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Friday, 2 March 2012

The Alvito Castle Pousada

I am sure that you have all heard of "The Pousadas of Portugal".. Until 2003 they were run by the state.
Magnificent castles, each with their own unique history. Some imposing and some not. One thing is for sure..When you go to a Pousada, you know that you are going to have a stylish romatic time,with exeptional service.
In the Village of Alvito is just 5 min from my quinta, On approaching one can see The grand looking "Alvito Pousada"
The Pestana group of hotels won the public bid for 37.6% of the mother company Enatur for a 40 year running concession..

The pool area

Neolithic and Roman occupation.. In 1234 Alvito was conquered from the moors..
Manueline architecture adornes the edifice with some late gothic and "mudajar" (arab influnce style) Typical to the Alentejo region.

The beautiful dining room with its gothic arches. The service is exceptional..all the staff have to be trained to a high standard at the Alvito culinary school.

The bedrooms are beautifuly and simply decorated.. with taste.

Another view through the Mudajar windows..

The courtyard lit up at night.. its so attractive.. a great place for a special evening.
They are called "Pousada Hotels"... but look nothing like a hotel.. they are stately and historic..
Alvito is a lovely little town. Its Where the main Municipality offices are for our 3 villages.
No supermarkets, or shops. Just our local veggi market.. a couple of cafe's...a bank... junior school ..and bakery.. Its calm and quiet.. The population at this present time is around 3.300 Lots of nice drives around this lovely village, and the little houses painted white, with their traditional blue and and yellow bands painted around the bottom.

Just a little more about the area that I live in.
Happy Friday dear blogging friends.


  1. Very interesting and beautiful. Thank you for taking us on a tour. It seems like such a nice place to live.

  2. Thanks Lisa,
    It is an interesting area.. Like a lot of places ,we seem to take it all for granted.

  3. Val: What a beautiful and charming place you must live in. Great historic places to visit. Beautiful as always..Judy at GoldCountryCottage

  4. Dear Val, this is so gorgeous and fantastic and interesting! The dining room and the hotel room are just the way I like it (but usually too dear!). However, looking at it makes me happy all the same! Thanks, Val! Have a relaxing evening! Christa

  5. Val... you make me dream... you make me float and fly to romantic places! How beautiful, how fantastic! And how lucky you are to be able to even just see these wonderful buildings! So much beauty, so much history and... me being Italian: THAT DINING ROOM! WOW! to die for!





  6. cara Anna,
    mi casa tua casa.. minha casa esta aberto sempre..
    You are more than welcome to come and stay and see this beautiful region..
    I have lived here for so long, that i forget we have such wonderful places near me..
    I like to go to the Pousada for a drink..and a special dinner..
    Grazi tanto Anna.. feliz fim de semana.. ciao bella..

  7. Dear Christa,
    It is true.. we have to have pockets with no bottoms to go to the Pousada.. but its an unforgettable night.
    Even just for a drink before going to a local restaurant.
    Enjoy your weekend..

  8. Thank you Judy,
    It is the reason that i live here.. Its rural, yet we have lovely villages..very old world ..its calm and relaxing.
    Thanks for your comments..
    happy weekend

  9. Dear Val, just a quick note to say thank you for your words today - they made me happy! Have a nice evening! Christa

  10. Thanks Christa..

    Always enjoy your lovely blogs..
    Happy sunday..

  11. Oh! This is absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Thanks Demie,

    Our Alvito Pousada is lovely..

  13. Your part of the world is glorious Val and I'm learning about Portugal through your eyes.
    Thank you

  14. Hi Annie,
    Hope all is on schedule with your roof.!
    Portugal is a lovely country.. I enjoy a very good quality of life here..

  15. Hi, if you prefer, wi can speak in enghlish! ciao


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