated from the fingers.  i have wires in now and plaster on hand and arm.  with all the wires and titanium in my body. Manel said to me- mum you have built in antennas.  

I miss all my dear blogging friends.   I hope that you are all enjoying summer. And the weather not so bad for my friends in australia.

sending hugs


Iam not leaving.  hope to be better next week
its  42º  real hot here.