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Thursday, 1 March 2012

"early morning"

With the terrible drought that we are having here in Portugal.. I was amazed to find this white rose early this morning, open and blooming. Yesterday i spent 2 hours watering the garden..
It is so dry .. The poor animals are suffering too. The fields need water . We are in our 3rd month of no rain.
Finishing the fence here on the right.. I will put some creepers there.
A view to the right of the cottages
The sun beaming down at 7am this morning.. walking with the dogs..
Time now for a nice cup of tea.
Wish you all a happy 1st of March.


  1. Hello Val:
    It is so distressing to see things suffering because of a lack of water. Three months without rain is extremely disturbing, one is fearful of what the summer may bring. There is a similar lack of rain in England and talk of hosepipe bans already!

  2. Beautiful morning pictures, Val! It looks summery and reminds me of the days we spent in Tuscany for many, many years! I hope that you'll have rain soon. Spring should drench the ground and make it ready for summer. Keep my fingers crossed! Love, Christa

  3. If I only could I would send you rain!
    I'm so sorry!

    A big contrast - fashion from Milano and waterless fields.

    ♥ Franka

  4. Dear Jane and Lance..
    Yes, it is distressing. I also read that uk might get hosepipe ban.
    We are hoping for some rain later today..the clouds have arrived.. it would be so good.
    Thanks for passing by.

  5. Yes its a contrast Franka, but i love the fashions from Milan. Thanks for your kind comments.. i hope we do get some rain soon.

  6. Dear Christa,
    I was out early this morning, the sun was shining through the olive trees.. and the dogs like to run down the drive..
    Its 2.30pm here now..and since i wrote the blog, some dark clouds have appeared..so maybe early spring rain might give us some relief.
    How wonderful that you lived in Tuscany.. There are some similarities with Alentejo and Tuscany.. vast plains..and open areas..
    love to you all val

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I have become a follower of yours too! We rely so much on water and yet let so much go to waste! Here's hoping that you get some rain soon!

  8. Hi Val: Sounds like you are feeling better. That's good. Your countryside is beautiful. It's a shame that there seems to be drought everywhere. What little bit of snow we had here won't help the water situation too much this summer. Probably will be rationing water town. Yes, people do live in Amador City. I don't know the population but it's quite small. Good shopping though. A lot of cute little towns in the Sierra Nevada foothills that are fun to visit. Thanks, as always, for you kind words....Judy at GoldCountryCottage

  9. After writing the blog this morning.. early afternoon the clouds came over...its threatening to rain.. keep fingers crossed.
    I am charmed with Amador.. I like the sound of a road trip through the sierra.. Who knows , maybe one day.
    Thanks for comments Judy..

  10. Thank you June.
    I was only thinking the same thing the other day.. We do waste so much water. I have to be careful, as i have a well. If that dries up ..i am without water.
    Nice to see you on my list.. i look forward to passing by your way again..

  11. Sorry to hear you are having a drought, that is so hard on everyone. Your rose must be hardy! Thanks so much for stopping by, Laura

  12. I hope rain will visit you soon.

    Have a lovely weekend dear Val : )

  13. Thank you Cottage and Broome..

    I really do think that i have 2 real hardy roses.. i am going to give them extra fertilizer this coming week..
    cant wait to see my roses all in bloom again.

  14. Dear Demie,

    We all thought it would rain yesterday.. but nothing so far.. another beautiful day..
    Happy weekend to you too..


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