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Saturday, 23 January 2016

A winters day in January

For the last week, we have had heavy rain and also drizzle most of the time.  Its been very wet and damp.   Wellies of course to walk around outside.      Today I woke with the sun beaming through my bedroom window.  All is serene and calm.   The fields between the olive trees are full of yellow flowers. It looks so pretty.  

                              You might remember my family of doves.  They are still around.  These are grown babies now.  I discovered where they sleep.. they sleep in two olive trees, next to the cottage.  I also saw a beautiful male blackbird again.  When the weather is good and sun is shining.. i love to hear the twittering of the birds flying to and fro.
                           left to right.. Surprise, still as naughty as ever.. Venus, nearly as tall as her sister Surprise and mummy Pascoa.. Pascoa will be 23 on Easter Sunday.  She is very loving.  They are enjoying the sun.  They stay  in this place during the morning, as they know I will come out to give them their rations.  Very intelligent animals.   Filipe rode Surprise last week..she needs more exercise .
  My garden is not a tailored garden.   Its pretty average.. I have to bear in mind, the type of plants that will be resistant to our very very hot summer months.   I didnt give  them a big cut back last year.  This Pedro was here about 9 days ago, and gave many of the bushes and creepers a good cut back.  Its looking a little bare.  It really needed it.  The rose bushes are already getting new shoots.
           cutting back roses and hedges.
                  So happy to see the lovely daisies showing their happy faces this morning.

All is well here at Quintinha das Rosas.     I am enjoying these winter months this year. So far, its been a rather mild one, but as many of you will know.  From Central southern Portugal down to the Algarve our winters are very mild, compared to Northern Europe.

Saying hello to you all dear friends .  Hope that you are having a lovely Saturday, wherever you are.

Thank you so much for your comments on my last post.    I miss you all.

Happy days.    Val


  1. Hi Val,your flowers are so pretty. Don't you enjoy the doves? We got a slight dusting of snow this morning, it is cold outside.

  2. Dear Val, Love your photo of your horses and seeing, in the background, that wonderful green. Nothing but white here and bare trees and bushes.

  3. The problem and joy of a moderate climate is all about the year-round gardening! Over here we are re-thinking our garden in light of the drought conditions we've experienced for the past few years. Have a good weekend!

  4. It looks more like May than January under the olive trees, Val. The horses are certainly part of the family and I'm glad you are having a mild winter. We are much different from last year here. Lots of rain, snow only in higher elevations, but very cold. I am not complaining, YET!..Happy Weekend..Judy

  5. Your winter pictures look very cheery and pretty Val. The horses are beautiful, the little ones growing tall now. I really like your doves in that charming photo. We were listening to the birds here this morning, and saying how much we miss them when we holiday in places (like inner Sydney) where you rarely hear them. Happy weekend Val. xx

  6. It's wonderful how everything starts to put on new growth after some good rain. We have also had a good fall this past week, so now I am able to pull some of the weeds! I like your cheerful flowers.
    Happy days,

  7. I know rain can seem depressing at times, but just look at how green and flourishing everything i because of it. I love seeing the flowers you're already enjoying, Val.

  8. Those daisies are so pretty, Val. Daisies have always reminded me of my sweet mom. The rain makes everything so clean and fresh again. Everything is starting to get green on the Alentejo. Those doves are so sweet. I could look at them for a long time.

    I am enjoying these winter months too, Val.

    love, ~Sheri

  9. Hello Valerie,
    Spring is certainly in the air in your beautiful corner of the world. Looks like there is never a dull moment for you with the birds, horses, gardening and dogs.
    Glad you are in good health.
    Helen xx


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