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Monday, 13 February 2012

Joys of Rural life

It seems that the storks have not migrated this year. With our exceptional warm winter days, they are still here. Its so amazing to see them perched on top of the large electric post.. The municipalities of the area erected them for the storks to breed ..as they were using the actual electric posts.. So now they are dotted all over the area.. I took this photo of a pair not far from my quinta. I wondered if they might be the pair that fly over my little dam at the bottom of my land..
Its grouse season. Lots of grouse around and about.. Often have mummy and her babies run in front of my car. They live in the thickets at the bottom of the land. Unfortunately, they are gourmet food and the hunters were out yesterday. ! Poor little grouse. At least no hunters are allowed on my property.

I took this photo on Saturday... Its one of my neighbours moving his sheep to his other grazing land. Its one of the lovely wonders of living in the country.. No stress, everyone and animals alike..take their time.

Make the best of your Monday.. be happy.


  1. Dear Val. What an idyllic spot you live in. I have only ever seen storks nesting in Denmark and Morocco. I would love them to fly over the water to us from Denmark.
    Lovely rural scenes and images.

  2. Dear Val,Good morning
    Thank you so much for your comment.
    I am thinking now that the austerity it is necessity but all those years the simple people did not know the reality .And it is not their fault. So we will adapt ....The life will be more difficult for our children ..
    I hope that the future will be better .
    Have a nice week

  3. I love to see the storks.. unfortunately my camera lense is not good enough.. looking at a new better one i think.
    I do live in a beautiful peaceful setting here. Away from it all.
    I will whisper to my stalks to visit you.
    thank you Rosemary.

  4. Yes Olympia, it is sad for the village people.. they really do not understand.
    Let us only hope that life may get better within a few years and the younger generation will learn from all this.
    best wishes for a brighter future in Europe

  5. what a wonderful glimt in country life... thanks Val : )

  6. It is so fun to see your lovely birds. I love getting a feel for where you live. It seems like such a wonderful place. I enjoy living in the country also. It makes me happy.

  7. Thanks Demie,
    Alentejo is a beautiful province. A peaceful place to live

  8. Thanks Lisa.
    glad you like to know about where i live.
    Like you.. i do love the country.
    So many birds around here.. I wish i was quicker and able to catch them on camera.

  9. Finally, Val! I found your blog! It seems I have missed a lot! I will browse through and look what you told us! Great I am sooo happy to be able and meet you every day again! Big hugs, Christa

  10. How lovely to see you once more Christa.
    have a good evening.
    xx val

  11. Hello Valerie

    I love this post and the images make me understand more about the beautiful Alentejo area. The sheep image is precious.
    Happy St. Valentine's Day

    Helen xx

  12. Thank you Helen,
    It is indeed a lovely province .. peace and calm prevail.
    Happy valentine's


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