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Friday, 1 July 2016

Summer days

Hello dear friends.  Its been some months since I posted.   I have missed you all !  
 Here at the 'Quinta' , life goes on as usual..  Winter were heavy months, we had lots of rain, hence my garden grew out of all control.  Flowers and blossoms blooming all over the inner garden.  My darling roses, have given me fresh flowers for inside and I'm loving them.  
Most of you who follow me,know too well, that here in the Alentejo our summers are extremely hot. I'm loving it too.   This last week temp up in the high 30o's..
  Its summertime .. families are taking their holidays and setting off to the beach and the country.  Happy times for all.     Today, there is a lovely light breeze brushing through the olive trees. The horses are shaded by the overhanging branches.  The dogs, laze around on the patios.  I have been listening to my music and catching up on reading.  Just enjoying these lazy hazy days of summer.
June, was a good month.  Another birthday gone.. My amazing children spent this last weekend with me.  How lucky I am to see them grow and be part of their lives too.  Lots of laughter and good cheer as always.
In May, my eldest son and family took me with them on a 'Safari drive ' to Morocco .. It was so very exciting.  Destination Fez.. Second oldest city in Africa.  It was over 20 years ago , that i was last in Tangiers. The people are friendly.  The food amazing.  So much to enjoy and savour of their ancient culture.    We stopped overnight in Gibraltar.. changed so much since I was last there.
Then through the country roads to Fez.   Our Riad, was at the doors of the Medina, with over 900 alleyways to explore.. think that would require some months or years.  A total maze.

So, I send you all very best wishes for the 1st of July.   Wherever you are, I hope that its a good one for you.

Many of you will know, that I am on Instagram, and enjoying it too.  Some bloggers are on there too.

Thank you all for last comments.    Looking forward to catching up.

Happy Friday...*****Val.


  1. Hi Val, It was a lovely surprise to see you had written a post and also commented on one of mine! I'm so glad to hear that all is well with you. It must have been wonderful to travel to Africa with your family after so many years. It must have been strange having so much rain earlier in the year. I wish you could send some of that heat over in this direction! Take care and have a good July too! Sarah x

    1. Thank you dear Sarah,,
      All is much better now.. It was a great trip. The last time we went , was with the Yacht.
      Its 8.24. really hot night.

  2. Val, welcome back! Wow, Morocco, how exciting! So glad you had a great time there with your family. I still haven't joined instagram. My little blog is about all I can handle with Jess' wedding coming up. I missed you, Val, and I can see that you are enjoying these summer days. It gets very hot here in California during the summer, so just trying to stay cool. I see your roses are still blooming beautifully.
    It was good to see your comment again.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Hello dear Sheri,
      Yes, Morocco was a great adventure.
      You must be all getting excited with Jess's wedding.. such a great bridal shower.. Like California.. its hot here too.
      seems to get hotter at this time of night..
      xxxxx see you soon

  3. Val, your clematis is amazing as are the roses. Sounds like you are having wonderful times with your family this summer. Keep on enjoying..Happy Weekend..xxo Judy

    1. Thank you Judy,
      I have 5 clematis bushes.. i love them.
      Yes, summer is good for me this year.. last year I had my spinal fusions and fell and broke my thumb... so I can enjoy this summer ..and swim xx

  4. Hello Valerien,

    Your roses are always so healthy looking and such large blooms. You certainly have a green thumb. How lovely to travel to North Africa with you family. Enjoy the warm, lazy days of summer
    Helen xx

    1. Hello dear Helen,
      my roses are lovely.. but in the last week they have aphids.. so its time for spraying.. i use dishwashing liquid dilluted.. it works. Its gorgeous weather here.. as you know.. xxxxx

  5. Dear Val - like others here I am really pleased to see you back and to know that you are fit and well and that life is good for you.
    I loved Morocco when I visited it - we travelled into the interior over the mountains to the Sahara Desert. Hope you will share some photos.

  6. Good morning Val, so good to your post! Love your flowers. Sounds like you have a great time traveling. It is hot here these days also.

  7. Dear Val, it is a lovely surprise to see your blog once again, and to hear of your adventures. A safari to Morocco, enjoying the wonderful unique culture, does sound fantastic. We are looking forward to flying over to the UK and Ireland for our son's wedding, coming up soon. Your roses as always are beautiful. xx

  8. no doubt, an amazing trip. happy belated birthday to you, val. glad your family could gather around you. blessings, always.

  9. Dear Val
    How nice that you have come back after all this time - you sound very happy during your lovely summer. Your trip sounded very exciting so glad you enjoyed the break.

  10. Ah, Val it is lovely to see you back. Your summer sounds perfect - a little travel, a little celebration and a lot of relaxation!


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