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Friday, 27 January 2012

"Tall tale"

A few of my shells.

I was taking a photo of my shells this morning . Day dreaming with my cup of coffee, i was thinking about blogging. I will just put a photo of the shells ..then My day dreaming took me to the swoosh of the waves and the sea calling to me. A familiar sound that comes to my ears often from time to time from many years of sailing. When i closed my eyes, "yes" i could hear the waves swishing inside the shells.. The sea was whispering to me..tell us a story ..like you always do.

Remembering our youngest son Filipe, when as a little boy, he would call out from below deck.. "mummy ,daddy" i can hear the fish talking. It became ,we thought, a game. After some days of him repeating this. We lay down beside him on his bunk one day , and sure enough ,when all was still and calm , we could hear the the "uuping" noises and sounds of the whales. Of course Filipe was jumping for joy, that we had heard it too. They were calling to each other ,a most fascinating sound that i will never forget. A
day to remember . All overjoyed to be able to listen to the call of the whales.
Sea faring stories are told from times gone by, and always will be . Many of them as though they were taken from the pages of a Jules Verne novel.. Of these I have heard and been told many..

Sailing to Morrocco some years ago.. Filipe then an adult, was below deck.. and of a sudden we heard him shout "Whales"..we were all up on deck like a flash, staring with our eyes over the oceans span and the horizon to see where it or they were..

Within seconds, we were covered with a spray of water. So foul smelling sprayed from his blow hole.. a direct hit, all over us .. Wow..what an experience.
It was one of the longest, largest hump backed whales that we had seen.. Whales like to come up at the side of yachts.. they can be dangerous especially if you are under sail.. quickly our engine was on.. and he swam alongside of us for about an hour then , just as he had come he made his majestic dive disappeared into the depths of the ocean.
As a family, we have been very priveledged to know and seen some of the wonders of the Oceans. This was sure one of our highlights to be able to sail with the whales.

(the photos here on the blog, taken from the net)..
I leave you to wonder, could this be a tale or not..!!!
hope you enjoy..

Happy Friday

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