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Friday, 19 February 2016

progress at 'Quintinha'

Most of you who follow me, will remember the start of my store room project.   Its a project that I decided would take a little longer, as  prices have gone up and also last year , was a bad year for me health wise.   Here are a few photos of the finished building.  That will be a combined store room and my art studio.  
Pedro has done a fine job. We have a little ways to go, just a few more touches inside. Painting it and laying a nice little path. 

   A good sized window , where I will put my art table.  I like to paint being able to see the fields and outside.    I have bought some shelves.  Ideal for my brushes and art materials.

                                 Another window  in the smaller area.  waiting now to put wood panels on ceiling. There is lots of light inside.  I am really happy with the progress.  Should be ready for summer.

                     Pascoa, Surprise and Venus.. very happy with the sun today. Venus is nearly as tall as her sister Surprise.  Pascoa turns 23 this year.

My garden is in overgrowing mode.  In a way, I like to see a little wild side of it.  Another couple of weeks, then we will have a clean up.    We have had so much rain fall. Very much needed. We were all however, getting to the point of praying for  a little respite and some sun.  
Its a beautiful sunny day here today. Alas, cold and windy.

My little miniature daffodils are now blooming.  
They bring a smile and brightness to a day. 

                             Wishing all my dear blogging friends a very happy weekend. wherever you are.


  1. The Quintinha will soon be a wonderful retreat for you. It certainly has all the elements! We have had rain and more rain here. Everything is blooming but a little sunshine so that we can appreciate the blooms would be nice!
    Have a good weekend, Val!

  2. I do remember when you started your building and it has come a long way, it really looks like a nice place,Val. Pedro did a good job. I always love seeing photo's of your horses.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Dearest Val , I remembered it and now it has finished ! A good job for you ! I think this place will be your little paradise .I wait to see when you will put all your arts ! Have a nice weekend !

  4. Val, your store room will be very nice for all your art projects. Lots of sun coming in the room for you to create. I'm so glad that you got the rain that was needed. We've had some rain here also, but sunny today.

    Oh, those horses of yours are wonderful. I wish I could just get on one of them and ride away! Have splendid weekend, Val.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. The shed has turned out good, lots of light for painting. I thought it looked good even before he made it pretty.

  6. Dear Val, You store house and art studio looks fantastic. Pedro has done a wonderful job! It is nice to see so much green growth in your garden and fields. Sarah x

  7. What pretty daffodils! I hope you have nice weather for the weekend too! Hugs!

  8. Dear Val, your little mini daffodils are so sweet - they would always bring a smile to me too. Soon it will be Spring, and your new art studio will be full of sunshine and happy painting days. It really is a very cute little building. At last we had some heavy rain last night - much needed after all the intense heat we have had. However, back to the hot sunshine today :) Happy weekend Val. xx

  9. Your little studio is going to be a wonderful little heaven for you Val wishing you many happy hours of painting.

  10. Your store/art room looks great. Its always nice to have a room like that. Cannot wait to see more. I also understand about things costing more.

  11. Val, how wonderful to have a little place of your own. You will spend many hours of creativity there, I'm sure. I had some little daffs but they don't come back anymore, only the bigger ones, which I love too. Glad you are having a break for the rain. We had some the last two days but nice and sunny today. I like that, a little rain, a little sun, makes a nice winter..Happy Weekend..Judy

  12. Pedro is doing a wonderful job, Val...looks awesome...almost as great as the horses!!...:)JP

  13. Your little studio looks it's going to be a wonderful place to work and think. I'm so glad it's working out as you hoped. You must be happy to have the sun after so much rain, however much the rain was needed.

  14. So pretty... We share the same interest... as stated on your blog header ;)


  15. Val, love your outdoors and horses and store room with a very nice, wooden bookshelf. Good luck with your pulling everything together!

  16. Hi Valerie...it has been a long time since I've heard from you...you can reach me at my gmail if you like. My daughter is planning a trip to Portugal soon.


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