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Sunday, 26 February 2012

re arranging

A family day yesterday. My daughter in law Heleen delighted me with 3 lovely bunches of flowers..
White Fresias.. their fragrance is lovely

Bright red tulips.. A grouping of some of my hand made portuguese pottery.

I decided to get some of my nice hand painted pottery plates out of the cupboards and clean them up..I have made a nice new space for them on my little study wall..

Colourful Peonies....

I am looking forward to seeing them grouped together. The rooster plate is an antique plate..

I love this water pitcher.. The potter who made it"Snr Antonio" lives about 10 min from my Quinta. His pottery factory is family run. He learnt from his father and his father from his..and so on.. Its family run. I love to take my friends there when they come to visit.
I have had it high up on a shelf.. but i am moving it around today to try and fit it in with the other ceramics. . Its a beautiful piece ..I watched the girl hand painting it..

A little blue and white platter. I use it for butter or nibbles..but it will go with the grouping.
A fun plate .. astrology and all that stuff. !! All my pottery are from the same factory.

I feel that spring is in the air. I am washing my curtains, while the weather is good..and re arranging pot plants and my pottery.

Happy last Sunday in February..


  1. Hi Val: What beautiful pottery and such a thoughtful daughter-in-law. Isn't it wonderful when you find an artisan that you really like and can continue to add pieces to your collections?...Have a good Sunday...Judy at GoldCountryCottage

  2. Val, freesis remind me of my mother. She loved freesias and their sweet scent, and so do I.

    When Spring arrived, she would open the windows and the wind would bring in the sea breeze. On the living room table, always flowers: in Spring it was freesias or almond, or cherry blossom, which you will know, have the sweetest scent... it makes me dream.

    I once wrote a poem about my mum opening the windows, in Spring and about the scent of the flowers she used to bring to the house. She taught me so much without trying.

    I see a bunch of beautiful double ranunculus, too... those and anemoni, she used to love, too. I love liliums and roses.

    So many memories... so many happy times... I would love to go back to those days, so much and feel the warmth of her body, but it's all gone.

    Val, I love the pottery! Bright, sunny colours. It must be getting warmer there, in Portugal... enjoy the scents and the colours! Life is so beautiful!



  3. Wonderful ceramics so nice arranged!
    And flowers everywhere!

    ♥ Franka

  4. I have a thing for the blues. Potteries, cups, plates, anything realy. I am glad you took them out, together with your flowers they must feel happy or make you feel happy : )

  5. Dear Val - It is such a lovely treat to be given flowers, and they look so nice complemented by your Portuguese pottery.
    Don't take this the wrong way, but I think that those Peonies are in fact rather beautiful Ranunculus, which look charming in that vase.

  6. Dearest Rosemary,
    I am absolutely useless at names of flowers .. I am delighted that you told me they are Ranunculus..as i always wondered what they looked like.. I am laughing to myself..
    I am happy that you are straightforward..that is a great quality and i like it.
    Thanks Rosemary ..cant wait to see your garden..i know i will be blown away..
    val x

  7. Dear Demie,
    Yes, today was a feel good day for me.. I had the pottery hidden away..and i feel it should be out more. The sun was shining all day and all was good.
    :) val

  8. Thank you Franka.. The flowers gave me a sense of spring and happiness today.

  9. Dearest Anna,
    How you must miss your mother.. My mother died at midnight on the eve of 2000.. it was devestating. She too had taught me all that i know.. I loved her very much. I like to think, that she comes to visit me now and again when i am happy and thinking of her.
    I had the french door open yesterday and we had our family lunch, sitting outside.. The weather is divine.. we do though need rain.
    Dear Rosemary, pointed out to me the ranunculus.. i thought they were peonies.. am not too bright with a lot of the flower names..as i have more bushes.. and my roses. The fresias are smelling divine..
    It was a feel good day today.. malto felice..
    tanti bacci .. Cara Anna.. xxx

  10. Thanks Judy..
    Yes it is great.. I will be passing by there this week, as i want to buy two new plates..
    I will take some photos..
    best wishes..

  11. An impressive collection of pottery Val and nothing beats beautiful fresh flowers.
    I missed your last post with the picture of dear grandson..he is a cutie and I love his choice of footwear!
    Thanks for the lovely comment Val on my last post, your words helped me feel better and less frustrated.

  12. Blogging is a challenge Annie.. I am still learning.
    It takes time. It will all work out
    Thanks for comments

  13. Dear Val, your hand-painted pottery is gorgeous! Displaying them and showing them to us is a great idea more so as you have a personal relation to some of them. Having flowers in the house is always such a pleasure to me. It makes a room more alive. Hope you are well and happy! Your blog seems to work now and it looks fantastic too! xxxx Christa

  14. Thanks Christa.
    I put the ceramics all together, as i want to show them more.. i always have them hidden..
    Its been so nice to have the flowers,as i have none in the garden.


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