Wednesday, 22 April 2015

loud barks

 Calmly watching a documentary about 2 hours ago.   The dogs started barking and howling.  At first I gave no notice , then they howled and barked louder and louder.    You can imagine what its like with 5 dogs howling and barking at the same time.!
Putting my shoes on, I thought I better go investigate.!   Even with me next to them they continued to bark.   Ok, what's this happening .    I looked down towards  the bottom of the land , and there was a white truck stopped .  The road at the bottom, is pretty difficult to manage, as it is never used..  However, I found out that a tiny little house towards the right of my land was up for sale.. and a young man from the village had just bought it.    I presumed that it was someone that knew him.  By the time I got halfway down the land, the truck had gone.  
I will have to get used to having neighbors on my right.  Hoping the dogs will start to recognize the cars.
I nearly took my camera with me, but didn't .  Its when we don't have our camera with us, that sometimes we see things we want to photograph.   This was one of those days. 
The sun  bright in the sky , it's warmth felt good . A lovely spring breeze blowing through the olive trees, it was just perfect. 
    To the right of my eye, I saw something run very fast then stop near the fence..under an olive tree. It was the biggest hare, that I have ever seen.  He was enormous.  He sat there for a while, feeling safe I should imagine.   The horses were in the shade swatting their bodies with their tails.
The dogs didn't see him, I was glad of that. I wanted him to get away and get back to his family.  On my way back, he had gone.
I walked over to the big farm. 'Rosmaninhal'- and the abundance of little wild flowers and their scent filled the  afternoon air.   
I so enjoyed the walk.  Not been down there for sometime. 
I have been without a car now for 2 weeks.  My gearbox needed to be repaired.  Hopefully, I should have it back from the mechanic by Friday.
        After having a glass of water and water for the dogs.  I took a few photos.  Its amazing, what a walk can do for one's spirit.   The blue  sky..just a few clouds scattered here and there.
                                                         My fuchsias are once again doing so well.. they are an elegant bush.
                                                                 my favorite daisy
                                                        This is the queen of all my roses.  you have seen it many times. I ordered them from Germany.  They arrived so well packed in the post.  I planted them about 4 years ago. Their scent is intoxicating.

                                            My rose blooms are so big this year.  We had a little rain during the night.  Well, after all it is April and time for spring showers.

Thanking all my dear friends who left comments on my last post.  I do appreciate it so much.
When i see a comment, from one of you, It makes blogging worth while..

Happy Wednesday.


Saturday, 18 April 2015

A little bit of happiness on a Saturday

Its a beautiful April spring day here .  The sun was out and I decided to cut some roses for the cottage and take a few photos,
I feel myself very blessed to be living here , in these beautiful open fields.   I felt even more blessed when I took these photos of our little Venus.  She is growing so well, and has brought us joy.
When i call her name, her ears prick up and she looks straight at me.  

Peepo... can you see me.. Ilike hiding behind my mummy.
Ahhh.. I just felt like a lie down in the daisies.

I know.. I am a little greedy .. poor mummy.. but she has lots of milk for me.  See how tall I have grown in a week.
 With the early morning dew and some rain and then sun.. my rose bushes and plants have  thrived. Each day, I find more buds on the bushes.  They are looking so healthy.
Wishing all my dear blogging friends a wonderful weekend.


Sunday, 12 April 2015

A special sunday in April

Dear friends,  Its been pretty busy around the Quinta.   I haven't had time  to blog.. but, I am still here and haven't forgotten you all.  In fact, I have missed you.

Busy with visits to Lisbon to be with family.  Family here for Easter, traditional easter egg hunt with Max.
Catching up , clearing and preparing garden  and grass in the garden.
Getting some new little plants in pots and thining out the daisies..

We also seem to be having very strange April weather.    One day its really hot and warm.. then the clouds come over and it rains for a day or two and the temp goes down.

                                                 One of my yellow rose bushes.. pink roses in teapot,  I picked Monday.. first of this year..

The front porch on 'casita rosa'  Is finished now.. just a few tiny things remaining to do.  I am really happy with it.  It will be stronger than the awning.

I will add more decoration at the end of the month.
When i was  in Lisbon for 4 days .. We all had lunch by the sea .. a 3 min walk from son m's new home by the sea ..  Super 4 days with the family.

In between garden, family and family visits here.    I started and finished a new painting.  I am happy with it.. but I know I can do better.. It was fun, we learn with every new stroke .. and our likes change. I need some new art on my walls.
  As I was getting ready to clear my paints away for Sunday lunch..  Filipe had come to borrow a rake from me, and was on his way back to the big farm.. I came inside to start clearing, and I heard a loud shout.  MUM.. come out-  Look what's here..   and there she was.. a tiny little foal, she must have been born in the early hours of this morning. She is so so gorgeous.. we are delighted.. I cried tears of Joy..Filipe had smiles of happiness and Diana, just stood staring at this tiny little beauty in bewilderment. Until I gave her the camera to take these super photos.   We all arrived at a name for her  after choosing various..  we chose  'Venus'..

                                                   Rosie and little Venus.. Sunday morning 12th April.
                                                    Filipe introducing himself to Venus
                                                          Suckling here  with her little tail wagging.
                         Filipe giving a cuddle...with mummy looking on.

Love and  peace to you all.

I hope to be catching up with all your posts .


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mid March

Back home and getting down to organizing and clearing the garden.  With our good weather of late, the flowers are needing to be watered .  We haven't had rain for so long.   The weather man tells us that we will be having some rain this week.   We will be welcoming it.   Living in the country and agricultural area, the animals, fields newly planted with feed need rain. 
                                                      Blue skies.
                                                   these pots waiting for more flowers.
                              small rose bushes- i bought three to see how they go. Its time for sprucing up . painting the garden chairs and getting the outside cushions ready.   Can't wait for the warmer days of Spring.

 Some new flowers in my pots, I bought from our local green grocer. He has decided to start a little section with smaller plants.  They have given more of a spring feel around the quinta.   The  rose bushes are   showing their new leaves and are looking healthy.   Can't wait to see my first blooms.


The horses are well .  Pedro moved them to the west side field yesterday.  We should get more growth with the rain.  Good for the horses too.

Freddy is happy again with a new yellow tulip plant.  Its the first year, I have bought tulips for the garden.  They are delicate and new to me. I buy them when possible for the vases.    I am hoping to get more bulbs planted for next spring, and hope they do well in the Alentejo weather.

Wishing you all a happy Sunday with family and friends.  
To friends in England, happy Mothering Sunday. We have different dates here.