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Sunday, 17 January 2016

January 2016

Dear blogging friends.    Its better late than never.    I hope that 2016, will be an excellent loving one for you all.
I will be posting now and again, but with less frequency.   Life is going at a fast pace for me at the moment.  There is so much that I have to do.  
I am also spending time with my youngest son who is  at the top farm.. sorting things out and getting it all ready to be his new home. Keeping some of dad's ideas on.

Excitement in the family.. as my eldest grandson, has arrived at his destination for the next 4 months.. He is at the marine conservation research centre TRAAC on  Pom Pom island of the Borneo mainland.
studying marine life conservation.. coral reefs and other. A great choice ..as he lives just about in the sea.
He aquired his diving licence in Kenya last year.. and due to sailing and knowledge of the sea. Having done one Atlantic crossing.. he is a little ahead of some of the others.  We all wish him luck.

Here the garden is over growing.   This week Pedro has been pruning and trimming back all the overgrowth, and its slowly looking like my garden again.   We are having a relatively mild winter.. although cold, the sun is shining and thats nice.
All is the same, in my little paradise here in Alentejo.   Life is busy and the days pass quickly.
I hope to catch up with you all, as time goes on.

Thank you to all my dear friends for following me during these last 4 years.  Its been great.  Hope that it continues.

I am also enjoying instagram.. FB and faffing with my ipad.

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday..



  1. Happy New Year Val. I'll be looking for your posts this coming season and will be admiring your beautiful roses.

  2. Val, your roses are still growing strong during the winter months! I saw the last of my roses in December, as it's been raining lately, but I did see a few white buds this weekend. What a great field to get into. I always thought Marine Biology was so interesting. I'm still not on Instagram yet, Val, but I'm off to check out some of your pics.

    I hope the new year is being good to you so far.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. Hi Val. Will be glad to hear what you are up to at any time. Enjoy all that you are doing and congrats to the men in your family. Sounds like they are living their happy lives. It has been a very wet start to the year around here, which we were in great need of. Take care and keep in touch..xo Judy

  4. Val, your flowers are so refreshing to see...as refreshing as reading your words of happiness! Happy New Year, my friend!...:)JP

  5. Hello Valerie and a very Happy New Year. How nice it will be for your to have your son living nearby. Congratulations to your grandson. Working on the island of Pom Pom sounds very exciting.
    Have a great week Val


  6. Hello Val! It is so nice to catch up with you and to learn how life is going for you at your farm in Alentejo. Good to know that you are keeping busy. I have also been away from blogging, but for a much longer time!
    Best wishes for this new year. May it be a healthy, happy one for you and your family.

  7. Dear Val, it must be wonderful to have your youngest son taking over the farm. Good luck to your grandson in Borneo I hope he has a fantastic time. How lovely to be enjoying those roses too. Take care. Sarah x

  8. Hello Val, and it sounds like you are having a busy New Year. I always love to see your yellow roses, so beautiful. Congratulations to your grandson. Your family is very clever and talented. Have a good week Val. xx

  9. Good to see you are doing good and enjoying life. It is a busy one and does seem to go by so fast these days, but it is good to stay busy.

  10. Wishing you too a happy New Year, Val. I'm glad winter is proving mild for you and that your are enjoying your busy life. Congratulations and best wishes to your grandson on his exciting stay in Borneo.

  11. Both of your sons new adventures sound so interesting! We top are having a mild winter, though perhaps a big storm will come this weekend. Enjoy your days!

  12. Well done, to your son, Val! What an adventure he must be having.
    Happy New Year to you, too. I look forward to your posts and photos, whenever you can manage them. I haven't taken up FB or Instagram. I am a dinosaur!

  13. It is so good to see you back in this space Val.
    How interesting to learn about your grandson's big adventure and exciting new job in Borneo. He will have lots to tell you all on his return.
    Keep well Val and have a happy 2016.


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