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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Noble Breed

The Lusitanian Horse

Situated within the municipality of Sintra , district of Lisbon.. In the grounds of the National Palace of Queluz.. is the "Portugese School of Equestrian art".

The Lipizzaner - The Andalusian and the Lusitanian all three noble breed of horses, are related bloodline cousins. Also mixed with the bloodline of the "Berb" horse, brought into Iberia with the invasion of the Muslims. The story and origin of the horses, from the begining up to moderen day is most interesting.

The school was founded by King Joao V and Queen Maria lst in 1748.. The palace having been their summer residence.
The cavalry school has a long history ..and is known as the "Alter Real" ..The horses coming from the Royal stud.

I had the pleasure of going to see the cavalry perform their equestrian artistry.. It was a truly fascinating morning. The horses are so magnificent, strutting around the arena.. with all the pomp and ceremony that goes with such an event.

The National Palace of Queluz , is open to the puplic. Its setting is unique.. The gardens delightful. Meandering the lovely lanes , one can just imagine how the Royalty lived.. one is totally charmed by it all.

Statues and ponds.. beautiful "topiary" one of the last Rococco palaces to be built in Europe.. sometimes named "the miniature versailles"..

Opera's are held here during the summer months.. in the beautiful scenic outside gardens.
The Palace:- Abundant with guilt painted walls and ceilings. Frescos and hand painted tiles fill the rooms, with its unique captivating charm and style.

The Dona Maria Pavillion, is still used as a guest house for foreign heads of state when visiting Portugal.
It is indeed a most magnificent opulent Palace.. "The Portuguese School of Eqestrian art" most certainly have a wonderful home.


  1. I loved this post Val - really interesting. We went to Sintra about 4 years ago on a little the train from Lisbon, a lovely setting and place.

  2. Wow! The horses are so wonderful! And the statues, grounds and buildings are beautiful too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So glad you liked the post Rosemary.. Its sometimes difficult, to know what to write about.
    I nearly wrote about the Palacio de Pena in Sintra.. but thought that would do for another time..
    Pena, is trully a magical palace.. I love it. And Sintra too is lovely..although with new modernisation its changed a lot.. not for the better.

  4. Thank you Lisa.
    Yes, the Lusitano horses are beautiful.. Portugal has many wonderful palaces...

  5. Great post Val, I love to read and learn new and interesting things about Portugal as I have never visited.
    Maybe one day..

  6. Thanks Annie,

    Portugal is a beautiful country.. so much to see
    and discover.
    I love these horses.

  7. Oh Val! thank you for coming back to my blog! I have tryied so many times to enter yous without managing it!
    I left a lot of replies to your comments hoping you'll see them!
    Anyway I am glad i can enter it now!
    Beautiful horses, but to be honest is the strawberries in one of your previous posts that I'll dream of tonight ; )

  8. Thank you Demie..
    How can i blog, without your super comments..
    so glad you are on track with me again..
    Can you believe.. we are still getting such succulent srawberries from Spain!.. my fridge has always a punnet ready..
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  9. What a wonderful place to raise and train such beautiful horses...but since they are a Royal breed it is very fitting. I used to dream of owning a horse like this when I was little...watching Walt Disney made me dream big! :)

  10. Thank you Maura..
    I too would love to own a pure Lusitano..
    ours are mixed with arab breeds.


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