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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Capital of Alentejo .

EVORA .. The Capital of northern Alentejo.
As one can imagine! There is so much to learn and read and discover about this City,on the web .
   I am writing today about how I see Evora and what it means to me.     Its a City that never ceases to amaze me, and that I love very much. It oozes history, and I always return.

When walking around the town , in this modern day world of ours.  I have often sat having a coffee closed my eyes and imagined how it must have been during Roman times and the Arab occupation. I go off into my own historical imaginary world.
Every time I go to Evora, there is something new that one sees, and yet you have passed it many times before.  During the summer months , its has become a great attraction for tourists from all over the world.  

 Upon approaching the City  you can see the  Se´Cathedral  high upon the hill, predominately adding to the   breathtaking sight and taking centre place, over the walled in old Town. 
 One cannot visit Evora, without visiting the Cathedral.  There are of course many other beautiful churches in Evora.  (another post maybe) !
I live within the southern part of Alentejo.. very close to the division.  Evora  is somehow closer for me to drive to, than   Beja, the Capital of Southern Alentejo.  Evora  has a unique charm all of its own.
The Cathedral's first building began around  1184 and 1204.. All documented history.

There are no high rise buildings . The architecture dates through various historical periods up to the present day. Romans, Arabs, Goths, Visigoths, Celts....

 Many valuable additions have been added through the times. The main fa├žade is built with Rose granite- completed in the 16th century.
    Like many Portuguese churches the outer walls are decorated with crenellations and arcaded corbels.
                                                         This is the main street leading up to the Cathedral main entrance.. all the streets are cobbled stones.  As are most of the old villages around too.

Evora is a fine example of the "Golden age of Portugal"
After the destruction of Lisbon by the earthquake and tidal wave of 1755.  Evora alone, enables one to understand the influence exerted by Portuguese Architecture in Brazil and its other acquired Colonies.

Inside the Cathedral..  A most stunningly beautiful building.

Inside mediaeval tiles and Portuguese Gothic architecture statues and columns.

The University of Evora. . Built by the Jesuits in 1559.. It was a monastary and still has a number of chapels in the building.  It was at this University.
my youngest son obtained his masters degree in music.   Now 14 years ago.  I remember that day so well.   All my family were together ..a very memorable day. The University is a public university.  professors from all over the world teach here.. and others obtain their degree here.
Evora is a walled in city.   It has various entry points.  Very very impressive as one approaches the walls.  The outer walls in various places have benches and have lovely lawn and flowers to enhance it.

 Evora is a good day out.. to have a walk around . Finding the  lovely artistic artisan   shops ..selling the most unique of gifts. Hand made pottery and traditional ware.

                                                       The streets are very narrow..
                                                  Lamps on the corner of the houses in the inner city. Endless beauty, calls you back to visit yet again this beautiful  UNESCO HERITAGE CITY.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.



  1. Dearest Val , i hope you are well so your family . What a nice post about your capital .It is a town with such interesting history and buildings .Thank you for sharing this .Have a nice weekend .

    1. Dearest Olympia..
      Thank you so much for your xmas card.. i will e you.
      I hope that you are all well.! The time goes by quickly.
      Sending lots of love to you there xxxxx your friend val xxx

  2. Dear Val - Evora looks my kind of place, a city with lots of history and interesting architecture. A place where you can wander and enjoy. I am not surprised that it is a UNESCO Heritage City. You are fortunate to have such a lovely place on your doorstep to enjoy.
    You have whet my appetite and I am going to have a look on the internet to find some more pictures of your Capital of Alentejo.

  3. Hello dear Val. Lovely post and what a beautiful city. You described it wonderfully and it sounds like a place I'd love to visit one day. I haven't blogged for ages but found you on Bloglovin which I must admit I don't check very often as the emails are normally all about people I don't know. Today I dug deeper and found you and some other bloggers I know. P xx

  4. Val, Evora is lovely - I am ashamed to say I have never heard of it before. It well deserves to be UNESCO Heritage listed - it is stunningly beautiful, and has so much interesting history. I'd love to visit it - maybe one day :) xx

  5. What a beautiful city! Thank you for the introduction. I'd love to visit - to wander the streets and drink it all in.

  6. I've enjoyed this post. I was thinking about you today and hoping you are well. Sweet hugs, Diane


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