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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sand sculpture

I was amazed to watch this artist at work.  He has sculptured this  "fisherman's" beach scene all out of beach sand.
I took the photo on one of the last days of summer 2011..

Happy saturday


  1. its amazing indeed what they can create out of sand!

  2. Hello Val:
    This is incredible. The amount of detail is remarkable and all made from sand. It must have been absolutely fascinating to see the artist at work.

    We now seem to be able to add ourselves as Followers and so, from now on, should be able to stay in touch.

  3. Thank you Demie, Jane and Lance, and Rosemary..
    I do not know what is going wrong.. But i only hope i can keep this as it is now..
    Thanks to you all.. for still following and passing by.. look forward to seeing you all.

    best wishes val.


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